The two Potters and the Three Princesses

by Vladimir

Chapter 25

Griphyx's eyes flutter open, and he looks around the room. He notes the strange red curtains with even stranger willow-whips lining the edges. The bed he is currently in is large and rather comfy. He looks around more, but his eyes stop at the sleeping form of Ruby. She wears a red laced bra -due to seeing the strap- under a blue shirt, black jeans, while on her feet are some yellow socks.
Griphyx sits up slowly, and notices she hasn't reverted back at all yet. He see's that her tails are coiled around his hips, legs and even chest, the blue flame like fur is warm to the touch, but never burns. He pets her tails gently, causing her to purr softly. This makes him blush, but smile, he is more than happy to know a friend is in good health.
He looks around more, to see Luna and Nightmare are also laying with him. He smiles more before he feels something strange. He lifts his hand, and see's that his nails are now claws, his skin seems, lighter, paler in a way. He looks up his arm and notes how odd it has become. Could this be the side affect of letting his wand and 'other half' take control?
He hears a slight gasp for breath, when he looks down, he see's that he has kissed Ruby's tails without thinking.
"I didn't know you love my t-tails this much, Griphyx." She says with a large blush. Griphyx blushes as well and lets go, only to have the tails brush passed his lips and move back over to Ruby's form. "Had I known, I might have been more willing to let you play with them." She says with a playful wink, making Griphyx stutter for words." He stutters.
"I'm just teasing you, Griphyx!" She laughs out. Griphyx sighs out in slight aggravation.
"You need to stop taking those lessons from Nyx..." Griphyx grumbles softly.
"Oh please, you know you like it!" She teases. Griphyx groans before teleporting to his feet by the door.
"Come on, we'll be late." Griphyx states. It had been a week ever since his transformation had been shown, now every time he sleeps and dreams when he isn't on the moon playing or training, he is remembering those exact events of the fight, trying to figure out how his wand and other self could take over.
"Alright." Ruby says with a playful smirk, as she nudges Luna and Nightmare awake. "Wake up you two, we need to get going!" She yells. Luna and Nightmare jolt awake before both grumble out a series of swears under their breathes.
"We're coming, we're coming!" Nightmare yells back.
"Good." Griphyx starts. "Now lets get going." He says before he walks out of the door and walks down the stairs into the 'house' living room, where he see's Harry and the others sitting on the couches or chairs. He notes that Nick is holding a double sided scythe, the blades are the same color as the crystals for his staff.
"Hey Griphyx, how's it going?" Nick asks with a bored tone. "Because we have been waiting for forever for you to get your ass down here- " He stops when he see's Ruby yawn from behind Griphyx. "No freaking way! You know!?" He asks, sporting a grin. Griphyx and Ruby blush before scowling at him.
"No, we didn't Nick. We simply slept in the same bed. Doesn't seem all that strange." Ruby says as she brushes her tails gently.
"Then why do you have your hotness out, babe?" Nick asks with a smirk. This makes Ruby freeze up and blush, before throwing the brush at him. Nick yelps when the brush slams into his face.
"I'll have you know that THIS is my actual look, thank you very much!" She hisses out at Nick, who moves his hands up in defense.
"Alright! Alright! Jeez! I'm just teasing..." Nick grumbles. Ruby huffs as she holds Griphyx close to her form unconsciously and glares at Nick, who is smirking.
"What?" Ruby growls out.
"Your holding Griphyx~ Ruby and Griphyx, sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-"WHAP" OW!" Nick yells in pain as yet, another brush collides with his face. Ruby keeps blushing, but lets go of Griphyx quickly and looks away, as if ashamed. Griphyx hugs her gently.
"It's fine Ruby, I don't mind." Griphyx says.
"Of course not! She's a freaking hottie!!" Nick howls out teasingly. Griphyx sighs as he kicks Nick's shin, making him yell in more pain. "DAMN IT!!! YOU LITTLE!!" Nick starts, but stops when he see's Griphyx is clutching his chest in pain. His eyes are wide and shaking slightly. Griphyx drops to his knees with a loud 'THUMP' and coughs.
"GRIPHYX!!" Harry and Celestia yell out. As the two get to his side, Luna and Nightmare just get down the stairs, confused. Griphyx's hand trembles and then feels something nearby start to leave, making his body calm down. As Griphyx pants, he hears that whispering and hissing once more. Something is definitely not right.
Griphyx closes his eyes for a moment and calms his heart rate down, before rising to his feet and leans against a wall. Ruby wraps her tails around his waist and bring him to her.
"Are you okay?" She asks softly. Griphyx blushes and nods his head softly. Ruby smiles. "Good." She giggles out.
"Griphyx, what..." Nightmare starts, but then a small sphere of light forms behind Griphyx.
"Hello, our fair champion...." The woman voices say to the boy.
"H...Hello...." Griphyx says softly and weakly.
"Oh my, is our fair hero in pain? Hm hm hm hm...." They chuckle out.
"What have you done to Griphyx!?!?" Celestia roars in anger. The windows melt, the spire shakes and the clouds blocking the sun evaporate as the sun heats up immensely.
"Calm down!! Calm down!!" The voice scream at the enraged Goddess of the Sun.
"Not until you answer my question!! What have. You. Done. To. My. SON!?" Celestia booms out. The thunder booms through the air as the sun grows brighter and hotter.
"Nothing! Nothing!! Now please calm down!!!" They scream. Celestia calms down, but glares at the sphere of light. "We mean no harm, Goddess of the Sun. You might not be from 'this world', but, you certainly make the rest of us worry and freak out..." They say.
"Then it would be wise for you three to explain what has happened, or I WILL be bringing Discord here." She threatens. The sphere of light freezes.
"NO!! ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!" They scream.
"The get talking. NOW!" She roars.
"Okay! We came here to give the boy aid. It would seem his father...has given us something to give him." They say mysteriously.
"And that would be?" Celestia asks. The sphere giggles slightly.
"Why, a present! Since he can't exactly come here, the entire area would be nothing but a zone of death." They say with a slight hiss at the end.
"I see, and just who or what, is his father?" Celestia asks. The sphere seems to shake from side to side.
"We cannot say, it is not aloud for higher beings of higher plans of existents to be known by....humans." They hiss the last part out again. Hermione and Ron tilt their heads.
"Why the bloody hell not?" Ron asks. The sphere sins and stops, seemingly looking at the boy.
"Because, boy, your kind is not meant to see higher beings!!" They yell.
"But why can Harry?" Hermione asks. The sphere cackles before looking at her oddly.
"He is the adopted son of the Sun Goddess, and has already been soaking up the three goddesses energies, the...'Twilight Sparkle's' energies and his brothers energies. He is seemingly more like a demi-being, than a fully-fledged human. Hermione Granger." They speak.
" do you know my name?" Hermione asks, frazzled slightly.
"We know more than just THAT, our dear girl. We know that you desire to learn so much more than you should. You lust over the males that are around you and in those...movies. You are certainly and interesting human maiden. But we cannot allow you to see us, or the higher beings, yet." They hiss out.
"Yet?" Ron asks.
"Yes, Ronald Weasley, you and many more will be joining this group, sooner than either of you will realize, that is...the exception of our dear Griphyx here. Now will you two humans close your eyes, or you will face a terrible death." They cackle out. Hermione and Ron are quick to cover their eyes, and as a safety precaution, Celestia blinds them with a spell if they try to peak.
"Now what is this 'gift' that his father wants to give him?" Celestia growls out. The sphere trembles.
"A ring." They say.
"Just a ring? After him not being around EVER!?!? WHY!?!?" Celestia booms.
"Not just ANY ring. This ring is very powerful, and acts as a protector for all of you, as well as being an item he WILL need." They say.
"Where did this ring come from?" Nick asks.
"Oh our dear Nickolas, this ring is imbued with many beings that were slain to protect those he cared about. All of these beings, however, will act like guardians, and make sure you are all safe." The sphere says as a ring appears, but it looks....strange. The ring itself is old, VERY old as rust just starts to vanish, revealing an obsidian ring, with gems lining it all the way around. They gems are of different shapes and colors, but seems to represent a type of diamond, of sorts. In each gem, however, is small flame.
"What are these flames?" Griphyx asks, taking the ring.
"They are the beings." The sphere giggles out. "They can leave at anytime they wish, but choose to stay. They are NOT toys and are NOT servants. They MUST be treated like anyone else!" The sphere stress.
"Alright." Griphyx says as he places the ring on his right middle finger. The sphere giggles one last time, before vanishing. Griphyx looks at the ring, and smiles. "I think...I think if I ever meet my old man, I'll thank him, after I pummel him into the dirt, that is." He says with a smirk.
"Only after we kick his ass!!" Nightmare growls.
"Indeed." Luna states.
"Agreed." Celestia says.
"R...Right." Griphyx says nervously. The rest of the day was spent by practicing magic and even testing each other's strengths and weaknesses. All unaware of a book forming, a monster slithering around, and a certain group moving towards the Potter Brother's 'house', with devious intentions.