• Published 17th Jun 2017
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A Ray of Sunlight - BChunter426

Twilight has just transferred to CHS, she's nervous to start at this new school, but a red and yellow haired girl makes the transition easier.

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First Date

During lunch on Friday, Sunset and Twilight were talking about their date that evening. They were going to go on a hike and have a picnic in the Everfree Forest. Twilight was a little nervous since she wasn't the most physically active person, but Sunset assured her that it was pretty easy, and that the payoff at the end was well worth it.

"I can't wait, it's been a while since I've been on a hike, so bear with me." Twilight said apologetically.

"Don't worry, I won't leave you behind." She winked and held Twilight's hand. "Remember to wear something comfortable."

Twilight rode the bus home and went straight to her room to change into hike appropriate clothing. She decided on a pair of black yoga pants that ended just past her knees, a tank top and a purple light jacket in case she got cold. A Faust University cap her dad gave her topped it all off. She grabbed her water bottle and went to the kitchen to fill it.

"Where are you off to?" Her mom asked from the table where she was working on her laptop.

"Oh, right. I forgot to tell you, Sunset and I are going on a hike." She informed her mom.

"Really? She must be really persuasive, you haven't been on a hike in a long time. In fact when is the last time you went outside of your own volition?" She teased.

"Hey!" She tossed a baby carrot at her mom who caught it and laughed. "I go outside, I just have more to do inside. Do you mind if I take the rest of these?"

"Go right ahead." She said as she munched on the carrot she was assaulted with.

"Working on your book? How's it going?" She asked as she pulled out some celery and potato chips.

"Pretty well, I've written a few chapters today, I'm just proofreading before moving on." She said as she tapped a few keys.

They continued talking until there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it, you finish getting your snacks ready." Mrs. Sparkle said getting up. "Hello Sunset."

Sunset entered the house and waved at Twilight. "Hi Mrs. Sparkle. Hey Twi, are you ready for our daa-" she saw Twilight shaking her head, her eyes wide. "-aay trip?"

"Yeah, I'm just grabbing some snacks." She finished what she was doing and headed for the door. "See you later Mom." She hugged her on the way out.

"Have fun and be safe you two!" She called after them.

The two of them were on the road to the Everfree Forest. When there was a lull in the conversation Sunset turned to Twilight.

"So I take it you haven't told your parents?" She asked.

"No..." she said, feeling embarrassed.

Sunset gently placed her hand on Twilight's. "Hey, don't worry, I won't pressure you. You do it when you're ready. I know how hard it is to come out to your parents."

"How did your parents react? If you don't mind me asking."

"Not at all. They were shocked at first. There was an awkward stretch where they were processing and didn’t know how to talk to me, but they got over it eventually and things mostly went back to normal." She finished just as they arrived at the trailhead.

They grabbed the necessities for when they reached their destination, the blanket and snacks were in Twilight's backpack while Sunset had the food and drinks in a large insulated lunch bag. They each had two water bottles for the trek up and their swimsuits, which Sunset said they might need.

They had already been walking for twenty minutes making conversation as they followed the trail to wherever Sunset had in mind. She hadn't told Twilight any specifics as to where they were going. All Twilight knew was that it was a favorite spot of Sunset's.

"We're not going to end up in the plot of one of your horror movies are we?" Twilight asked as Sunset waited for her at the top of a small rise.

Sunset laughed at that. "I can see how you would think that, but no... well maybe." A sly smile appeared on her face.

"Sunseeet." Twilight said with apprehension in her voice.

"Well think about it, we're two attractive teenagers walking in the woods towards an unspecified location." She felt Twilight's hand tighten as she spoke. "It's kind of the perfect set up."

"Except there's only two of us, not enough to span the archetypes of a horror movie." She countered.

"That's just it. We're the opening scene, the set up for the rest of the movie. Right now, we would stumble upon an abandoned cabin, and that would seal our fates."

Just then an animal bounded through the woods causing them both to jump. Twilight repeatedly lightly smacked Sunset's arm.

"You're terrible." She said playfully.

"I know, I couldn't help myself." She made her eyes big. "Forgive me?

Twilight frowned, then kissed her girlfriend. "You're lucky I like you." Her look became serious. "But I swear if there's an abandoned cabin at the end of this trail, I'm out."

They continued through the woods for another fifteen minutes when Sunset went off the trail. Twilight pensively followed her, her mind still imagining a deranged man in the woods. Sunset sensed her nervousness and held her hand.

"Don't worry, I know where we're going." She assured Twilight.

The feel of Sunset's hand in hers calmed her down. "I trust you. Lead the way fearless traveler."

"Dork." Sunset said affectionately. They both laughed and trudged onward.

Five minutes later Sunset was pushing aside a bush that had grown between two trees, allowing Twilight through. When she saw what was before her she gasped in surprise. They were on a rocky outcropping that jutted out over the lake. The light from the sun sparkled and danced on the water's surface. The surrounding forest gave off a sense of peaceful isolation.

Twilight held Sunset's hand. "It's beautiful."

Sunset wrapped her arms around Twilight's waist and rested her chin on her shoulder. "It's even prettier with you here."

Twilight turned her head and they kissed deeply for several minutes. Once they pulled apart they set up the blanket in a shaded spot close to the tree line they just exited. They ate their lunch and talked.

"So how did you find this place? I mean it's not exactly marked by a trail." Twilight asked.

"It actually happened completely by accident."

Sunset explained how she'd had a big fight with her mom a couple years ago and rode her bicycle out to the trail to clear her head. Once there she had gotten distracted and lost. She had started panicking when she heard people in the direction of the lake. She'd headed that way and came out here.

"I fell in love with it so I backtracked and memorized the way. Now whenever I need to get away, I come out here and take some time to myself." She finished.

"This place must be really special to you. Have you brought a lot of people here?" Twilight asked.

"Actually, you're the first one I've shown this to. I haven't wanted to share this spot with anyone until you."

Twilight blushed at this. "What makes me so special?"

"You're the first person that's made me this happy in a long time. Even before we started dating." Sunset told her.

Twilight kissed Sunset and said. "Thank you for sharing this place with me, I really am honored."

They continued their lunch, sitting side-by-side looking out over the lake when Sunset turned to Twilight.

"So I know I'm your first girlfriend and first kiss, but is this your first date?" She asked.

Twilight laughed a little. "Why? Am I that awkward? No, I've been on dates before. The guys were nice enough, really sweet and gentlemanly, but I was never attracted to any of them."

"Did any of them try to kiss you?" Sunset asked.

"A couple did, but I was able to deflect their advances." She said slyly.

"How'd you do that?" Sunset chuckled.

"Let's see, there was the classic hug then open the door. A handshake, awkward goodbye. The worst one though, was this guy I’d been on a couple dates with gave me a hug, then held me there, obviously wanting to kiss me, so I patted his head thanked him and went inside."

Sunset nearly choked on the soda she was drinking. "No you didn't! You actually patted his head?"

Twilight joined Sunset's laughter. "I didn't know what else to do. He was really nice but I wanted to save my first kiss for someone I liked."

"Well I'm glad I was someone you liked." She kissed Twilight's cheek.

"Me too." Twilight took Sunset's hand and kissed it. "So what about you? Am I your first girlfriend?"

"Unfortunately no. I've had one girlfriend before you." She looked away. "It wasn't a good relationship."

"What do you mean?" Twilight asked.

"She wasn't good for me, she brought out an ugly side of me that I hated, but when I was with her she made me feel like it was who I really was." Sunset's voice wavered. "But it wasn't. Twilight I need to be honest with you, I don't want any secrets between us."

Twilight was getting nervous. "Ok, what do you need to tell me?"

Sunset inhaled deeply. "Remember at my birthday party when I told you I used to be really terrible? Well the truth is that I used to be a huge bully. I was so bad I caused a girl to drop out and she had to be home-schooled. I know this is a lot to take in, but I wanted you to know everything before our relationship went any further. I understand if that’s too much."

Twilight took a few minutes to process what she had been told. She wondered if her past as a bully was too much and if the old Sunset could reappear. She looked into Sunset's eyes, and came to her conclusion.

"That's not who you are now. That's what matters to me.” She took her hand in her own. “You are one of the kindest people I've ever met. You always think of others feelings, and I would love to still go out with you." She squeezed Sunset's hand affectionately.

Sunset's eyes welled with happy tears, and she embraced her wonderful girlfriend. She kissed Twilight and they just held each other, the sounds of the forest providing a peaceful ambience for them.

After they finished their lunch they made their way down to the lake. Twilight had gone a ways into the woods to put on her swimsuit while Sunset had worn hers under her clothes. They swam in the lake for another hour. Twilight even mustered up the courage to jump from a low cliff into the water. The water was cold and refreshing. When their teeth started to chatter they both agreed it was time to get out.

When they were done swimming they went to Sugar Cube Corner, the local sweets shop. The store had ice cream and fresh baked goods, there was little wonder as to why it was a local favorite. They were immediately struck with the sweet scent of pastries fresh from the oven. The little bell above the door signaled their arrival.

"Good afternoon dears!" A cheery voice said from behind the counter. Mrs. Cake had a round, kindly face with a cheerful smile that made everyone feel welcome as soon as they entered. "What'll it be today? Oh, hello Sunset, it's been a while since we've seen you around here. How's school going dear?"

"Yeah, life has gotten busy. School is good, I'm doing well, getting good grades." Sunset said with a smile.

"And who's your friend?" She said addressing Twilight.

"This is my girlfriend Twilight." Sunset said holding Twilight's hand.

"Twilight Sparkle, pleased to meet you." She extended her hand.

"Sparkle... oh I know where I've heard that name. Your father, Nightlight, comes in quite a bit on his way home. He's such a nice man, always gets you two oatmeal raisin cookies if I'm not mistaken."

"Yep, they're my favorite!" Twilight said.

They placed their order, Twilight got herself a raspberry Danish and a cup of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. While Sunset chose a couple eclairs and a cup of strawberry ice cream. As Sunset was paying Mrs. Cake slid a little bag across the counter to Twilight.

"These are on the house. Don't be a stranger, any friend of Sunset's is a friend of ours." She said with a wink.

They chose a table by the window and enjoyed their sweets.

"So how does she know you so well?" Twilight asked after a few minutes.

"I used to come here almost every day when I first moved out on my own. It was rough for a while because I had no friends and I was learning that it was harder to live on my own than I thought, so I would come here and eat alone. Eventually Mrs. Cake would come out and talk to me and we became really close."

By the time they finished it was getting late, so they got back into Sunset's car and drove a little ways out of town to a park with an unobstructed view of the skyline. They set up a blanket and prepared to watch the sun go down together. They talked and cuddled under a second blanket as the sun receded below the mountains.

"This has been the best day I've had in a long time." Twilight said as she snuggled up to Sunset under the blanket, her arms around her waist.

Sunset kissed the top of Twilight's head. "I'm glad you've had fun. I couldn't think of a better way to spend my day." Sunset looked into Twilight's beautiful eyes. "Twilight I... really like you."

Twilight smiled. "I really like you too." They kissed, happy to be with each other in this moment.