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This was a very well-written piece of work.

One mistake that I happened to spot:

Twilight had planned to take Rainbow to the restarting her parents had met at,

Ow... My feels! Well written, short, sweet, and feelsy. I like it.

Ouch... Sweet story, but very heartrending as well...:fluttercry:

Thanks, I'll get it fixed. Like I said, this was written at three in the morning and I barely revised it. I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks! That's what I was going for, so I'm glad it worked out in the end.

It's really an honor to see praise from a writer that I enjoy. I'm moved that something I made could bring people enjoyment.

*rubs tears out of my eyes* dann ninja cutting onions

am I the only one that just imagined a story where some kind of outside entity makes it their mission to give Rainbow the awesome death she deserves?

Good job mate, I only get like this when a story elicits strong emotions.

Great story!
One thing, though: the thumbnail source doesn't match the thumbnail, and I really want to find that picture...

Sorry, I'll try to fix it. I'm still kinda new to this.

Glad you liked it!

Why go to the tree instead of Rainbows grave?

The tree is Rainbow's grave.

Oh. Well I wasn't sure cause there wasn't any mention of a grave stone


I need a moment...

that was... just wow, i don't know how to put this into words exactly
let me try,
this was both one of the shortest reads I've had here as well as one of the best, nothings really ever caused the same reaction in me as this did
the best part? it was short sweet and didn't wast time, that last one seems to happen alot in stories of this nature and it kind of dilutes the emotion

Good job, i, well i didn't exactly enjoy the read per se, more like empathized with it and thats what i like about this

Thank you so much for the feedback! It really means a lot to me. I agree itโ€™s definitely not that well written, but I really just wanted to get the emotion across. And well it appears I did just that! Thank you for giving my story a read and thanks especially for the feedback!

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