• Published 17th Jun 2017
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A Ray of Sunlight - BChunter426

Twilight has just transferred to CHS, she's nervous to start at this new school, but a red and yellow haired girl makes the transition easier.

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Rekindled Past

Sunset stared at the note. Who wrote this?

She didn't recognize the handwriting, which negated her initial thought of Adagio or her two lackeys. She folded the note back up and stuffed it in her pocket, intent on throwing it away when she saw a garbage can. Her mind was working to figure out who she knew that would have slipped that note into her locker. It came to her suddenly.

It must have been Trixie! I can't say that I blame her.

She sullenly made her way to the music room where her guitar class was held. She was the first to arrive. Wanting to avoid any uncomfortable interactions she took a spot close to the wall.

More dirty looks were shot her way as her classmates started to file in. Sunset tried to make herself as small as she could. She was returning back to her discovery of the note when she felt a light punch on her arm that made her jump. She turned quickly to see who her attacker was only to stare into the reflective magenta lenses of Vinyl Scratch's glasses.

Vinyl held her hands up defensively. "Whoa! Cool your jets, Sunset."

Sunset groaned. "Sorry, it's been kind of a weird day. What's up?"

"Just came to say hi, and ask why you're all the way over here."

"Like I said, it's been kind of a weird day. I wanted to be away from other people." She made eye contact with someone who grimaced at her as they entered the room. She looked down at her feet.

Vinyl noticed the exchange and clapped her on the back reassuringly. "Want some company?"

With a grin, Sunset accepted the offer.
Just then, something occurred to her. "Wait, I thought you made EDM and techno. What are you doing in a guitar class?" Vinyl had shared some of her original works with Sunset before. She was very talented.

Vinyl smirked. "I'm always looking for ways to make my music different and unique. Figured guitar might be interesting, but I don't know how to play."

"I can't wait to see what you come up with." She smiled. "So how was your break?"

"It was pretty good. Tavi and I spent the holidays with her folks. It was a little awkward. I don't think her parents like me that much."

"What makes you say that?"

"They've always been standoffish with me. They're very proper, and well..." She gestured to herself with her colorfully loud T-shirt and ripped jeans.

Sunset snickered. "I see your point."

"I also get the feeling that they think Tavi's just going through a phase, and since they love her they begrudgingly let me tag along."

"I'm sorry, that sounds rough."

"It doesn't bother me. I don't let other people's opinions get to me." She smiled confidently.

"I wish I could be like you." Sunset mused.

The bell rang, signaling the start of class. Sunset enjoyed the personality of the teacher. He was laidback and seemed to really care about what he was teaching.

"I feel like I need to stress that you won't be shredding sick riffs with Metallica by the end of the year. We're really only covering basics and getting you comfortable with playing. Too often I get students with grand expectations who leave unsatisfied. So keep that in mind and let's have fun!"

The rest of class was spent playing the "two truths, one lie" game. This was one of the better games in Sunset's opinion. She thanked Vinyl for keeping her company and slung her back pack over her shoulder.

Her science class, which she hated, carried over from last semester and rounded out her A-Day. Twilight had tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to get her interested in it as it was her favorite subject. Sunset really did try, but just couldn't find what was so cool about it. She was very grateful for the help Twilight provided though. She tentatively walked into the room, nervous to face her classmates she had gotten to know. She braced herself for the sneers and glares she would receive.

To her surprise no one paid her any extra attention except one or two disapproving looks. She pulled out her supplies and settled in to continue learning about plant and animal cells. After the ‘fascinating’ lesson about cell walls, Sunset went about gathering her things.

"See ya Sunset."

Sunset zipped her bag. "Later Lyra."

She made her way to the vending machines. She had been craving a Sprite since the middle of class. A slip of paper fell to the floor as she retrieved her wallet from her back pocket. She didn't notice it until she turned with her drink in hand to head to her locker. She unfolded the paper once more to read the single biting word.


She clenched her teeth and hurriedly walked to her locker. Twilight was waiting for her with a smile. Seeing her brightened Sunset's mood considerably.

Having seen the worried look on Sunset's face Twilight asked, "Is everything ok?"

"Yeah. I'm just tired. You ready to go?"

"Yeah!" She slipped her hand into Sunset's. "How was your first day back?"

"It was alright. I got lucky and have guitar with Vinyl."

"Really? I didn't expect her to take guitar."

"That's what I thought." She chuckled.

"Hmm, interesting." She shook her head. "Are you ready for the assembly?"

"I guess so. It'll probably just be 'welcome back students! Let's have a great last half!'." As she said this, she gave an exaggerated thumbs up with a cheesy grin.

Twilight couldn't help but laugh. "Probably. But at least we'll get to see the drum line beforehand."

"True, I do enjoy that they open up all the assemblies. I heard Pinkie wants to join them next year."

"Does she have any drumming experience?" Twilight asked, amused at the thought.

"I'm not sure actually, but if anyone is a drummer in our group it'd definitely be her."

They laughed at the truth of the statement as they entered the auditorium. Pinkie stood on the chairs waving her arms wildly to get their attention. They took their seats and waited for the assembly to start.

The lights above the stage came on and from the back of the room the members of the drum line made their way down the two aisles segmenting the room. Moved by the beat of the drums, groups of students were getting to their feet and dancing. Pinkie and Cheese did their best to get the others to stand with them, but the others opted to remain seated.

"We'll Break you eventually." Pinkie pointed two fingers at her eyes then back at each of her friends.

The assembly started exactly as Sunset predicted. They were welcomed back for the second semester and the student body officers put on their cringey, yet entertaining sketches. After a sketch about being to class on time, Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna took to the stage.

"Let's have another round of applause for your student body officers." She waited for the cheers to subside. "Welcome back students. We just wanted to talk about one more thing before we let you go. I'm sure you all remember the video that played during the Winter formal."

Sunset felt her stomach drop. She slipped down in her chair, attempting to become invisible.

"We felt it necessary to go over the policy concerning bullying at this school." Celestia motioned for her sister to take over.

"There will be no tolerance for such actions at Canterlot High School. If anyone is caught bullying another student you will be given three day detention immediately. Repeat offenders will be suspended."

We want to create a safe environment for all our students." Luna continued. "So if you see someone being treated unkindly report it to Principal Celestia or myself. Our doors are always open."

Luna turned the time over to her sister. "Now with that out of the way. We would once again like to welcome you all back. Have a wonderful day Wondercolts!"

With that the student body began clamoring to get out to the bus circle. Twilight moved with the crowd, but stopped when she realized her hand was empty. She turned around to see Sunset, arms folded and slumped down in her chair. Twilight returned to her spot next to the girl.

"You don't have to wait for me, Twi." She said solemnly.

"I know, but I want to." After a pause. "It still eats at you doesn't it?"

Sunset chewed the inside of her cheek. "Yeah. I guess it does." She paused. "It's just... I was just getting to a point where I felt everyone who knew me back then had moved on from it, you know? Now my past has been shoved right into everyone's face! Not only is it refreshed in everyone that I went to junior high with, but now everyone who went to Canterlot Junior has seen me at my worst!"

Sunset was clenching her fists tighter with each word until she felt Twilight's hand gently placed on top of hers.

"Hey, no matter what, I'm here. I'm not going anywhere." She hugged Sunset tightly. "I know the real you, and she is wonderful."

"Thanks, Twi." She returned Twilight's hug and nestled into her neck.

The young couple was enveloped in another set of arms. "Why didn't you tell me we were giving hugs!" Pinkie said indignantly.

They laughed as more pairs of arms joined in. After a moment of quiet Rainbow spoke up.

"We should probably get outta here. We're the only people in here and I don't really want to get locked in here overnight."

"What's the matter? Scared of the Canterlot High ghost boy?" Applejack teased.

Rainbow scoffed. "No, in case you forgot, I have a town of disease ridden monsters to eliminate."

Applejack rolled her eyes. "C'mon let's do something together today."

"Alright, how about a compromise. An hour of gaming, then we'll go out."

"Ah guess that's fair." She suddenly took off like a shot. "First one there gets to play first!"

"I knew you were interested!" She shouted after her girlfriend. "Wait up, you're my ride home!"

They shouted their goodbyes back to their friends. They laughed at the display of competitive affection they had come to expect from the duo.

"It's always a competition between those two. I'll never understand it." Rarity mused.

"Oh come on, it's fun to compete sometimes." Pinkie draped her arms around Rarity and Sunset. "Cheese and I play Trivial Pursuit with my family sometimes and it gets pretty heated but it's still fun. I whoop him every time." She giggled.

"Hey I wouldn't say you ‘whoop’ me, it's pretty close every time." Cheese lowered his voice and whispered to Fluttershy and Twilight. "I'm actually pretty good at it I'm just terrified of what might happen to me if I won. Her family gets pretty intense when it comes to trivia games."

"Even Maud?" Fluttershy questioned.

"Especially Maud!"

A chorus of laughter caught Pinkie's attention. "Hey, what are you all laughing at?"

"Nothing." Cheese rested an arm around Pinkie's shoulders.

The six of them made it to the bus circle where they said their goodbyes. Pinkie and Cheese went to his car, leaving the four girls. Fluttershy gave Rarity a tender kiss.

"Congratulations again on getting the interview."

"Thank you darling. I simply cannot wait!" She hugged Fluttershy tightly. "I'll see you all tomorrow morning." She stepped onto her bus.

"See you later girls." She made her way to her own bus.

Sunset and Twilight walked to the student parking lot making benign conversation. Once they were on the road Twilight had an idea to lift Sunset's spirits.

"Want to come over and have dinner with us tonight?"

"Hmm? Oh uh, sure."

"You don't sound too excited about it." Twilight half teased.

She sighed. "I'm sorry. I'm up in my head again. Maybe I shouldn't come over, I'll just be a bummer."

"That's why you should come over. Get out of your head for a while."

"I dunno..."

Uncomfortable silence fell between them. "Did something happen today?"

She sighed again. "Nothing you need to worry about. Just some dirty looks. It got to me more than I thought it would."

Twilight took her hand. "I'm sorry hon. Is there anything I can do?"

She gave Twilights hand an affectionate squeeze. "This is helping." She smiled faintly.

Twilight lifted the back of Sunset's hand to her lips. "I wonder what my mom is making us for dinner tonight."

"I don't think I officially agreed to coming over." She arched an eyebrow in her direction.

"Well that's too bad isn't it? Cause now I've got you trapped!" Her grip tightened as she let out a cartoonish evil laugh.

"Oh no, whatever will I do?" She played along. "I have no choice but to feast with my captor and her family."

"That's right!" She stuck her tongue out.

Sunset freed her hand and attempted to tickle behind Twilight's knee. Twilight squealed and regained purchase of the offending hand.

"Don't tickle your passenger!" She protested.

Sunset wagged a finger at her. "Correction, you don't tickle the driver."

"Just you wait until I get my license." She huffed.

"How's that coming by the way?"

"Slowly but surely. I want to wait until the weather's better before I start driving a lot."

"That makes sense. If you ever want my help I'd be happy to go driving with you."

"Thanks, I think I'll take you up on that."

The car pulled into the driveway and the two entered the Sparkle household. Sunset was greeted warmly by Twilight's parents. They talked briefly about their first day back before the younger girls retired to Twilight's room for retro video games. After seeing her characters meet their ends by fatalities several rounds in a row, Sunset crossed her arms in defiance.

"I call faulty equipment." She grumbled.

Twilight gasped. "I'll have you know I take excellent care of my controllers! You're just salty because I won for once."

She huffed in response.

"Come on, don't be like that." She pinched Sunset's sides who jumped in response.

"Stop that, I'm mad at you." She pouted unconvincingly.

"Hard to be mad when you're laughing." She switched targets to Sunset's feet.

Before she knew it Sunset was on her back trying to squirm away. She was eventually able to pin Twilight's hands and scramble on top of her. With a comedically over-pronounced glare she burst into a smile and leaned down to kiss her captive.

"Thank you, Twilight. I needed this."

Sunset relaxed her body and laid right on top of the girl below her linking her arms behind her neck. Twilight chuckled, then wrapped her arms around her back. She gently rubbed Sunset's back, feeling her relax even more. Twilight was surprised at how little she was panicking. This was the first time something this intimate had happened, but it felt right. Twilight stared up at her ceiling with a smile, the red and gold hair that had fallen over her glasses gave the overhead light a warmer hue.

Twilight gave Sunset an affectionate squeeze. "Alright hon, we should probably sit up."

She received a noncommittal groan in response.

"We wouldn't want my parents to catch us in a compromising position would we?"

Sunset nestled into Twilight's neck and gave it a kiss.

She giggled. "Hey, don't make me tickle you again."

"Fine." She griped before kissing her girlfriend and leaning against the bed. She helped Twilight sit upright as well.

"I love you." Twilight said as she entwined their fingers.

"I love you too. Even though you spam the freezing moves."

"The skills are there for a reason. I can't be blamed for making use of them."

"I mean you could use other moves." She teased as the two leaned against each other.

"Let it go, I'm sure you'll be back on top with that bladed hat next time we play."

"I guess we'll see. What should we do now?"

They decided to watch a ghost hunting show on a streaming site on her laptop. While they were cuddling on her bed, fully engrossed in a third episode, there was a slam on Twilight's door. Her door, which had been cracked, flew open with a shout following it. Twilight's knees shot to her torso, sending her laptop rolling forward on the bed. The two girls shrieked in surprise. Sunset clutched Twilight from her spot behind her. They looked to the doorway at the surprise guest.

"Dad! What the heck!" Twilight yelled.

Nightlight was doubled over in laughter. After he regained his composure he told them. "Mom wanted me to come get you for dinner. I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. Whatever you were watching sounded like it could use some real-world help."

"That wasn't funny!" Twilight slapped his arm repeatedly.

"Then why am I laughing? You thought it was funny right, Sunset?"

"Absolutely, I didn't almost pee my pants out of fear." She said shakily.

They joined Velvet in the dining room. "I heard your shrieks of terror. Your dad got you pretty good I take it?"

"Yes." Twilight huffed, trying to keep her grumpy demeanor.

"You know that's the risk of watching scary things when he's around."

"And yet I continue to to watch them." She said, finally breaking.

"What was it this time?"

"A ghost hunting show." Sunset chimed in. "It was pretty intense too. Lots of creepy dolls." She shuddered.

"Well let's eat and forget about the ghosts and ghouls."

Velvet had prepared a delicious cheesy baked eggplant with a mushroom spaghetti sauce with a salad and garlic bread on the side. Sunset wasn't sure she'd like it, she had never been great about new food, but was pleasantly surprised by the dish. The four of them talked as they ate the meal, while Spike begged for table scraps.

"I don't think you'll like this buddy, no meat." Nightlight said as he cleared the table. "But I'll get you a treat in a minute."

Spike yipped and spun in a circle at the mention of his favorite word.

Sunset patted her stomach, satisfied. "That was so good, Velvet! Thank you." She stood to help with clean up.

"You are so welcome, would you like to take a little home with you?"

"Sure, I won't refuse home cooking." She wiped the table.

They retired to the living room to indulge in some reality television. Sunset played with Spike the whole time. He had gotten considerably bigger since the first time Sunset had met him. After an hour or so Sunset made to leave, Twilight walked with her to the car.

"Thank you again for today. I needed this more than you know."

"Of course. Any time you need me or to get your mind off of something you're always welcome here."

"I love you, Twilight." She pulled her into a kiss.

"I love you too. I'll see you in the morning. Same time?"

"Sounds good." She climbed into the driver seat. "I'll text you when I'm home." They kissed one more time before Sunset hit the road.

She reflected on the rollercoaster of a day she had. As she rode the elevator to her floor she ran through the events of the day until she got to the note she found in her locker. She reached into her back pocket and glanced down at the crumpled paper in her hand. When she entered her room she threw the note toward the trash without a backward glance.

Come on Sunset, don't let this bog you down, you're not a bully.

This thought repeated in her mind as she drifted off to sleep.