• Published 17th Jun 2017
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A Ray of Sunlight - BChunter426

Twilight has just transferred to CHS, she's nervous to start at this new school, but a red and yellow haired girl makes the transition easier.

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Home Game

The group was sitting together on the bleachers watching Rainbow Dash tear it up on the basketball court. She was giving it her all, dashing and spinning around the opposing team to make herself open to take shots. It was obvious that she had put the work in to be the best on the team, and she wasn't a stranger to boasting. While her strong personality had gotten her into trouble with the team, she had gotten better, only after the coach had talked to her multiple times about hogging the ball.

Applejack was loudly supporting the team, shouting whenever someone made a basket, chanting every cheesy cheer whenever the school band played a musical sting. She was loudest whenever Rainbow had anything to do with the play. She stood and cupped her hands over her mouth to cheer her by name.

"Yeah Rainbow! You show 'em who's boss baby!" Applejack yelled.

Fluttershy laughed. "Applejack, you almost become a different person at sporting events."

Applejack sat down. "What d'ya mean?"

"Well, I guess you're normally more mellow, but you get really rowdy whenever we come to Rainbow's games." Fluttershy explained.

"You're one to talk." Rarity said slyly. "Don't you remember the last time we watched a basketball game with my family."

Fluttershy's cheeks flushed with color. "Anyway, I love watching you get really excited about supporting Rainbow Dash."

"So do I. It's really sweet how into these games you get." Sunset agreed.

"Well shucks, y'all're gonna make me blush." Applejack smiled. "Ah love her and ah love supportin’ her. She works hard, so anything ah can do to show her it's all worth it ah'll gladly do it. 'Sides no matter how loud ah am at these games it'll never beat her parents." She gestured a few seats toward the front.

Rainbow's parents were cheering practically nonstop. They were standing and pumping their arms while calling out that she was number one. This was mild compared to how they were before Rainbow had asked them to dial it back.

Twilight smiled and addressed AJ. "You two really are so good for each other and are what I think most couples strive to be."

"Alright that's enough fawnin' over me and Rainbow." She said. "How's it going with you two?"

"We're great! We've never been closer." Sunset answered, placing her arm around Twilight's shoulders.

"I could have told you that, you've been very affectionate with each other since you talked to your parents." Rarity said.

Twilight felt some color rise to her cheeks. "Yeah, now that my parents know, I'm not worried about someone seeing us together and it somehow getting back to them. Now that that's gone I'm much more open in public."

"Which I am just fine with!" Sunset hugged Twilight. "Things seem to be going well with you two as well." She remarked.

"Oh they really are." Rarity said, leaning back into Fluttershy's lap. "Fluttershy and my parents get along swimmingly, and she's so good with Sweetie Belle. She's so patient with her when she gets rambunctious, even when her friends are over and it's three on two."

"Your family makes it easy to get along with. They're so sweet and caring, and Sweetie Belle is just delightful." Fluttershy said while wrapping her arms around Rarity.

"I don't deserve you." Rarity said tilting her head back toward Fluttershy.

"Nope." She said with a smile and a wink and leaned down to meet her lips.

Another musical sting brought forth another cheer from Applejack.

"The band is in good form tonight." Rarity remarked. Her gaze focused. "I don't know how they do it."

"Well they practice a lot Rare." Twilight said.

"No, not the band as a whole, I mean Pinkie and Cheese." Rarity clarified. "I've been watching them, and they go immediately from talking to each other to playing with the rest of the band and back seamlessly. Watch next time, it's fascinating."

The game went on, they watched Cheese with his trombone sitting next to Pinkie, her hair like a pink cloud in the center of the sousaphone she played. They were talking and laughing animatedly, when they quickly raised their instruments to their lips and played the next musical sting, and just like Rarity said it was like nothing had happened to interrupt their conversation.

"They must have crazy awareness." Sunset said. "That's the only thing that makes sense. They must notice the other members moving their instruments."

"Maybe," Twilight said. "Regardless it's very impressive."

"Agreed. What do you think darli-waah!"

Rarity said this while leaning back to once again be in Fluttershy's lap. Only to find she had stood up while they had been watching their musical friends.

"Come on Wondercolts! You can do it! Woooooo!" Fluttershy cheered in an uncharacteristically loud voice.

"See what I mean." Rarity said with a chuckle as Twilight helped her up.

While they were distracted the game had become close. It was the last play of the final quarter, the opposing team had the ball and was up by two points. Rainbow stole the ball away and was able to get to the two-point line before being blocked. She had a choice to make, take the guaranteed shot from here and send the game into overtime or pass the ball to Cloud Chaser and trust her to make the three.

Rainbow quickly weighed her options. She squatted, getting ready to jump. At the last second she turned and passed the ball to her teammate. Cloud Chaser caught the ball and took the shot. The ball sailed through the air, seemingly in slow motion. It hit the back rim, bounced to the front before finally dropping in. The buzzer chimed before the ball hit the ground.

The Canterlot High bleachers erupted in cheers and shouts. Rainbow could have sworn she heard a "yew-haw" come from the direction of her friends which made her smile from ear to ear. She ran up to Cloud Chaser and gave her a huge hug. They were joined by the rest of the team shortly after. After the celebrating was done, both teams met to congratulate each other on a good game.

After the game, Rainbow quickly rinsed off in the locker room and met up with her friends. They all decided to head to Sugarcube Corner to celebrate. Once there, they bought pastries and hot chocolate and took a table outside.

"Rainbow Dash you were so awesome!" Pinkie cheered as they sat down.

"I know, but it wasn't just me. Cloud Chaser was amazing with that three point shot. A bunch of the girls are taking her out to celebrate."

"Good for her, she deserves it." Twilight said before digging into her pastry.

"Yeah, she's come a long way." Rainbow agreed.

Pinkie and Cheese were sharing a huge sundae between them. Pinkie took a scoop and was about to feed Cheese before booping his nose with it and taking the bite herself, giggling the whole time.

"Hey now." Cheese said, reaching over and tickling her side.

Pinkie let out a snorting laugh of surprise before grabbing his hand and holding it. Color rose to both of their cheeks, but their hands stayed as they were. Pinkie got another scoop and fed Cheese properly.

"Eew you two are so sweet, we're all going to get cavities just from being near you two." Rainbow joked. "How can you eat ice cream right now? It's December, we're due for snow any day now."

After swallowing a huge bite, Cheese responded.

"Oh Rainbow, ice cream is a year round treat, regardless of temperature. If anything it's actually better right now because you don't have to worry about it melting." Hey took another bite.

"Preach it sister!" Pinkie agreed.

"I'll never understand you two." Rainbow shook her head.

"That's how we like it!" Pinkie said with a wink. "So are you girls ready for the dance on Saturday? Cheese and I have our outfits ready and can't wait to show them off!"

"I'm going dress shopping with my mom tomorrow." Twilight said. "I'm a little nervous since this will be the first time my mom and I will be spending time alone together since I came out."

"I'm sure it'll be fine. It'll be good for you two to spend some time together." Fluttershy said.

"You're probably right. I'm probably just overthinking... again." Twilight agreed.

"Well, I've got you scheduled to come in at five o'clock, so I expect to see you then." Rarity chimed in.

"Thanks Rarity!"

"But of course darling, what good is working at a fashion boutique if you can't treat your friends on occasion?" She beamed.

They all had a good laugh at that. They continued talking for a while more about the dance and their dresses when a stiff breeze rushed over them. The new chill caused Twilight to shudder in her hoodie.

"Here you go babe." Sunset said while putting her own jacket around Twilight's shoulders.

"Thanks, but won't you get cold?" She asked.

"Nah, I'll be fine. I run warm." She winked.

"That's true." Twilight said. "She's like a living electric blanket."

She chuckled and wrapped her arms around Twilight. "I'll be your electric blanket any day."

Applejack stifled a yawn. "Ah think it's almost time to call it a night."

"What time is it?" Twilight wondered aloud while pulling out her phone. "Oh, yeah it's almost nine."

"We've definitely gotta go then." Rainbow said, standing up. "My parents are gonna want to stay up for a bit and congratulate me on the game tonight."

"Alright, let's start heading for the car." Sunset said.

After taking care of their garbage, the group piled into Sunset's SUV. She made the rounds, dropping all of her friends off at their houses until it was just her and Twilight. Sunset parked the car on the road in front of Twilight's house.

"Here we are." Sunset said.

"Yep, here we are." Twilight said, her hands in her lap. "Today was fun, I'm glad we won that game, they worked so hard."

"They really did." She agreed.

After a moment she motioned for Twilight to come closer. Twilight leaned across the center console and was wrapped in sunset's arms. They sat like that for another couple minutes before they kissed goodnight. The kiss lasted several minutes before Sunset broke it.

"You should probably get inside. We wouldn't want your parents to worry."

"I can wait a few more minutes." She kissed Sunset again, deeper this time.

She didn't protest. Sunset pulled her girlfriend closer, moving her hand to interlace with Twilight's silky hair. Twilight rested her hand gently on Sunset's cheek, sinking deeper into the kiss. Twilight's phone buzzed in her pocket. She kissed Sunset a few more times before answering.


"Are you coming in any time soon? You've been out there for fifteen minutes." Velvet said.

Color rushed to Twilight's face. "Y-yeah I'll be right in."

"See you in a sec hon, don't be too long you've got school in the morning and dress shopping afterworlds ."

"I know, I can't wait! I'll see you in a minute, love you." Twilight hung up. "Well I guess I can't hold off any longer. Walk me to the door?"

"Absolutely." Sunset responded as she opened her door.

She opened Twilight's door and they walked hand in hand to the doorstep. On the landing Sunset took Twilight in her arms and held her. Twilight took in the scent of Sunset's perfume, the same one from the first time they spent time alone together. She closed her eyes, wanting to stay in the warmth of Sunset's arms. They shared several more kisses before parting. Twilight was about to open the door when she realized she was still wearing Sunset's jacket. She moved to take it off.

"Keep it." Sunset said. "I've got more at home."

"Are you sure? Won't you need it for the ride home?" She protested.

"That's what heaters are for. Besides, I run warm remember?" She said.

Twilight gave Sunset another hug and kiss.

"Thank you. I'll see you tomorrow." She said before going into the house.

As the door locked into place she couldn't help but smile broadly.

"Good night I take it?" Velvet said from her place on the couch.

"Yeah! CHS won the game! Then we all went to Sugarcube Corner for post-victory hot chocolate." She sat next to her mom.

She chuckled. "Sounds like you had a good time. Next time you see Rainbow congratulate her for me."

"I will." Twilight told her.

They talked about their days for a bit longer before Twilight hugged her mom and went to bed. Twilight changed into her pajamas and was about to climb into bed when she grabbed Sunset's jacket and put it on. As sleep was overtaking her she lifted the jacket to her face and inhaled the wonderfully familiar scent.