The two Potters and the Three Princesses

by Vladimir

Chapter 13

Griphyx moved down the hall after defeating Malfoy in a duel. He went up the stairs and went into the Gryffindor house, he decided to sit on the couch in front of the fireplace, it was getting colder, as it grew closer to Christmas once again. Hey sighed before laying his head back, closing his eyes he drifted off to sleep. Twilight had entered the room as she saw Griphyx laying his head back with his eyes closed, she lay next to him, enjoying the warmth of the fire roaring in the fireplace. As they lay there in silence, a grunt makes Twilight jump. She turns to the door and see's the group entering in a rush.
Harry looks at his younger brother, who is currently sleeping, but he looks paler, as if h used too much magic and he needed to rest to regain it back, but Harry knew the truth. It was because Griphyx didn't eat or drink very much, and when he did, it was in very little amounts. He knew if Griphyx kept this up, he'd he hospitalized for sure. Harry sighed sadly, and was going to walk away.
"It's funny how worried you get. It's touching, but still funny to see you worrying about me constantly. But, if you think I should eat ad drink more, please hold me back whenever Malfoy goes to ruin it?" Griphyx stated, his eyes opened, they have a weak sort of feel to them. "I know you are all wondering as to why, but that is the reason. Malfoy and his friends decide to take y food, or spill my drink when one of them takes a book o something of mine. If you can hold me back, than I'll eat and drink more." He stated. Harry nodded his head, worry in his eyes.
"Alright little brother. But please take it easy with the magic until your physically able to do that again, alright?" He asked. Griphyx nodded his head. Griphyx's eyes grew heavy as his world started to go black, but then Twilight touched her horn to his forehead, sending energy into his body. His eyes shot open as some color cam back to him, and looking at her, he saw that she had a smile on her muzzle. He smiled back, before Nightmare nuzzled him gently, a worried look in her eyes. Twilight, Luna and Celestia looked at Nightmare in a bit of surprise.
"I'll be okay Moony. No need to worry, alright?" He said to Nightmare. Her eyes widened as a blush formed on her cheeks.
"What did you call me?" She asked. Griphyx gave her a small smile.
"I called you Moony, but, I have a better name for you, but it's stupid." He sighed.
"I would like to hear it, perhaps we can all gain nicknames?" Celestia said. The others nodded, and looked to Griphyx.
"You want me to nickname them?" He asked. They nodded. "Alright, then, Luna, I was thinking of Artemis, for you Celestia, Tia, for you Nightmare, I was thinking of, Nyx." He stated. The three of them blushed at their nicknames.
"What about me?" Twilight asked. Griphyx gave her a kind smiled.
"I was thinking of, Twily." He said.
"Those are three Greek Goddesses names though Griph. Is it even polite to nickname them hat, when the last one we met was..." Harry stopped. All eyes were on the brothers as Harry remembered that the others were there too.'
"You met gods and didn't tell us!?" Hermione asked, an incredulous look on her face.
"We did, but...that's a story for another time." Griphyx stated. "Anyways, I think that they would be happy that used their names to summarize Luna, Nightmare and Twilight. Though Tia was kind of a cop out, huh?" He asked. Celestia shook her head with a smile.
"It's fine Griphyx. Really, it is." She stated. He nodded his head, before laying back, remembering his and Harry's meeting with those beings, it still shook him slightly from how some of them were kind, while others were not. Griphyx sighed as Hermione, Ruby and Ron kept bugging him and Harry about the deities. They stopped when Griphyx growled loudly as their only warning. Soon they decided to head to bed, but Griphyx couldn't help but feel like he was being watched by someone, or, something.
He opened his eyes to see that he was on the moon, but no one else was, he began to worry, until Nightmare walked up to him with the others behind her. She looks down at him and smiles. He smiles back as the two of them share a random hug. Nightmare nuzzles his neck gently, causing him to giggle. The group practices their magic, but this time, Griphyx decided to use his hands instead of his wand. His black and green aura formed around him in a giant pillar of light. Twilight watched, amazed that we was capable of having this much magic.
"That's not all of if Sparkle. Griphyx has tons more magic yet untapped, same with the others, but only Griphyx and Harry reach our level of magic, maybe even closer to Discord's level and ability. While harry uses his hand like we o our horns, Griphyx uses his hands like Discord does." Nightmare said to Twilight. Twilight stared at Griphyx, and for a slit moment, she saw not a human standing before her, but a Draconequus instead. Everyone watched as Griphyx's aura turned from sickly green and black, to bright sy blue and white, he yelled out as if pushing past a barrier.
"That's it Griphyx, just keep pushing!!" Harry, Luna and Celestia cheered him on. The others cheered him on, but as he kept pushing, the ground beneath him started to crack, ad crumble into the pillar of light, the ground shook as he broke the barrier. A shockwave of energy pulsating from one large ring around the bottom, but grew larger as thy go to the top. And as soon as the pillar was former, it changed shape, it looked like a dragon, but it was larger than one they had seen, it was glowing black, they could see that it had four arms, four legs a long tail, four wings on it's back, a long torso ad neck, it's head was like a ponies, but what shocked them the most was it's eyes. It had Griphyx's eyes, but they seemed brighter, the strange creature roared as it began to disappear, it sounded like wail that haunted them to the core.
As it vanished Griphyx stood there, his cloths were torn apart, he slumped onto his knees and placed his hands onto the ground. He looked up at the group, a smile on his face, his teeth were normal except for one, on the right side of his upper jaw, was a long fang of sorts. The princesses grew surprised. What they had just seen, was a Draconequus being born, they saw Griphyx's power, and if he were to go t Equestria, himself. They kept staring at him, they could feel power radiating from him, just waiting to be used, but there was still more to come, they had only managed to unlock his barriers, now he was capable of accumulating much more, whether he wanted to or not.
"That was so cool!" Ruby yelled out. The others cheered at Griphyx as he stumbled to them, but once he reached them, he fell to his knees. His eyes seemed to be brighter as well. Nightmare helped him to his feet. The rest of the night was full of cheering Harry on to trying to get him to break all his barriers, he only managed to break a few, which was rather impressive, it took Griphyx a few tries before he could do that.

The next day, the group was out on a field, they had brooms by their feet.
"Now then" -their teacher Madam Hooch- "I want you all to call to your brooms. Say 'Up' loud enough for us to hear." The class nodded. As their classmates called up, Griphyx and Harry smirked to each other as they thought the same thing.
"UP" They said in unison, Their brooms seemed to appear in their hands while saying this. A gust of wind sent ripples in the lush green grass at their feet. Hooch and class stared at the two as the ripples reached them but soon died out.
"Well that was...something." Hooch said. "Now then, on the count of three, I want you to- NEVAL LONGBOTTOM! GET BACK DOWN HERE!" Hooch yelled to the boy who was stuck in the air. His broom dipped downward and he fell. Griphyx and Harry got back to back, they held their wands out as the used their magic to catch Neville. When he was at least eleven feet from the ground, they dropped him, where Griphyx seemed to appear below him and caught pour Neville. He placed the boy down gently just as Hooch rushed to his side. "That was good magic there Potters, now, no one is to fly again until I return." She stated as she took Neville to the nurses office.
"Well look at this." Malfoy said after Hooch left. He picked up a silver sphere that Neville usually had, he had said it was a gift from his family.
"Give it back Malfoy, unless you want another duel." Griphyx said to Draco. Draco sneered as he rose up from the ground on his broom.
"Why should I? It's not yours." He said.
"It's not yours either, now put it down, or else!" Griphyx stated. Draco smirked and rose farther back towards the woods.
"Then come and get it, freak." He spat. Griphyx growled, he jumped and his broom moved underneath him, and as his feet touched it, he flew towards Draco, Harry followed him.
"Give it back, now." Griphyx growled, while holding his hand out.
"How about, FETCH!" Draco yelled as he threw the sphere past Griphyx's head. Griphyx growled and sat on the broom and took off after the sphere. Griphyx moved so slow on this broom compared to his wings, but he needed to keep up appearances. He reached out with his right hand and grabbed the sphere, he turns and dives downwards, Harry mimics him, just in time for Hooch to walk out of the building. Then both of them spin upwards in the air, they then flew in a circle around each other, and then landed, Griphyx on his broom, as he stands up on it, while Harry has the broom in his hand.
"Potters!" Hooch yelled at the two. "You two, come with me now!" She said. The brothers sigh as hey follow Hooch, Nightmare and Luna follow the, while Celestia and Twilight stay behind. As the five reach the Quidditch team office, they are surprised to see McGonagall. "Found these two flying around. Thinking they would be good for the team." Hooch said to McGonagall.
"I see." She said before looking at the two brothers she sees he princesses there, they have proud looks on their faces. She nods her head, they nod back. "How would you two like to join the Gryffindor Quidditch team?" She asks. The brothers look at each other, before they are pulled back by Nightmare.
"They will need moment to think about it." She said.
"I'll give you two a moment to think it over." McGonagall said. The two nodded and huddled to a corner as the princesses told them the pros to doing this.
"This will do more for the two of you, though mostly you Griphyx. Even with us as your friends, you need more human interaction, so it will create bonds, alright?" Nightmare stated. Griphyx seemed to mull it over.
"I suppose so, but what about our school work? Or sleeping?" He asks. Harry thinking the same way. It was funny, Harry was the more talkative one while Griphyx kept to himself.
"You are ahead of your classes, you have us to help you sleep let alone the fact that you rarely need sleep Griphyx. You're just fine to do this, besides, your physical capabilities are beyond the human limits. You would be a valuable asset to the team, while Harry is faster and slightly more agile than you, so he'd be just as helpful." Luna stated. The brothers nodded their heads before walking back over to McGonagall.
"Fine, but, we wanna do a try out for the team. No being handed our positions. Do we have a deal?" Griphyx asked. McGonagall nodded her head as she called out a name.
"Chad. Please come here, there are two new players for you!" She yelled. A boy who looked a few years older than the brothers walked out. He had brown curly hair that covered his eyes, he wears brown gloves, leg guards, shoulder, chest and torso pads as well. He looks at the brothers until he stares at Griphyx, mainly his eyes and fang.
"Yes Ms. McGonagall? Are these two the newbies?" He asks. She nods her heads.
"They want to do a try outs to determine their role on the team. Please do so when able to." She says. Chad stares at the two before shaking his head in confusion.
"Alright, lets get going you two." Chad states. The five of them head outside, where the rest of the team is. "Okay boys. We have two newbies that will be doing a try out. Lets see hat they got!" He yelled to them. They all whooped in excitement as they handed Griphyx and Harry brooms. Harry takes off first, while Griphyx gets on a surfer stance on the broom, said broom rises and heads into the air quickly. The two of them circle each other as a large sphere and a gold sphere fly past them. Harry goes after the golden sphere as Griphyx knocks the larger sphere away with a paddle. Harry moves quickly as Griphyx is sitting on his broom, doing barrels rolls around him, they move in unison, up, down, left, right, forward, backward. The team watches with mouths agape, Hooch and McGonagall are the same as they watch harry chase the snitch (golden sphere) while Griphyx protects him.
Harry grabs the snitch just as Griphyx holds out a hand and catches the large sphere. The two of them land, Harry hands the team the snitch as Griphyx is using his super grip to keep the larger sphere from moving but his upper half jerks to the sides every so often. The team puts both back into their case before Chad looks at the two.
"Chad Thompson. Good t have a new seeker and protector on the team." He states with a smile while holding his hands out. The brothers shake Chad's hands firmly.
"Good to be on the team Chad." Harry says.
"Yeah." Is all Griphyx says. Chad nods at the two, but then hears clapping. Everyone turns to see that the class was still on the field.
"That was awesome Harry/Griphyx!" Hermione and Ruby whooped out. Ron gave them a nod of his head, the princesses smile at the two, while Draco and his goons glare at the Potter brothers. Griphyx and Harry smirk and give them all a thumbs up. They had gone to the mess hall after Harry and Griphyx were told to stop by next week to get their gear to be fitted. After dinner -which Griphyx ate fully of- they headed to bed, to train their magic more, though Griphyx was told to wait yet again, not that he minded too much. None of them aware that that certain evil, was now in the castle, and it was looking for the brothers, but now, it was mainly looking for Griphyx.