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Twilight Sparkle, knowing that her marefriend Rarity is a hopeless romantic, decides to pick up some rare purple and white flowers for her date with Rarity. But when a timberwolf attacks Twilight while she is in the Everfree Forest searching for the rare flowers, she ends up in the hospital. Will Twilight be alright? More importantly, will Rarity?
This story would not have been possible without the help of my editors and my cover art artist, go give them a follow!

Pre-readers/editors fluffysam and Sango-Blazer Skies

Cover art by the amazing Multiversecruise

My entry into Monochromatic's Interwoven Colours Contest

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I loved helping with this :heart:

I KNOW!!!! I enjoyed having you help with this! :heart:

Welcome to fimfiction.net! And just so you know, I like Applejack too! AJ fans!:ajsmug:

Thank you! Aj fans for life! :ajsmug:


“No, nopony was available,” said Twilight, rubbing the back of her head nervously. “And, I didn’t ask anypony. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are in Cloudsdale, Pinkie Pie went to a baking competition in Manehattan, and Applejack is busy with the harvest. I obviously can’t ask Rarity.”

What about Zecora!? She actually lives in the Everfree Forest. I'm sure she would have easily helped Twilight look for the flowers.

Ah! I didn't think of that! I totally forgot about Zecora! :pinkiegasp:

I'm glad to help.

Your story turned out great! Yay!:yay:

I know! I'm so happy it did!

Will read this later

Author Interviewer

I'm flabbergasted you were able to come up with a term like "ascites" yet not actually do any research about how doctors, nurses and hospitals operate.

Ascites was the only thing I researched for the whole hospital part of the story. :rainbowlaugh: In hindsight, I wish I would've done more research about how hospitals and nurses actually operate to improve the story.

Applejack sighed, turning away and walking towards the doors of the hospital, exhausted. “Rarity’s not gonna be happy about this,”

I half expect her to not even let Applejack finish talking before bolting for the hospital.

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