Dragon's Reign

by Vladimir

Chapter 1: New Allies....

I walk down the hall with Moon on left side while Ovan is on my right. We are headed towards the meeting room. The Olympians have awoken and have sent out their beasts, they have attacked our allies and have taken Zebrica. We enter the room and see all of our allies, they stop arguing when I sit myself down in my throne and look around the room.
"Continue." Is all I say.
"We need help! The Olympians have sent their beasts and have taken my country! We must act now! Lest they take another." King Zebrrix says, pain in his eyes, he, along with what is left of his people had arrived in Equestria a few weeks ago. They immigrated into Canterlot. I nod my head and sit back, placing my fingertips together.
"I have gotten reports that these beasts look like giant sea serpents. I will send some of my Elite Guard to get rid of them, I will also have Discord look into this matter." I say, while I send a psychic message to Thunder, Lightning and Rose. I can feel them head out towards Zebrica while bringing a few grunts. "I will have a few other of my hive guards stationed in your borders, to alert us if anything happens to your kingdoms. The Misty Mountains already have some of Richard's Elite Guards stationed there to handle any kind of enemy, let alone the fact that they fallow Moon's orders and report to him or Elisabeth." I explain. The others nations leaders nod their heads as they head to their teleport pads that Discord had made back to their countries castles.
"Sir, we must head back to the throne room, Lady Celestia has called a meeting with you both." Moon says to me. I nod my head, Ovan and I side step and appear in the throne room.
"You called, Celestia?" Ovan asks. She nods her head and rubs her belly gently.
"We need to get prepared for the Elements of Harmony's arrival." She says to us. I nod my head and turn on my heel in a 180 degrees and walk to my room where my wives were rest with Ruby and Mars. As I entered the room, I saw Elisabeth sleeping on the bed with Luna, while Chrysie and Nightmare are holding the two babies close, their eyes locked on a human woman. She turns and smiles at me.
Her eyes are like pools of bright blue clear skies, her skin fair and smooth. Her luscious blonde hair lays softly down her back, she's wearing a white toga of sorts that hugs her well proportioned body. On her feet are Greek sandals, the straps go up her shins and end just below her knees.
There, standing in front of me, is Hera. My mother.
"How did you get here!?" I growl. She waves my growl off.
"Can't a mother come see her child and grandchildren? After all, it has been a long time since the last time we saw each other, and I wanted to see how you were doing." She then looks me up and down, and nods her head. "I see you have changed as well, but you lack a human form, a pity, but you are still my son." She appears before me and hugs me tightly I stand still as a board. "I have missed you, Nova. More than you know." She says softly, but loud enough for us to hear her.
"I...I'm not going to lie. I have missed you as well, mother, but....you are our enemy, sooner or later we will fight, as much as it pains me to say this, but, I have to win." I say looking up at her sadly. She nods her head, understanding, but, she take me by surprise by what she says.
"I have left the Olympians, as have a few others. The beasts that attacked the Zebra's nation, was because of us hiding there. We are still weak from escaping. Your father has gone mad with power, and wants to see this world burn. I am here, along with those who have escaped his grasp, to help stop him, even if it hurts me, I don't want to see another world die from us." She says sadly. I nod my head and let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. I smile at her and look at my wives.
"This is my mother, she is, or at least was, the queen of the Olympians. Her code name is Hera, the mother. She is fine to be around." I tell them. They relax just at Luna and Beth wake up and look at Hera. I smile at them, they smile back, Beth nuzzles Ruby and Mars, the two of them giggle happily.
"It's good to see young faces having smiles nowadays. So what are their names?" She asks.
"Ruby and Mars." Beth says. She gets to her feet and approaches Hera, a smile still present on her lips.
"I can see where Nova gets his looks and kindness, but I am not sure where his strength comes from." She says.
"That would be his father, he has always been strong, though now he has gone mad. It pains my heart to see the man I called my husband go mad and start trying to take over another world." Hera says sadly. Beth hugs her gently.
"Well now you don't have to worry, your with us now and you can happier." She says. Hera sniffs and nods her head, gently rubbing Beth's head as well. I smile and sits on the bed, Ruby and Mars crawl onto my spines and smack me on the top of my head with their little fists. I look up at them and smirk.
"You two definitely take after Nova." Hera says Ruby and Mars, the two of them babble and squeak as they pull on her hair, not that she minded, or noticed. We had to bite our tongues from laughing as she kept baby talking to them, but when they'd pull her hair, her head would jerk to the side and she would simply say 'Ow.' before she kept talking. Oh yeah, they loved her. An hour of this kept happening and it became boring, that is, until Twilight Sparkle burst through the door, her staff in hand, she see's Hera holding the twins and charges a lavender beam.
"Stop that right now Twilight Sparkle!" I yell at her. "That is my mother and their grandmother, she has left the Olympian ranks and has joined us along with a few others. Lest you wish to be horribly beaten, put down thy weapon!" I roar at her in old Equish. Twilight recoils from how harsh I spoke to her. I calmed down and placed a claw on her shoulder. "Just try to not attack them please." I beg. She nods her head before apologizing to Hera.
"It's fine dear, my husband tried to kill me for talking about peace, well, after he went mad." She explains. Twilight gives me a "The fuck?" look. I shrug, Cadance enters the room and jump hugs me, I blush as my face goes into her chest.
"Hey Nova, how are you?" She asks. I shrug again.
"Fine, though having boobs in your face wakes you up more." I say. She blushes but keeps smiling.
"Sorry, but I was so excited to see you, and well..." She blushed more, I chuckled and patted her shoulder shoulder gently.
"It's fine, I know how you have been getting ever since Mars's birth, your acting like Twilight is. Overly happy and protective of him and Ruby." I say. The two mentioned nod their heads and look embarrassed.
"They could be connected to Mars, in a future sense. sense, maybe they become his wives?" Hera states. We stare at her, before we see Mars hop onto Cadence's chest and snuggle up to her neck. I smirk, while Ovan and I have an internal high five.
"Seems right, he has become attached to them, and has even tried to mess with them from time to time." I say. Hera nods her head before looking out the window.
"By the time this is all over, or near the end of it, Mars and Ruby will be old enough to know how life works." Hera states. I shake my head.
"No, because we are going to end this war, as quickly as we can. I already know that the other Olympians that joined you are in the castle, but even then, there is my father and uncles." I say.
"Uncle." Hera states, catching me by surprise. "One of your uncles has joined me, he has become a second husband over the years, as Zeus had been out for conquest." She states. I look up at her.
"When did you all get to this world anyways?" I ask. Hera looks at me sadly.
"It was when Richard had fought with us, when a dark portal opened and sucks us in, we had fallen asleep in that volcano, our beasts came with us too." She explains. I nod my head before a guard runs in.
"Lord Nova! There is a man here to see you!" He says. I nod my head.
"Let him in." I say. A man with sea green eyes peer at me, he wears a blue toga of sorts, Greek sandals and on his back is a Trident. Standing before us, is Poseidon, my uncle, and possible step father.
"Hello, Nova, it is good to see you again, this time, on the good side." He states with a smile. I smirk back.
'We're so going to win this!' Ovan whoops from the back of my mind.
I shake his hand, and we stare at each other, both of us have confident smiles on our faces. We are unaware of a pair of eyes, watching us, before it vanishes in a puff of black smoke, dark chuckling left behind it.