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After Chrysalis attacked Canterlot and revealed Changelings to the world, the other hives are angry. A single spark could set off this powder keg, and then anything could happen.

Meanwhile, Princess Mirage, daughter of Queen Imago and heir to the Everfree Hive, tries to figure out what to do about her best friends, as yet unaware that she is a changeling.

When the inevitable happens, and war breaks out, is Mirage ready to navigate the political minefield she finds herself in?

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Scootaloo missed out on being adopted. Again.

Or did she?

A surprise visit shows Scootaloo that parents can come in all shapes and forms. They can be cute and cuddly and pony-like... or they can be Muay Thai Deathgods. Either way, she's bound to have fun.

Warning: Random. Trigger Word: Random. Do not read if not like: Random.
Warning 2: Might contain an actual plot. No promises.

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When it looks like the CMC might actually have a shot at becoming Ponyville's flag carriers for the Equestria Games, Silver Spoon comes up with the ultimate plan to throw the Crusaders off their game: Have Diamond Tiara flirt with Scootaloo.

An alternate take on "Flight to the Finish".

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Featured on 3 September 2017!!!
Scootaloo has a secret that she keeps from her friends. If discovered, it could change everything as we know it.
Thank you Rdasher12 for pre-reading this story and giving good feedback.
The cover art comes from the Flight to the Finish episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and all related content is owned by Hasbro. CYA.

Part of a series of unrelated stories:
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The Secret Life of... Discord

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One night walking home, Twilight Sparkle finds a 5-year old colt hiding in an ally and takes him home she finds out the colt is an orphan and his name is Skaterloo. Now she has to find where he came from but when the time comes will the unicorn be able so say goodbye.

*First 4 chapters take place before season 1*

*there might be shipping in later chapters*

Skaterloo=Rule 63 Scootaloo

Cover art by: Snow Quill

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For as long as anyone has known her, Scootaloo has been a normal, although rather energetic child. She lives with her adopted mother in National City and has known her best friends Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom since they were all in Middle School.

But Scootaloo has a secret that she's been keeping for years, that she's not of this earth, something she can't even tell her best friends about. As the three of them start college though, an accident happens that forces her to choose between telling her friends the truth or letting them die, and she chooses to tell them.

Now revealed to be the last daughter of a dead world, Scootaloo must defend her new home from threats from both within and without while trying to figure out what to do with her life.

Crossover with DC Comics' Supergirl.

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Scootaloo keeps being reminded of what she can't do. Some days, it seems like nopony sees anything else. Apple Bloom however, reminds Scootaloo that there is at least one pony that sees her for what she is, and what she is capable of.

A quick little bit of Scootabloom cuteness.

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This story is a sequel to My Little Pony: The Entities of Emotion

Four years have passed by, four years that the Entities of the Emotional Spectrum have lived amongst the ponies of Equestria and have gotten used to mortal life, for the most part, and will soon be spending Hearth's Warming Eve with their respective families and friends.

However, this Hearth's Warming Eve night will be less than joyous. The darkness of the Blackest Night has made it's preparations and is now ready to turn this night of life and happiness, into one of death and tragedy. The Entities and the ponies whom they've sworn to protect will have to stand together if any of them want to see the dawn of Hearth's Warming Day!

"Happy Hearth's Warming to all, and to all, a dead night..."

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Princess Luna adopts Scootaloo. Set after "Sleepless in Ponyville." and about a month after "Magical Mystery Cure" which means she gets a mother in Princess Luna, an aunt in Princess Celestia, and a babysitter in Princess Twilight. Plus Scootaloo is chosen as the future Princess of the Night.

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This is a fic based on the Time Loop Files, the format of which was first codified by Innortal on fanfiction.net.
Here's a brief guide.
The basic idea is, one character (the Anchor, usually the main character of a fictional setting) is looping back to the very first moments of their parent series every time either they die or some kind of time limit expires. They of course end up monumentally stir crazy given enough time.
Eventually others start to loop as well.
The reset is not always perfect. Sometimes a loop's history will be different to the "prime" loop, or canonical plot.
"Crossover" or "Fusion" loops also occur, randomly. These can involve the home loopers having a guest, or the anchor for one universe spending time in another, or replacements of one character by another.
Vacation Loops are where the Anchor (or others) decide/s "buck it" and lets off steam by doing whatever comes to mind. There's little or no attempt to maintain the original timeline.

In addition, and particularly more recently, it should be known that this story has a collaborative element to it - people may submit loop ideas or loops, ideally at the Spacebattles thread (a link to the current version of which is on the Trope page), and they may become included.

There's two page image options, thanks to Filraen - the current page image has been edited by the original creator from this work of theirs.. The other one is here:

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