The Two Potters

by Vladimir

Chapter 1

KEY: "Normal Speak"
Magic Speak




Harry and Griphyx awoke from their night of restful sleep -for once- and look around their shared room. They take in the color of the walls which were blue with green waves on Harry's side with lightning just over them as well. While on Griphyx's side, there were flames that rose from the floor to the center of the wall being parallel to the waves, while snow, rain and hail move down towards the flames parallel to the lightning.
Harry notes that on his side of the room, just between the waves and lightning, there is a strange looking unicorn with large wings that stand at attention, and next to that looks like a buck from those pictures he had seen in books at the library. The stag was snowy white with grey spots on the fur being elongated into ovals. The antlers' are massive like giant tree trunks black as night, with golden and silver orbs sitting on each of the tips.
While the pegacorn(or would it be unisus?) that is pitch black with whit flakes that look incredibly sharp. The wings are snowy white where the tips of the feathers look to be emerald green, much like it's shocking eyes that match his own and the buck's own pair. The tail and mane of the creature is shaped like waves with lightning streaks flowing through them.
Griphyx notes that between the snow, rain hail, and flames are three large animals he could never imagined. One looked like a massive snake bluish green with dazzling blue eyes. The second creature looked like a dragon, and yet, looks like a Wyvern. It eclipses the snake being twice it's size, it's forelegs/wings being different. The left being feathered, and the right is leathery, but both are scaly. A singular horn forms on it's forehead slightly curving up and pointing forward.
The left hind leg looks like a toads, while the right looks much like a gecko's. The tail being massively long, yet, at the tip it splits apart to form a tentacle like "claw" with arrowhead tips curving inward. It's eyes are electric blue that shine with strange inner fire much like his own.
The third creature looks like a large white and black griffin with fiery red wings and bird like tail. It's eyes are similar to his own as well. He looks on at the three creatures in awe, and for some reason feels comfortable by it all as well. He smiles slightly, but that soon leaves his face when the door opens up randomly and widely.
The two boys whip their heads towards the open doorway and see their father, Discord, standing there with a smirk gracing his lips.
"I see you two are enjoying the walls, no?" He asks. Harry nods his head, and Griphyx stares at him wearily before he spots Celestia walk in next to his new father. His eyes light up, but soon feels a pressure weigh down on him and Harry. The two bend their knees and grunt before they become used to the massive pressure.
Discord stares in surprise as his new sons grow accustomed to his natural magical energy output, he then gives them wide grin and crosses the room as if he were gliding. The pressure starts to fizzle away from the two, and Harry looks up at his father while Griphyx moves behind Harry as if using his older sibling as a shield. Discord stops before them.
"May I know what my son's ages are?" He asks.
"We're both six years old." Harry answers. "I am an hour earlier than him, even if with the height difference." He explains. Discord nods his head slightly, before placing his hands atop their heads gently.
"Well, seems I have to makeup for six missed birthdays, but, before we do, perhaps I should ask you two a question?" He asks. Harry inclines his head to his father. "Would you like me to...make you part of our family by blood? To make you both part of the family in a much deeper sense?" Discord asks. Harry tilts his head to the side, before nodding his head, much to Griphyx's surprise, and looks up at his massively tall father.
"Good, but, first I must warn you both of something. We are not human, and most certainly not mortals. We are known as Equestrian's, but we'll get into that later. Are you still sure you wish to do this, my children?" He asks. Harry nods, while Griphyx actually looks completely happy with this decision.
Discord gives a wide toothy grin before both their visions become nothing but blackness before they feel nothing.


Discord catches his son's and they vanish before appearing in a strange room with two tables with small pillows placed for heads to lay on. He places his son's onto the tables, before turning and see's Celestia, Luna and Nightmare enter the room wearing doctor's clothing and lab coats.
They stand in a triangle formation around the three of them, before nodding. Discord moves between the two boys and raises his hands over each of them, and then strange rainbow energy flowed down over the two boys, seeping into every pore, every cell, every molecule.
There were noticeable changes, such as blocks in Harry's and Griphyx's magic, minds, and many other things were shattered. Each sent out pulses of magic that pressed down on the four adults, but they stood strong.
Soon, Celestia's hands had a golden glow around them, and her energy flowed into the boys. Then, Luna's cerulean colored energy flowed into them, and then finally Nightmare's midnight blue colored energy flowed into them as well.
The second noticeable change was that Harry's hair seemed to brighten into a dark shade of purple, while Griphyx's became longer and turning dark green bordering black. Harry grew just as tall as Griphyx was, as they both grew to reach Luna's waistline, who reaches up to 6' tall.
Heavy duty leather straps form and lay themselves along the two boys, as they thrash about from the mixture of energies that cause them more changes, yet, they stay looking the same as before, with those other minor differences.
Soon, all goes quiet. The two stop thrashing and become still. A full minute passes before their chests rise and fall slowly. Griphyx's hands curl up and leave claw like markings on the steel table. His eyes flutter open, to reveal haunting icy blue eyes that shine with a strange inner fire that makes them glow, while his sharp pupils become sharper. Hips lips part to reveal sharpened teeth an he gasps for breath.
Harry's eyes snap open and reveal glowing emerald green eyes with slightly sharp pupils. His lips part as well as he takes in a breath of fresh air, before coughing, and sitting up, snapping the leather straps. His ears start to ring as they are now slightly pointed, while Griphyx's are pointed like an elves from those odd fairy tales.
Harry rubs his eyes and looks at Discord, "Fa..ther?" He mumbles out as his voice is raspy and weak. Discord runs Harry's head gently, his thumb tracing the scar as he then pulls out a mass of black from it, making Harry cry out in pain. The pain subsides, and he stares at a black cloud roaring for release.
"So this is what was holding you back and stunting your growth. Hm, crude." He says with a serious tone that makes the three woman shiver from a past fear. "I shall enjoy sending this....thing to Tartarus." Discord growls out. He then crushes the black cloud, which releases a scream of pure pain before it sizzles out of existence. "Much better, no?" He asks Harry, who nods his head dumbly.
Griphyx groans as he lifts his left arm and snaps the first an second straps off, flinging them across the room. He lifts his legs and sends the rest of the straps off, also flinging across the room. Discord stares in shock at how easily his young son was capable to do something like it was a common thing.
He moves and slowly slides off the table, and lands on his feet, making the floor make an "erking" sound from his weight being pressed down atop of it. He shakes his head and rubs his eyes, clearing his mind an sight. His black hair gains some blue markings to it before they fade away to nothingness.
Harry, Discord, Celestia, Nightmare and Luna watch in silence and awe as Griphyx takes a few staggering steps forward, making the floor around his feet jolt softly, before the jolting stops and he stands at his full new height. His eyes scan the room, and soon land on his family, but they look...different.
His father, Discord, looks like some sort of humanoid dragon with mixed-up parts, his mothers look like humanoid winged-unicorns, Alicorn's, for some odd reason that pops into his mind. And then his brother, he looks the same as always, an yet, he holds a silver and golden aura around his form, as if saying he is pure. Pure of what? He does not know.
He looks down at his hands, and notices that his once white nibbled down nails, are now semi-long and sharp pitch black nails. His skin seems to be tanner, darker than before. A mirror forms on the wall behind him. How did he know? Why could he feel the room through the air around him? So many confusing happenings are going on, and it feels odd.
Griphyx turns and looks into the mirror. How once spiky and tom-boyish red hair is now replaced by long below shoulder length dark green bordering black hair. His once normal blue eyes are now terrifying electric icy blue orbs with animalistic sharpened pupils bordering into slits. The whites of his eyes are darker, no longer bordering dark green, but a greyish color that sends shivers down his spine.
His squared teeth are now sharped like fangs, like a monsters. His tongue looks bluish, while still retaining it's natural red coloring it had always had. His lips were paler than before as they are greyish like the whites of his eyes.
Yet, for some reason he enjoys how he looks. He loves how much stronger and fuller he looks and feels. When looking down at his bare feet, his see's his toe-nails are similar to his finger-nails. Elongated, sharp, and pitch black.
He moves his "claws" to his bare forearm, and presses the sharpened nails against the skin. His skin has become harder, even rougher like plates of armor sit just atop the actual flesh of his body. A mystic energy roars in his chest, and he grows curious. What is it? Why is it there? Is he even human anymore?
He feels the energy pulse a sort of wave, and on instinct he harnesses it, pushing it into his hands where his "claws" gain a blue tint to them. The nails grow longer, but are glowing bright blue and pulsate with that same strange energy. A smile creeps onto his face when on instinct wills the "energy claws" to retract into his body.
A sudden tap on the shoulder makes him yelp in surprise, before whirling around and gazing up at his mother Celestia, who gives him a loving motherly smile.
"Having fun?" She asks. Griphyx nods his head up and down, earning him one of her melodious laughs that rings bells in his ears and mind. He smiles up at her, before Harry clears his throat, causing the two to look at him and the other three standing with him, all smiling.
"Now then, seeing as to how both of you are now ours by blood, flesh and magic, now we can speak to you two about what we are, and where we came from. But please, keep an "open mind", not that they aren't already opened enough from what had just happened, or what you both had just witnessed." Father Discord says with a chuckle. Harry snorts out his own laughter, while Griphyx stays quiet, but a smirk graces his lips.
Discord's expression soon becomes very serious and he sits down onto a chair that forms from nothing at the wave of his hand in the most nonchalant manner anyone could accomplish. "As I told you two, we are known as "Equestrian's, but, what he had not told you was that we are not mortal, because we are..."deities" in that Universe. I am known of what is called a "Draconequus", a creature that is a combination of all things. Think of them as a living Noah's ark, even to the things that don't exist, because they exist in a different universe.
"What's more, is that they are known as "Spirit's of Chaos and Disharmony", however, that is not always the case. There are many races of the "Draconequi", and they can look like anything. I, am Discord; God of Chaos Magic and Chaos itself. So, I am everywhere, and nowhere, and yet I am here, being your father. Funny, isn't it?" He asks after his long winded rant. Harry and Griphyx stare in shock that their father is a "god".
Celestia clears her throat, "I am Celestia, Princess of Equestria, Goddess of the Light, Day, and the Sun. I am known as an Alicorn, combinations of the three pony races; Earth Ponies, Pegasus Ponies, and Unicorn Ponies. Alicorn's hold the power over the earth, magic -mainly light magic-, and the weather. Our race is the second to be created alongside the Draconequus, and just as powerful, even if we don't have a "title" to our name.
"My sisters are Nightmare Moon, she used to be an "evil Alicorn", but she merely wished for her moon to be gazed by may of the worlds inhabitants. She is the Goddess of the Night, Dreams, and Dark(Black) Magic. My other sister, Luna, is known as; Princess Luna, Goddess of the Moon, Between(between black and light magic), and animals of the night. We three are seen as the Goddesses that had combatted against your father, Discord, when he was consumed by evil magic. Contrary to many popular belief, Black Magic is not evil. Shadow Magic, and Soul Magic along with Necromancy is all categorized as "Evil Magic".
"Anyways, once he was cured and had became friends with one of my adoptive daughters friends. The curse was broken, and he regained his sense and realized that what he was doing, was terrible. Then, he aided us against the Centaur known as; Tirek. He was bent on taking over the world, and he had been consumed in wanting to gain more friends, and our hearts. Unbeknownst to him, he already had our hearts, but we had no idea how to approach him back then. But, anyways, my daughter, your sister, gained our magic and fought Tirek, but soon lost it all and gained the pure power of the Element Tree. She and her friends defeated Tirek an casted him down to Tartarus after taking all the magic he ever took, and returned it back to their owners.
"Soon after, her and her friends experienced may more adventures, but that is for a different time, and story." Celestia says with a smile after finishing her long winded speech. The two boys stared in shock and awe, their parents were "gods", and they had a "half sister" back in that world. Harry leans back into Luna and look up at her, and she smiles down at him.
"How old are all of you?" Griphyx asks. Discord beams that his son's aren't too shocked that they could not function.
"I am order 10,000 years old, the three of them re triplets and are each 6,000 years of age. But that is for OUR normal time, in your time, thousands are millions of years. So it shouldn't be too hard to figure it out." He says with a wink. Harry stares before he just starts laughing, and then passes out. Griphyx had a much stranger approach. He simply stood up, walked over to his mothers, and hugged them tightly. The four of them were surprised, but welcomed the act.
"What are we to you?" He asks. Celestia tilts her head.
"Hm?" She hums out.
"What are we? Mortal? Or God?" He asks. She smiles softly.
"Neither, you are in-between, a mix, a half-breed. You no can no longer die of old age, unless you choose to, and your children will be the same. But you WILL age slowly, but will then stop aging at a certain point, but that will not be for a VERY long time. While you may look younger, you will mature quickly. Just because you may look, say, twenty-two, you will still be young in our eyes. IF and WHEN you have children at, say, twenty or older, you will be seen as still young, but you yourself have young ones. It was common for our races to have children at "young" ages, and still be babied. But since you were both mostly human to begin with, well, you will be following with universes laws, not ours. Understand? And before you even ask, the only reason we don't look our age, is because we are not from his universe." Celestia explains.
Griphyx nods his head, and goes to say something but a yawn escapes his lips. Nightmare grins.
"Seems our young Griphyx is tired. Perhaps now is the time for a nap?" She chuckles out. Griphyx nods his head, and climbs back onto his table, and lays his head down. The second his head touches the pillow, he is out like a light, feeling nothing but happiness.


When Griphyx awoke the next day he notes that his side of the wall had changed. Gone were the flames, and now stands land with a beach bordering the ocean where that Wyvern is standing in, the snake in the forest with arms and legs, and a horned crown. Above those, are large black storm raging clouds with rain, hail, snow and now lightning raining down upon the land and sea.
Just below the clouds is that Griffin from before, but it looks different. The fur looked to be armor pieces that match together like a puzzle, each piece being sky blue and pearl white. The wings are bat-like with golden lines pulsating through them like veins. The tail is whip-like in nature, but a claw sits at the tip. The neck is elongated like a serpents, the beak is sharp, with "teeth" pointing downwards. The paws on the hind legs are auburn red, while the claws are orange-ish gold. It's eyes are the same as his own.
The next thing he notes is that he is back in his bed in the room his brother and him share. His bed large enough to fit six more of himself on it and still have plenty of room to spare. He chalks it up to his parents moving him and Harry back in here so they could sleep much more comfortable.
Looking around the room, he starts to realize that there were many other changes than from before. The ceiling is covered in a large marble white castle that is part of a mountain looking over a majestic land. It reminds him of Rivendell from the Lord of the Rings trilogy But above the shining castle, were multiple items that shine with mysterious light. One was a blue balloon, the second was a orange apple, the third is a cerulean diamond, the fourth was a pink and yellow butterfly, the fifth was a blood red lightning bolt, and the sixth is a six pointed purple star. Around those is a emerald green flame, and in the middle of it all is a oval egg white stone with the rainbow shinning from the inside out. His head tilts to the side, but then jumps when the door opens, revealing their mother Nightmare.
"Hey," She starts softly and with a smile, "how are you both doing?" She asks. Griphyx looks over to see Harry is still asleep, and turns back to his mother.
"I'm fine, but Har is- EEKK!" Out of nowhere, Harry sits up like a Vampire and his eyes snap open, making Griphyx squeak loudly and fall off his bed. Harry chuckles, and his emerald green eyes now have a ruby red tint.
"Got'cha!" He laughs out. Griphyx grumbles and looks away from his older brother, and at his wall. The waves are replaced by flames and land with a vast lush green forest with that buck standing tall just above some of the smaller tree's the size of two story houses. The flames hold a strange looking bird with red and orange feathers that looks to be flame solidified. The skies are covered wit grey storm clouds with that Alicorn in the air, wings spread wide, energy lightning cracking and rolling across the air, crashing into things like waves.
He hears Nightmare clear her throat, and he looks to her, to find that Harry is next to her with a grin on is face. Griphyx huffs and rises to his feet, before looking back at his mother and bother.
"You two will begin training to control your magic, strength, mind, and forms very soon. Since it is the winder break, we have a limited amount of time. Get dressed, and meet me, your mothers and father in the backyard in one hour." And with that, she leaves the room just as quickly as she had came.
Harry moves over to his dresser and pulls out black pants, grey shirt, and a white black hoodie with angel wings on the back. After he pulls those on, he moves over to his closet and pulls on simple sneakers that move up just above his ankle. Griphyx inwardly chuckles at how right it looks on him.
He moves to his dresser and pulls out white pants, black shirt and grey hoodie with blue spines on the back. Sipping those on, he pulls on mid shin high boots brown as bark, yet hard as steel. A pair of gun-grey fingerless gloves pulled over his hands, the back having odd golden light like buttons or simple lights.
The two brothers move around the mansion like castle, before finally finding the backyard, more like forest. Lush green trees of all kinds stand hundreds of feet tall around the mansion like castle, and form a woodland jungle for the backyard. Griphyx recognizes it as the same forest on his and his brothers walls. He grin when he see's his father holding a long and thin stick the same size as him, a staff perhaps?
At the top of the black wooden staff is a clear crystal in the shape of a sword. His mothers all have their own items as well. Mother Celestia holds a "wand" that acts like a hilt of a amber crystal shaped like a long sword. Mother Luna wields twin wand-daggers being bright sapphire crystals, and Mother Nightmare wields a staff-scythe made of obsidian crystal. The "weapons" glint in the dull sunlight being covered by the fog and dark grey clouds, thunder booms above as droplets of rain drip onto the still waking world.
Harry walks over to Mother Luna and looks at the twin daggers in awe, while Griphyx looks at the scythe, spear and sword with nary as response, too confused about why their parents are holding such things. Will they be learning how to fight? Curious.
Father Discord then starts speaking to the two boys, "You shall both pick a crystal that accepts you as it's master. For me, it was a simple clear crystal, for Celestia it is amber, for Luna it is Sapphire and Nightmare is Obsidian. Go on and pick one, it will them form into what it is your magic chooses, as it will become an extension of yourself." He explains. Harry nods and watches as multiple minerals and crystals either rise from the ground, or simply appear from nowhere.
Griphyx notes nothing rises or appears before him. He sighs softly and sadly, but gives them a small smile of reassurance. "I'll be fine. You go and pick your stuff out Harry, I'll be waiting over there," he points to a tree, "okay?" He says. Harry nods his head, and goes back to picking things out, well things picking him out.
When his mothers and father turn to help Harry, Griphyx's shoulders sag, and he moves over towards the tree, and sits at the trunk of it. A stream rolls on by next to him as he watches rubies, emeralds and strange white wood float in the air before him, forming into a dual-sided staff, the crystals become blades at each ends. The staff itself is the size of his leg, and floats before him. Harry gains a grin and says something to their parents, making them chuckle or giggle, before taking the item, which then shrinks down turns into a dual-sided wand with miniature crystals becoming smooth.
Griphyx then watches as Harry is guided in making strange red and green energy shoot out from the emerald. The energy hits a rock, and it turns into a new baby tree. He does the same, but shoots it from the ruby, and the baby tree is destroyed in a fiery, but small, explosion.
He smiles as their parents clap, and then guide him in making it return it to it's "weapon form", and Father Discord shows Harry a few positions, before he puts them together in graceful, yet powerful, movements.
Griphyx sighs softly, and looks up at the sky, rain pouring down on them, thought they remain dry, giving the world a wonderful smell. When he look down, forward, he jumps when Mother Nightmare is kneeling before him.
"Something wrong, Griphyx?" She asks. He gives her a fake smile.
"I'm that obvious, huh?" He asks. She nods her head, and he sighs once more as sadness shows itself on his face and in his eyes. "I'm sorry I'm not like Harry, that nothing wanted me...I'm a failure..." He whimpers out. Mother Nightmare shakes her head and kisses hi forehead gently.
"No, it just means you need things stronger than the simpler stuff. Sure, Harry has succeeded in this, but those items did not have Obsidian, Steel, Iron, or even bones or other bits of animals. Those are the harder, more advanced things. So don't be thinking your failure, cause you not, understand me?" She says softly and firmly at the same time. Griphyx nods his head, and she smiles. She rises to her feet and pulls him up to his. "Let's go back and do the harder stuff now." She giggles out.
The two return to the others, just as bones, obsidian, scales, etc. appear before him. He stares in awe as most of these things float into the air, and form into many items. A gauntlet, a shield, a sword, a scythe, armor, even forming into a strange looking helmet, but then they all fuse together, forming into a ring that slips onto his middle finger. It is made of obsidian. He grins wen the ring changes into a obsidian wand with strange blue and gold lines tracing it up and down forming into odd shapes or symbols.
They stare at him as the wand then returns to being a ring, the magical energy flowing off of it, making the air seem thinner, yet still the same. Griphyx gives them all a lopsided smirk, before his eyes roll to the back of his head. The last thing he hears is the sound of feet moving towards him swiftly. Then, he hears no more.