• Published 17th Jun 2017
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A Ray of Sunlight - BChunter426

Twilight has just transferred to CHS, she's nervous to start at this new school, but a red and yellow haired girl makes the transition easier.

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Getting Ready

Back at the house the moms were helping the girls with their hair and makeup, while the dads got to know each other outside by the grill. Even though the weather was getting colder, Nightlight was a year-round griller. Twilight had even seen him grill in a downpour.

The women had set up shop in the family room. After moving the furniture around they had made enough space to bring in chairs for the girls to sit on. They set up the seats like a salon, the chairs next to each other in a line. Velvet and Rarity's mother, Cookie Crumbles, had even made lemon water for them to sip on while they got their hair done. Velvet was making sure to engage each woman equally, so no one felt left out.

Cloudy Quartz was fighting with the curly mane of her daughter's hair when Nightlight came in from the backyard with a hearty laugh.

"Cloudy, your husband is a funny man." He said.

"Aye, he takes a minute to get comfortable but when he does, he's very witty." She agreed.

Twilight tried to picture it, but was having a difficult time of it.

Nightlight grabbed the bottle of barbecue sauce he came in to grab in the first place.

"Igneous, remind me to talk to you about what rocks would look best in a waterfall display for our front yard." He said as he closed the door behind him.

Sunset watched as each mom helped their daughter with their hair. She couldn't help but feel a pang of sadness as she wished her own mother was here to help. She broke away to the bathroom to put on her makeup. She was nervous because she never really used makeup, other than foundation and eyeliner. She set about applying the different products Rarity had helped her pick out.

After a few minutes and several accidental jabs in the eye with the mascara stick, Sunset finished and took a look at herself in the mirror. She didn't recognize the girl she saw, she had used too much blush, her mascara was clumpy and she overdid it with eyeshadow. She laughed quietly to herself. Sunset decided to share her face art with the others.

"I think I may need some assistance." She said to the room.

Rarity's eyes widened. "Oh no, it looks... fine?" She said as politely as she could.

"It's ok Rarity, I was planning on starting over." Sunset said, smiling as her friend exhaled with relief.

"How are you going to do your hair?" Fluttershy asked.

"I dunno, I thought about maybe just wearing it down." She shrugged.

"Well if you'd like I can help you." Velvet said. "I just finished Twilight's hair."

"Are you sure? I don't want to be a bother." Sunset hesitated.

"Of course! Take a seat." She motioned to the chair in front of her.

Twilight passed her on the way up to the bathroom so she could apply her own make up.

"She won't bite, I promise." Twilight winked and kissed Sunset on the cheek.

"Thanks. I love your hair." Sunset told her:

"Wait 'til you see my dress." Twilight said as she mounted the stairs.

Sunset sat down in the chair. She handed the makeup she brought with her to Velvet, who handed her a damp rag to wipe away what was already there.

"So what kind of look did you want?" She asked.

"I guess something kinda subtle? Subtle but fancy?" She said, unsure. "I don't really use a lot of makeup."

Velvet smiled. "I think I know what you mean."

Velvet went straight to work. She applied a layer of foundation and started on her eyes.

"So are you excited for the dance?" Velvet asked.

"Yeah, this will be my first one. I'm glad I'm going with Twilight." Sunset told her.

"I'm glad she's going with you, you've been really good to her. I couldn't ask for a better date for my daughter."

This made Sunset smile. "Thanks Mrs. Sparkle."

"Oh, you can call me Velvet." After a brief pause, she asked. "So how come your mother couldn't make it. I hope it's okay if I ask."

"No it's fine. She actually doesn't live anywhere near here anymore."

"Oh, I didn't realize..." she trailed off.

"She moved to be closer to her college." She said.

"Oh, well good for her." Velvet said, dabbing blush onto Sunset's cheeks. "When does she start?"

"She starts next spring, but wanted to establish herself there so she moved out so she could get a job and a place to live." She continued. "Shortly after I moved out, my parents decided to take a break to work on themselves. My mom got a scholarship to a college a few states over. It was her dream college, so she had to go." She blinked back the moisture building in her eyes. "I miss her, but we stay in contact. She really wants to meet Twilight."

"We'll have to have her over some time. It sounds like she's doing what she wanted to." Velvet said.

"Yeah, I'm happy for her." She smiled.

"How about your father?"

"Last I heard he was doing alright. I was never as close with him as I was with my mom, so I haven't kept up with him like I should, but we talk on occasion."

"Well I'm glad to hear they're doing alright, but more importantly that you're doing so well." Velvet grabbed a mirror from a side table. "What do you think?"

Sunset looked at herself. "Thank you! It looks great! This is exactly what I was thinking."

She hugged Velvet, surprising both of them. She was about to pull away, worried she had overstepped her boundaries, when Velvet hugged her back. Sunset sat back in the chair.

"Now, if you're not set on wearing it down, I had an idea for your hair." Velvet said.

"I'll leave it to your discretion." Sunset said.

She sat patiently as Velvet styled her hair. She glanced sideways at the only two girls left on either side of her. Applejack and Rainbow Dash had gone home after the fun zone and arrived later than the rest, so they were still getting their hair done too. Granny Smith was doing a great job with AJ's hair. Sunset had never seen her hair styled more than a braid or ponytail, it looked really good.

Rainbow's mom, Windy Whistles, was fussing over her daughter's hair. Rainbow was getting antsy, obviously not used to sitting still for as long as she had while her hair was getting done.

"Are you almost done?" She asked impatiently.

"Just give me a little bit longer, I don't get to do this very often. Even when you were little you didn't like dressing up. Let me have this." She said with a grin.

"Ugh, fine!" Rainbow said exaggeratedly.

Sunset laughed. "It can't be that bad Rainbow."

"Says you! I don't do this girly stuff very often. The only reason I'm doing as much as I am is because it's important to Applejack." Rainbow said.

"And ah appreciate it sugarcube. Ah can't wait to see you dressed all nice, an' ah can't wait to show off my hair and dress to you. Ah hope you'll like 'em."

"I'm sure you're gonna look great." Rainbow assured her.

"Aaaand you're done. Go take a look and tell me what you think." Windy said.

Rainbow exited the room for a moment and came back, giving her mom a big hug.

"It looks awesome. Thanks mom!" She said.

"You're welcome, now go get dressed, I'm sure the others are almost done. Sometimes I wish she wasn't such a tomboy, but she is who she is." Windy exhaled.

"I hear ya. This'n never let me dress her up, even when she was just knee high to a sunflower. She's always been one ta play rough, never afraid ta get dirty."

"Granny, that ain't true I've let you doll me up plenty of times."

"Now I ain't sayin' it's a bad thing." She continued. "You're one of the hardest workin' young women I've ever met. I'm just sayin' it's nice to see you show yer feminine side from time to time. You're such a beautiful girl. Spittin' image of yer momma too. She was quite the looker, no surprise why yer pappy fell head over heels for her."

"Granny you're embarrassin' me." Applejack said while partially hiding her face, though you could hear the smile in her voice.

"I'm just speakin' the truth. Now let me take a look atcha."

Applejack uncovered her face. She had done her make up at home and Granny Smith was astonished at just how much she really did look like her mother.

"You're prettier 'n mornin' dew at sunrise." Granny Smith said, emotion breaking into her voice.

Applejack squeezed her granny in a warm embrace. "Thanks Granny Smith. I love you."

"I love you too. Now finish gettin' ready, don't want these girls t'be waitin' on ya."

Applejack grinned broadly as she left the room. Windy and Granny Smith joined the other moms in the kitchen while Velvet finished up on Sunset's hair. The two of them talked more about Sunset's parents and Velvet told her a little about her siblings.

"My Brother and I used to get in all kinds of trouble. He was always convincing me to explore places we had no business exploring." She told her.

"Like where?" Sunset asked.

"Let'sh shee." Velvet said around the bobby pins she was holding in her teeth for easy access. "One time we went into an abandoned factory. We found some old products the factory made... we also found some old rusty nails. One scolding and a round of tetanus shots later we were exploring a house that was still being built up the street."

Sunset laughed Velvet's story, which caused Velvet to laugh along with her. After they regained their composure Sunset addressed Velvet.

"Your Brother seems like someone I would get along with. I'd like to meet him."

"Careful what you wish for, he can be a bit much to handle."

"I think I can take it." Sunset said confidently.

"Well that will have to wait. In the meantime..." she held up a mirror so Sunset could see her hair. "You're finished. What do you think? Is it alright?"

"I love it!" She said, turning her head to see it from different angles.

Velvet had swept and pinned Sunset's hair to one side and given it some volume. The natural wave of Sunset's hair caused it to cascade down in a waterfall of red and yellow.

"I absolutely love it!" She repeated.

"Go put your gown on so you can knock Twilight's socks off." Velvet smiled.

After Sunset was dressed she went to join the others in the living room. As she passed by one of the rooms she heard someone whisper her name.

"Sunset, could you help me a sec?" Applejack asked.

"Sure AJ, what do you need my help with?"

She stepped into the room to see Applejack turned away from her.

"Ah can't get this darn zipper." She said while reaching behind her.

"Hold on, I've got it." She chuckled.

Applejack turned around, her hair was up and her make up was beautifully done. Her dress was a dark green shoulder-less mermaid style with splashes of sparkles throughout.

"Applejack you look beautiful." Sunset hugged her.

"Thanks, ah've been frettin' up a storm wonderin' if Rainbow will like it. Ah don't get gussied up too often an' ah never know how she'll react to it."

"I don't think you need to worry, I'm sure she'll love it." She assured her. "I'm gonna head down."

"Alright, ah'll be down in a sec, just gonna put in mah earrings."

Sunset walked down the stairs, taking in each of her friends. Rarity's sleek blue gown made her eyes shine. Next to her, Fluttershy was wearing a pale green ball gown with elegant floral embroidery along the bottom of the skirt and a sparkling butterfly hair clip.

Cheese had arrived while Sunset was upstairs. His parents had taken pictures of the two of them before they had to leave. He was now sitting on the couch next to his date in a perfectly tailored tuxedo, his vest and tie matching the vibrant yellow of her dress. Pinkie was nervously playing with the hem of the skirt on her knee length dress.

They look so cute. Sunset thought.

Then her eyes fell on Twilight. She looked absolutely stunning in her dress and makeup. Her glasses magnified her brilliant beautiful eyes, eyes Sunset could get happily lost in. Sunset walked awestruck down the rest of the stairs until she was in front of her girlfriend.

"Aren't you going to say anything?" Twilight asked with a smile.

"You look gorgeous." She kissed her on the cheek.

Next to them they heard Rainbow gasp slightly. Applejack came down the stairs she looked uncomfortable with everyone looking at her. She stifled a giggle and seemed more at ease when she saw the look on Rainbows face.

She was staring, mouth agape in her tuxedo, at the girl she loved. She had never seen her look so radiant. She went to meet her on the last step.

"Wow! You look incredible AJ." She planted a kiss on her lips.

They all gathered in the room and posed for pictures for their parents. Sunset's Uncle Silver took a few pictures. In between pictures he hugged his niece.

"I'm so proud of you, you've come a long way from where you were a year ago."

She hugged him back. "Thanks Uncle Silver, for everything."

"Have fun tonight, I want to hear about it when you get home."

After the parents were satisfied, they all got ready to leave.

"I just want to apologize in advance for how crowded it's going to be." Sunset said as she opened the door.

"I don't think it will be a problem." Velvet said.

Confused, she opened the door fully and saw a stretched limo waiting for them on the curb in front of the house. They all turned and stared wide-eyed at the adults. They were hit with the flash of several cameras.

"Surprised?" Cloudy quartz asked.

"A little!" Pinkie responded before hugging her.

"We all decided to pool together and get you a limo for the night." Mr. Shy said.

"That's right, you're going to the dance in style!" Cookie Crumbles cheered.

Hugs were given all around and the girls hurriedly made their way to the limo.

The parents looked after the girls running giddily to the car, reality dawning on each of them that they were growing into beautiful young women.

Nightlight sniffed, sneakily catching a forming tear. "Should we get started on dinner?"

Author's Note:

Sorry for the delay. I ran into some writer's block. It took a bit, but I finally tore it down. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. The next chapter is in final editing, so I'll be posting it soon. Happy reading everyone.