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Twilight goes on a trip to memory lane with Rainbow. A one shot written at 3:00 in the morning.

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Starburst, daughter of Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry, has always wanted to be a Royal Guard. Training everyday, working hard to make her dream come true. But when war is threatened on Equestria, Starburst fights for the safety of her home and country. But soon, she will realize that her strength alone will not be enough. Poor Starburst is in need of power, the power to protect her family and friends, the power to defend her homeland, the power to instill fear in the hearts of her enemies!

Little did she know, that that very power would seek her out. But when she obtains it, how will it affect the rest of her life, her relationships with her parents, her little brother, and her friends? But more importantly, will she become the hero Equestria needs or become an even greater threat than anyone could've possibly imagined?

Update: With its own tv tropes page, courtesy of DarknessRising.

Next Generation characters belong to kilala97

Green Lantern is the property of DC Comics.

Character Bio: Starburst

Yeah, after looking at kilala97's stuff I finally caved and decided to try and write a story about her OC characters. Since Starburst's special talent is "intimidation", I thought: "Why the hell not, make that mare a Fear Lantern!" and so here we are.

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Rainbow Dash grew up not knowing who her mother is.

One Mother's Day, Twilight Sparkle becomes determined to find out who Rainbow's mother is and drag her back to Ponyville to reunite with her daughter.

There's just one little hitch:

Rainbow Dash's mother is Daring Do. And she's inconveniently off "researching" her next book.

Now, Rainbow Dash has to go on a journey. A journey of self-discovery. A journey of a thousand unanswered questions.

A journey to find...her biomom.

Oh, and there's an ancient alicorn tomb and a closely guarded secret that'll change the history of Equestria forever, but that's just another day in the life of Daring Do.

(This story ignores certain details established by the Journal of the Two Sisters and the Daring Do chapter books.)

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Dark forces are on the rise, putting Earth in their crosshairs. A team of young heroes will come together and fight for the safety of their friends, family, and the world. Against invading armies, conspiracies, and demonic forces, they will stand together or fall, they are the Teen Titans.

Rated T for: Mild language, suggestive content, and violence
Main OC characters are the creations of Kilala97.

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Parents and children argue, it's a natural occurrence. Although, for Spike and Twilight Sparkle, enough is enough. Neither dragon nor pony can stand it any longer. Spike leaves and says he'll never come back . . . What will happen to the Princess of Friendship?

I'd like to thank Lopito-Loopsona, Fracturedheart and the lovely VitalSpark for editing and proofreading this for me. Thanks, guys, it really means a lot. :rainbowkiss:

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This is a fic based on the Time Loop Files, the format of which was first codified by Innortal on fanfiction.net.
Here's a brief guide.
The basic idea is, one character (the Anchor, usually the main character of a fictional setting) is looping back to the very first moments of their parent series every time either they die or some kind of time limit expires. They of course end up monumentally stir crazy given enough time.
Eventually others start to loop as well.
The reset is not always perfect. Sometimes a loop's history will be different to the "prime" loop, or canonical plot.
"Crossover" or "Fusion" loops also occur, randomly. These can involve the home loopers having a guest, or the anchor for one universe spending time in another, or replacements of one character by another.
Vacation Loops are where the Anchor (or others) decide/s "buck it" and lets off steam by doing whatever comes to mind. There's little or no attempt to maintain the original timeline.

In addition, and particularly more recently, it should be known that this story has a collaborative element to it - people may submit loop ideas or loops, ideally at the Spacebattles thread (a link to the current version of which is on the Trope page), and they may become included.

There's two page image options, thanks to Filraen - the current page image has been edited by the original creator from this work of theirs.. The other one is here:

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What if Twilight was orphaned before her acceptance into Celestia's school for gifted unicorns?
what if she and the princess of the sun became inseparable? What if Twilight starts calling Celestia mommy after their lessons?
What if Celestia loves it?
Inspired by the cover photo

Chapters (15)

It was a bright sunny day when Princess Celestia was taken from us by three very familiar fillies... Or was she?

Idea from Rated Ponystar and Edited by Jumbled

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This story is a sequel to Change

There are many changeling hives spread throughout a large portion of the world. Wherever love energy is going to be found the changelings will pursue it.

But now, one by one, they are disappearing.

Many hives located at the very outer edges of changeling inhabited lands are vanishing without a trace, Twilight Sparkle's family history has returned to haunt them all as something is hunting the changelings down. But how? And for what purpose? And more importantly, what does this mean for Queen Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the changeling race?

Edited by RC2101_Copey.
Cover Art was designed by Jesuka.
TVtropes Page: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/ChangeQueenOfTheHive
Physical copy: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/806366/change-queen-of-the-hive-physical-copy

(Featured on the first day, 6/11/2016. Awesome!)

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Apple Bloom's parents died years ago in an accident, when she was only a baby. That's what Applejack and Big Macintosh have always told her, and even though they must have suffered a great deal they still managed to raise her properly and give her all the love her parents couldn't.

But her brother and sister have been hiding a secret, through shame, ever since their parents' deaths, and now the time has finally come to tell Apple Bloom who she really is. But how will the youngest Apple react to what really happened? Can their family bonds survive the truth?

(Credit to the author known as Somber, who wrote the fantastic "Simply Rarity", for the inspiration for some minor details about Sweetie Belle's family history.)

Chapters (23)