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Canterlot sinks deeper and deeper into corruption every day. Celestia wants Applejack to help straighten out the police force, and though Applejack feels that her place is with her town and her family, she's starting to have her doubts. When this rampant crime reaches Ponyville and her family, her hoof may be forced.
Spike has grown into a young dragon, and is happy obtain both meat and bits by protecting smaller towns from monsters. When the Belle family is threatened by Canterlot's strongest organized crime syndicate, he's forced to reassess is path in life.
There are times when a mare has to do what a mare has to do. The same goes for dragons. They can only hope they're not at odds with each other.

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Comments ( 12 )

Can't wait to see more of this!

3036628 I'm working on it now, but I'm headed out of town to see my brother graduate from basic officer training on Wednesday, so it will be a little bit.

Applejack is BADASS. I think this might just be my favourite fic starring her.

Clean Cut is pretty cool. I must say I have a soft spot for bad guys who are "professionals" about it all; he can become a good guy or stay an antagonist, but as long as he keeps that manner, he'll be one of my favourite characters.

Wait, Babs has become Sherlock Holmes?! This is gonna be good.

I see this has been rewritten. When will you have more chapters up?

3778689 It's entirely possible that I may not. I'm still not happy with where the story is headed, and there isn't quite room for it in my life right now. I feel bad to start what could be a good story and leave it, but it just might be how it goes.



I've been noticing a lot of writers getting burnt out, losing their muse, or just losing interest in the fandom in general lately. It is somewhat depressing, but it happens with any fandom, any hobby.

Maybe you could see if any competent writers in your fan base would be interested in trying their hand at continuing the story. Just a suggestion(not me).

3866290 It's less being burned out with the fandom and more the story being was poorly planned to begin with. I started this story more than a year ago, and I've improved a great deal in that time. I've got a lot going on in my life right now, and creative projects with my own original content. If I can fix the plot, I'll continue it, but if I can't, I won't.

Will this ever return, Taxus?

5867550 Yes. I just spent the last year accomplishing my dream of becoming an officer in the Royal Canadian Navy. I am now Acting Sub-lieutenant Taxus. Since I am waiting a good deal of time for my training to start, I'm going to be working on this again.

Sorry I took so long to answer you. I was at Basic Officer Training when you wrote this, and I've been busy settling in to a new home and job over the last month.

6517463 There's not a single reason for you to apologize Sir. Welcome back!

6517479 Thanks! I'm happy to be back. I'm going to have to get caught up with the show while I properly re-plan One Honest Mare and The Curse of the Wolf-Pony.

I have to say... This already looks like a great story to me. Can't wait to see it improved.

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