• Published 17th Jun 2017
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A Ray of Sunlight - BChunter426

Twilight has just transferred to CHS, she's nervous to start at this new school, but a red and yellow haired girl makes the transition easier.

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Sunset's Party

In the days leading up to Sunset Shimmer's birthday party Twilight was racking her brain trying to figure out what to get her friend. Then it suddenly hit her. After convincing her parents, she made her purchase and eagerly waited until Friday.

The long awaited day finally came, and school couldn't end fast enough. They all met up at the usual spot before going home.

"So I'll see you guys around five. I've gotta get home and get my place presentable. See ya later girls!" Sunset said as she headed toward the parking lot.

The rest were about to part ways when Twilight asked to talk to Applejack alone. Once they were by themselves Twilight had to find the right words to use.

Twilight breathed deeply. "What... how did your family react when you came out?"

"Oh,” She said, taken aback by the suddenness of the question. “well it was bad at first. Granny Smith is very traditional so she didn't accept it or talk to me for quite a while. Applebloom and Big Mac were very supportive though, so that made it easier. It's better now, Granny gets along with Rainbow well enough, but it's still tense sometimes. Why'd you wanna know?"

"Well..." Twilight trailed off. "I like Sunset Shimmer. I guess I just wanted to know what to possibly expect if I act on it."

"You- really?" Applejack asked. "Have you told anyone else about this?"

"No, this is the first time I've said anything. I don't know what to do." Twilight said.

"Do your parents know?" AJ asked.

"Are you kidding, my mom would lose it. My dad might be ok with it... I just don't know." Twilight said, nervously playing with her hair.

"Well, if you ask me, don't overthink it. When it comes to tellin’ Sunset, just do what comes naturally and things'll figure themselves out."

"You think so?" Twilight sighed.

"I'm sure of it." Applejack responded confidently.

"Would you mind keeping this between us for the time being?" Twilight asked, to which Applejack smiled and nodded. "Thanks Applejack." She hugged her friend and they made their way to the bus.

Twilight got a ride to Sunset's building from her parents, she exited the car with her overnight bag, waved goodbye to her Mom and Dad and headed into the building. She hit the button for Sunset's floor, rocking back and forth on her heels all the while. When the door opened she saw someone standing off to the right.

"Oh, hey AJ. Why are you standing by the stairwell entrance." She asked raising an eyebrow.

Applejack smirked while looking at her nails. "Oh Rainbow got it in her head that she could beat me by running up the stairs while I took the elevator."

Just then the door banged open. "Yes! Dammit!" Rainbow yelled as she noticed her girlfriend standing there.

"Don't worry sweetheart," AJ said as she rubbed Rainbow's back. "ya made really good time. Got here right after me." She shot Twilight a wink.

The three of them walked together to Sunset's room, Rainbow panting the whole way. Twilight knocked and moments later Sunset opened the door, a wide smile on her face. She hugged each of them and thanked them for coming.

"What's up with Rainbow Dash?" She asked as they made their way into her condo. They told her about Rainbow's hair-brained idea which caused Sunset to laugh.

"Yeah yeah laugh it up, but one day I'm gonna beat the elevator!" Rainbow said defiantly.

"But why would you wanna take the stairs and waste your party energy?" Said a voice whose owner was obscured by a very colorful bouquet of balloons.

"How long have you been here Pinkie Pie?" Twilight asked.

"About an hour." She said cheerfully

"Yeah she showed up with all these party supplies and helped me decorate." Sunset told them.

“Its good practice. If I’m gonna be the best event planner the world has ever seen I’ve got to get my decorating on point!” Pinkie said cheerfully.

"Well the place looks awesome." Rainbow said admiring the streamers and balloons around the room.

The five of them talked until there was a soft knock on the door. Fluttershy entered and placed her gift on the table with the others. Rarity sent a message to Sunset saying she was running late, so the girls played a couple rounds of Cards Against Humanity until she arrived. After a few more rounds and some snacks they made their way down to the pool in the courtyard.

The pool was designed to look like it was in a rocky outcropping complete with a grotto with a sitting area. They were the only ones there. Applejack and Rainbow Dash wasted no time, they threw their towels on a table, slipped off their flip flops and jumped right in. Fluttershy took the steps into the water, her pink hair tied up in a bun. Rarity was sitting on the side of the pool kicking her feet and leaning back to take in the sun's rays. Pinkie was floating on her back her curly hair fanning out in a pink halo around her head.

Twilight was applying sunscreen to her arms and legs when she heard her name. "Hey Twilight, could you help me with my back?" Sunset asked. She was wearing a light blue two piece swimsuit, the top wrapped around her chest with a thin strap that looped around her neck.

Twilight gulped. "Uhh sure."

"Thanks!" She said and turned her back toward her friend. Twilight started applying the sunscreen, on contact Sunset arched her back and let out a little squeal. "Sorry, it's colder than I expected."

Twilight's heart was beating fast as she ran her hands along Sunset's smooth skin. "That should do it." She said after finishing her lower back.

"Thanks Twilight, you're the best." Sunset said as she was putting her hair in a ponytail. "By the way, I love your swimming suit. See you in the pool."

"Thanks," Twilight said looking down at her purple one piece. "I'll be there in a second, just gotta put my hair up." She used the hair ties on her wrist to put her hair in a tight bun.

This is getting out of hand. I have to talk to her soon. Twilight thought as she walked toward the pool and got in.

They played and splashed each other for a while. Rainbow and AJ started trying to dunk each other and were sneak attacked by Pinkie Pie. Fluttershy was hanging on the side of the pool watching two birds chasing each other, a little smile on her lips.

At one point Rainbow and Applejack got out of the pool and flanked Rarity who was laying on her back on a towel. "Hey Rare, how's it going up here?" Rainbow asked.

"Just marvelous darling, I think my tan is coming along nicely." She said looking up at them.

"Say uh, how long did you take on your hair?" Applejack asked.

A little suspicious at this, Rarity responded. "None at all, I've only tied it back." She narrowed her eyes at them. "Why?"

"Oh, just curious." And with that they grabbed her arms and legs and started hauling her to the water.

"Noooo! Unhand me you brutes!" She protested, though there was a smile creeping across her face. She was tossed in and followed closely by her attackers. "That does it! It. Is. ON!" She jumped on Rainbow Dash after she had a chance to come up for air.

After that they had three-way chicken fights, with Rarity being the referee, claiming she didn't want to mess up her nails. Applejack and Rainbow Dash were a force to be reckoned with, their competitive sides showing strongly. Pinkie and Fluttershy put up a good fight but were the first to go down the first few times. Sunset and Twilight gave them a run for their money but were unable to defeat them. Now it was the final round, Twilight was on Sunset's shoulders, Rainbow on AJ, and Fluttershy atop Pinkie Pie.

"You're going down Dash." Twilight taunted

"In your dreams Sparkle." Rainbow came back.

"Don't underestimate me." Fluttershy said, a fire in her eyes.

"Alright, I want a good clean fight, ready... Go!" Rarity slapped the water.

The three girls locked hands and started pushing against each other. They stayed like that for a minute before a look passed between Fluttershy and Rainbow. They both pushed against Twilight, flinging her into the water. Rainbow and Fluttershy were locked in a death grip. With a mighty shove Rainbow pushed Fluttershy backward. Fluttershy's back arched at an impossible angle, her hair dipped into the water, but she was able to get herself upright. Rainbow Dash was celebrating when Fluttershy made contact and knocked her off Applejack's shoulders.

"We won? We won!" Fluttershy cried and climbed off Pinkie's back.

After some celebrating and congratulations they were all taking it easy. Pinkie, Applejack and Rainbow Dash were challenging each other to breath holding contests. Rarity and Fluttershy were talking on the steps, while Sunset was hanging out in the grotto, leaning back with a big smile. Twilight kept glancing over at her, trying to muster up the courage to go over. Finally she swam over to her friend.

Atta girl. Applejack thought to herself.

Twilight swam up next to Sunset Shimmer. "Hey birthday girl, what are you doing way over here?"

"Just taking in the day. It's been so much fun, way better than my birthday last year." She beamed.

"I'm glad you're having a good day." They sat in a comfortable silence for a moment. "So I was hoping to talk to you about something."

"Ok, shoot." She said sliding some stray hair behind her ear.

"Ok, I uh... what I'm trying to say is... I like..." she looked into Sunset's expectant eyes. She lowered her gaze. "Your taste in music. I was wondering if you could make another CD for me."

Dammit! She cursed herself.

"Oh," a disappointed look crossed her face, but she quickly smiled. "of course, maybe I can get you one tonight."

"Hey Sunset, when are we going to eat? I'm starving!" Rainbow called from across the pool.

They all headed up to the room shortly thereafter. Sunset ordered the pizzas and they played some more party games until it arrived. Pinkie's party music, played through Sunset's tv, provided light-hearted ambience. They were discussing what movie to watch when Fluttershy noticed Rarity's middle finger.

"Oh my, Rarity, what happened?" She asked.

"What? Oh, I um, smashed it in the door on my way out." She said, stumbling over her words a bit.

Fluttershy looked at the discolored knuckle, something didn't add up. "Are you sure?"

"Don't worry darling, I'll be fine." Rarity assured them.

Rainbow Dash didn't look convinced, and the others had their suspicions, but Rarity dismissed any more questions. They ate pizza and played games, enjoying each other's company. After cake and singing 'Happy Birthday', it was time for presents to be passed out.

Pinkie went first, Sunset gasped at the complete Daring Do collection, including the newest installment, and gave Pinkie Pie a big hug. Applejack gave her five bottles of Sweet Apple Acres premium apple cider and the collector's edition of the original Evil Dead trilogy. From rainbow Dash she received an acoustic guitar.

"I know you're super into music so I figured what's better than making your own!" Rainbow said.

"Thank you Rainbow, I can't wait to play it!" Sunset said, strumming a couple cords.

"Here's mine darling." Rarity said, passing her gift.

Sunset opened the envelope, and gave Rarity a hug. "Thank you, this will be so great!"

"What is it?" Rainbow asked.

"A spa day for two at Pure Harmony, it looks like it's the works too." She told them.

"But of course, if you're going to go to a spa you must do the whole nine yards." Rarity said

"Umm, this one is from me." Fluttershy's timid voice came from behind a sizable gift, a hanger protruding from the top.

Sunset unwrapped a beautiful turquoise one-shoulder gown. "Wow, it's beautiful Fluttershy."

"I can't take all the credit, Rarity helped me with it too." Fluttershy said.

"Oh please, I merely provided the fabric, you designed and sewed it completely by yourself. You're very talented dear, if you're ever looking for a job I'm sure my family would welcome your skills."

Fluttershy blushed. "Thank you."

"Well put it on darling, we all want to see it on you." Rarity said with barely contained excitement.

Sunset chuckled. "Hold on I still need to open Twilight's present." Twilight handed Sunset an envelope. Sunset's eyes became saucers when she saw what was inside. "Oh my god. Twilight thank you!" She jumped up and squeezed her friend. "Thank you thank you thank you!"

"The suspense is killing me, what is it!?" Pinkie Pie cried.

"Two VIP tickets to the Offspring!" Sunset showed everyone her present.

"I got you two so you could bring a friend." Twilight said.

"Well I guess I better get you a playlist of their music." Sunset said with a smirk.

After that Sunset put on her gown, it fit perfectly. The sleek fabric hugging her torso and fanning out around her legs when she twirled. Everyone fawned over how good she looked in the gown. Once she got changed everyone put on their pajamas and they watched the Evil Dead 2 and went to bed. Sunset offered her bed to AJ and Rainbow.

"Keep it PG." Sunset joked. Causing Applejack to go bright red.

"Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on them." Pinkie said as she flopped on the bed.

Sunset pulled the hide-a-bed out from the couch. Rarity and Fluttershy thanked her and settled in for the night. Twilight and Sunset shared an inflatable mattress she borrowed from her uncle.

In the middle of the night Twilight was awakened by the mattress moving. She heard footsteps and the sliding door to the balcony open. As she was about to drift back to sleep she heard sniffles and decided to investigate.

"Sunset? Are you okay?" She asked the girl who was curled into a ball on the bench.

She wiped her eyes. "Yeah, I'm just so happy. I can't believe how good you all are to me, I don't feel like I deserve it."

"What do you mean, why don't you deserve kindness?" Twilight asked, worried about her friend.

"I wasn't always a good person. I used to be really terribleactually." She lowered her head into her knees.

"Well you're not now." Twilight sat on the cushion next to her friend and put an arm around her. "You're a good person, and I'm so glad we're friends."

Sunset rested her head on Twilight's shoulder. "Thanks Twilight. Could you sit here with me a bit longer?"

"Of course." Twilight responded softly.

They stayed that way for several hours, talking and looking at the city before them.