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While working late one-night Principal Celestia happens upon a bundled up Sunset Shimmer sleeping in the school library. Realizing the truth of Sunset's living situation she takes her in and lets her sleep in her guest room. As events unfold and with a little bit of help their relationship evolves to one far from that of a teacher and student.

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While dealing with the mess after the fall formal, Sunset Shimmer must also find herself struggling with issues that she had thought was long forgotten. Will she be able to overcome her past or will she be destined to repeat the mistakes she had in the past?

edited by QuillsAndSofas

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This story is a sequel to To start over

While dealing with her own insecurities and the fact that her friends seem to be excluding her. Sunset finds herself getting wrapped up in the mystery and chaos brought on by three new students. But can she handle it when her world starts falling apart right in front of her? and more importantly, can Twilight Sparkle actually help save Canterlot High again?

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Anybody could tell you that a high school worth of students would never be enough to conquer a whole world right? A part of Sunset wanted to die the night of the Fall Formal. In a way she succeeded.

The magic did its best to put her back together again, but there's a reason everybody notes that Sunset is like a new person after the Fall Formal don't they?

It's almost like a new Sunset was born that night... and she needs help in becoming a real person again.

Trigger warning - At some point in the story, characters may discuss heavy topics, such as suicide, cutting, violence, teen pregnancy, homelessness, among others. This is the story I will be channeling my darker side.

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In the wake of the Fall Formal, Sunset Shimmer rediscover the family that she already has, and learns what it means to have friends and family. She also discovers the consequences of her actions and what those actions mean for two separate worlds.

Gore tag due to violent nightmare scenes.

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Unable to convince her former friends she isn't Anon-a-Miss, and out of contact with Princess Twilight, Sunset gives up on everything and tries to end it all. Instead a new chapter in her life begins when she's helped by total strangers, two of whom have familiar names and faces.

As she recovers from surviving her suicide attempt, she rebuilds her life in a new home and at a new school, though lingering forces from her past refuse to allow her a fresh start.

[Do note that the self-harm isn't shown directly, and is limited to the prologue. The story is about recovering.]

Meta notes, abridged version:

Moon-Lite gave me permission to do my own version of Fall of Harmony / Like the Phoenix / Flaming Sun. This is that story.

I asked for permission to do a version because Moon-Lite is not going to do a straight-remake and the old versions are gone, thus leaving no version whatsoever on Fimfiction. I want there to be at least one version on Fimfiction.

Moon-Lite's own new story, which he described as the straight-remake being reworked --kinda-- in a very abstract way, is Phoenix.

For the longer version of the meta stuff I'll make a blog post at some point and put a link to it here when I do.

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This story is a sequel to Finding Home

Short stories that expand on ideas I didn't fully explore or ended up cutting from Finding Home. Sequels, prequels and expansions to Finding Home. Mostly short stories.

Cover art is by reiduran.

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A life spent seeking power, in which she viewed others as only tools or obstacles, left Sunset Shimmer a smoking wreck in the bottom of a crater.

Now she has to figure out where to go from there.

This is a "filling in the gaps" story. It takes the Equestria Girls movies as canon then tells a story without the the discontinuities caused by the gaps between movies or, sometimes, between scenes.

This picks up where Equestria Girls left off and will follow Sunset's life at least as far as the ending of Rainbow Rocks. The early focus will be on how she went sobbing and alone at the end of Equestria Girls to reasonably well adjusted at the beginning of Rainbow Rocks. After that it will follow the plot of Rainbow Rocks to the point where she was no longer a pariah.

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After being purged of the darkness at the Fall Formal Sunset was hurt, and badly. She needed a home, and a place in someone's heart.

Luckily for her, Celestia has room for her in both.

Lovingly edited by RK

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Twilight is new to Canterlot High, forced to leave her friend's and school since her dad got a new job. This is the story of how she met Sunset Shimmer and the rest of her friends. Join her as she makes her way through High School and all the experiences it provides. New Friends, first love, and dealing with bullies all await her and her friends, can they make it through it all together?

Art by: https://www.deviantart.com/looknamtcn

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