• Published 17th Jun 2017
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A Ray of Sunlight - BChunter426

Twilight has just transferred to CHS, she's nervous to start at this new school, but a red and yellow haired girl makes the transition easier.

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Twilight arrived at school fully intending to sit down with Sunset and really talk this out. The only problem was Sunset was nowhere to be seen. She hadn't met up with them before classes started and she still wasn't answering Twilight's texts.

"I'm sure she just overslept." Pinkie assured her. "I'll let her know you're looking for her when I see her in class."

"Thanks Pinkie." Twilight said, biting the inside of her cheek to prevent tears from forming.

The group fell quiet, no one quite knowing what to say. They were all worried about their friend. All of them had noticed Sunset's change in behavior and now wished they'd done something sooner.

"I hope she doesn't think I'm still upset with her." Rainbow said suddenly.

"Why were you upset with her?" Twilight asked.

Rainbow conveyed the story of running into Adagio and Aria during lunch. A clearer picture was starting to form in Twilight's mind. It was a picture that made her feel sick with worry and sadness for Sunset.

"I was a little mad at first, but I totally understand why she did what she did." Rainbow finished.

"I knew that girl had something to do with this." Twilight gritted her teeth.

"How do they even know each other?" Rarity asked.

"I think... I think she's Sunset's ex-girlfriend." Twilight said. "She's never told me her ex's name, but from what she's told me about her it makes sense that It's Adagio."

"Wow... that's intense." Rainbow muttered. "Must have been some bad breakup."

The others silently nodded their agreement when the bell rang to call them away. Twilight hugged each of them and they gave their words of support and comfort before going to their classes. Twilight walked sullenly to her first class of the day.

Sunset arrived at school just as the bell rang. She silently congratulated herself for her timing. Now she just had to wait another minute before going to art. She didn't want to face her friends yet. She knew she wasn't ready for the questions they would inevitably ask, and she still didn't know what to do about Twilight. She still loved her, but she didn't want to be a burden to her. It wasn't fair to her.

"I love you."

She reread the text from the previous night. It brought up the shame and anger she felt for her actions.

"How is she still with me? I don't deserve someone as good as her." She wondered aloud.

She hit her steering wheel out of frustration and exited her car. The announcements were still going, reminding students of the various activities coming up.

"- next week we will be having career day! More information will be given on Monday. And don't forget to turn in your profiles for the Student Spotlight! Those can be picked up and turned in at the main office. That's everything for today Wondercolts! Have a fun and safe weekend!"

The Student Spotlight, Sunset recalled, was one of the many things the school was trying out to add to the slide show in the cafeteria. They had tried listing upcoming movies, allowing students whose families had businesses to put up ads, and top five most popular lists for books and music. Some were bigger hits than others and it was nice knowing what entertainment was available.

Sunset entered the classroom and took a spot at the back of the room, silently taking notes. She avoided the constant looks of concern Pinkie shot her way. She was glad to see she had other friends around her, but it still felt odd to not be sitting with her. Pinkie mouthed, 'are you okay?', at one point and Sunset simply gave her a quick smile and nodded.

The lecture ended and the class was given the opportunity to work on projects. Sunset went to her cubby with a smile. She just had to put the finishing touches on her phoenix before turning it in. She slid the plastic box holding her supplies and art. Something wet sloshed up to her fingers.

She peered inside the box to see the corner of her drawing poking up from a black/brown sludge of used paint water. Wordlessly she slid the box out and dumped the offending liquid down the sink. She looked at her ruined art and felt... nothing.

She heard a few snickers and whispers and couldn't even muster the energy to be angry at them. She was tired. Tired of being angry, tired of being the target of so much abuse, tired of looking over her shoulder for potential ridicule.

Miss Acrylic Beauty approached Sunset. "Oh! Sunset are you okay?" She turned to face the class. "Who is responsible for this!" She said angrily.

"It's fine." Sunset muttered.

"It is not fine!"

The teacher went into a lecture about respect and how she expects everyone in her class to treat each other kindly. Sunset stood there numbly, only half-listening. She turned toward the teacher.

"May I be excused?"

"Of course, Sunset. I know it's not much, but I'll be giving you an 'A' on the project." She turned back to her students. "If any of you know who did this speak up, this will not-"

The teacher's voice faded as Sunset wandered down the hall. She heard footsteps rapidly approaching behind her.

"Sunset! I'm so sorry your picture got ruined!" Pinkie pie hugged her. "I can't believe someone would be so mean! Are you ok?"

"I'm fine." She said flatly. "I appreciate you coming after me, but I think I just want to be alone right now."

Pinkie looked uncertain. "Okay... are you sure? I can keep you company if you want."

Sunset forced a smile. "Thanks Pinkie, but I'm sure. I'll see you all at lunch."

Pinkie Pie gave her one last hug before returning to class. Sunset wandered the halls without a destination in mind. She rounded a corner and saw the last two people she ever wanted to see.

Aria and Adagio were leaning against a row of lockers. They were skipping class as they regularly did. Aria was first to notice Sunset. She nudged Adagio who smirked.

"What are you doing here Sunset? Finally come to your senses?" She smiled wickedly. "Or has everyone finally abandoned you?"

Sunset stared silently at her ex-girlfriend and wondered what she ever saw in her. She was so hateful and cruel. She only kept people around if they could be of use in some way to benefit her.

"Why?" She finally asked. "Why did you make that video? Why are you turning everyone against me?"

"Because it was fun." She smiled cruelly.

"Was it you who left those notes in my locker?"

"Oh Sunset I'm hurt that you would think I'd do something so small-time." She feigned offense. "Convincing some rube in my class was simple enough though. All it took was talking just loud enough to Aria about how funny it would be if people started leaving mean notes in your locker."

Aria snickered behind her friend at the memory.

"It sounds like it caught on faster than I could have hoped."

"And yesterday? How did you know where Rainbow and I would be?"

"We didn't. That was just a lucky happenstance, everything lined up perfectly. Your friend didn't look too happy after you abandoned her to take all the blame."

Sunset knew that would be the case, but it hurt to hear nonetheless. "Why are you doing this? Why couldn't you just leave me alone?"

"Because you dumped me!" She yelled. "I thought I found someone who understood me and you just left! You gave me some crock of crap about me bringing out the worst parts of you when we both know you enjoyed the feeling of superiority and respect as much as I did."

Sunset averted her gaze knowing there was some truth to her words. "You're right, at the time I did. But I came to my senses and realized that what we were doing was wrong. No one should have to be afraid every day they come to school. That's what it was, fear, not respect. I don't want to be remembered as someone to be feared."

"Oh save me the self-righteous prattle. You're no better than I am." Adagio huffed.

"You're right, and you've made sure everybody knows it." Sunset sighed heavily. "Adagio, I'm sorry I hurt you back then. And I hope you find some way to be happy and move past it." She turned to walk away.

"That's it? That's all you have to say to me?" Adagio said indignantly.

"What else do you want from me? Do you want me to blow up at you? Fight you? I'm not going to give you the satisfaction. I can't deal with this anymore, I'm exhausted. I've already said my piece. Accept it or don't, either way I'm done."

With that Sunset walked away, hoping to not have another interaction with Adagio for a long time. She walked to her car and headed home.

The lunch bell rang and the girls all met at one of their usual tables. While the others were talking, Twilight was looking around the cafeteria for Sunset. The more time passed the more nervous she got.

"Pinkie, did Sunset show up in class?" She finally asked.

"Yeah, But she left part way through. Some big jerk poured old paint water on her art so the teacher excused her from class." Pinkie said sadly. "I didn't see her before class ended so I assumed she went to her next class at some point. I hope she's okay."

"Oh, I see." Twilight shifted the food around her tray before standing up.

"Did she not come to math?" Pinkie asked.

Twilight shook her head glumly.

"You alright Sugarcube?" Applejack asked.

"Yeah, I'm just worried about her. I'm going to walk around and see if I can find her. I'll meet up with you all in a bit."

"Would you like some company?" Fluttershy offered.

Twilight considered it momentarily. "No, you all finish your lunch. I'll be okay by myself."

She walked away, searching the usual places she knew Sunset hung out. Starting with the usual meeting spot she went to the stairwell that led to the history hall, then the library last. When those yielded no results she decided to double back and check the different hallways.

As she passed another classroom she got the urge to check by Sunset's locker. She turned down several more halls until she reached the hallway her locker was in. She saw two boys a ways ahead of her and caught some of what they were saying.

"Wait til she reads this one." The one on the left laughed.

"Yeah, if she even comes back to school." The right kid scoffed.

"You've got a point. Well, if she does, she'll have a little present."

The two boys stopped in front of Sunset's locker and slid something into one of the slots near the top of the door.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Twilight called after them.

They briefly faced her before taking off and disappearing around the corner. Twilight decided against giving chase and stopped at the locker. It took her a moment to remember Sunset's combination, but when she got it open she wasn't prepared for what was inside.

A large pile of papers and wrappers slid out of the bottom of the locker and piled around Twilight's feet. She stepped out of the rubbish and knelt to inspect it. She grimaced when her fingers grazed a wad of gum that had been shoved through the vent in the locker and fallen to the floor. She started unfolding papers to read what was on them and was filled with revulsion at what she read.


These were among the tamer of the insults she read. She was appalled at the language some people used. She kept sifting through the food wrappers and other papers reading a few here and there.

"Get out of our school!"
"No one likes you!"
"I wish you were dead!"

These troubled Twilight more than the insults. Some of these notes were so cruel and demeaning they caused Twilight to feel ill. She wondered how many of these Sunset had read. Twilight pulled her phone out and sent a message to her friends.

Within moments they all rounded the corner to see Twilight kneeling among a pile of paper and trash. They all read a handful of the hurtful slips of paper and felt just as upset as Twilight.

"I guess we found the reason she stopped using her locker." Rarity said.

Rainbow slammed the side of her fist against a locker. "Why didn't she tell us! We could have helped her!"

Applejack placed a reassuring hand on her girlfriend's shoulder. "We know now. And we're gonna help her whether she wants us to or not."

"But what can we do? How can we figure out who's doing this?" Pinkie asked.

Without a word Fluttershy locked eyes with Twilight. The pair nodded and knelt to pick up as many papers as they could. The others shared looks of confusion but followed their friends lead. When they finished gathering the offending slips Twilight lead the march to the principal's office.

The group of concerned friends walked past the receptionist and knocked on Principal Celestia's office. The principal opened the door to greet them.

"Oh, hello girls. Can I help you? What do you have there?"

She opened the door to let them in.

"Principal Celestia we have to talk to you. We're worried about our friend." Fluttershy spoke up first.

Celestia's expression grew serious. "Tell me what's happened."

They told the principal about Sunset's behavior change and showed her the notes that had been left in her locker. When Rainbow told the story of the interaction with Adagio, Celestia called her sister Luna in to corroborate.

"I did think it was strange that you would act as miss Dazzle described, Rainbow Dash. That's why I didn't deliver punishment."

"As soon as we found these we knew we had to do something." Twilight interjected.

Celestia was silent for a moment. "This is serious. As soon as I find out who is involved swift punishments will be enforced. I will not have any student under my watch feel ostracized or persecuted."

Celestia picked up her office phone and switched it to the intercom speakers. "Sunset Shimmer, please come to the office."

Twilight felt her stomach knot nervously. She hoped Sunset wouldn't feel pressured or ganged up on because of this. They all waited for ten anxious minutes. Twilight messaged Sunset several times, asking if she was okay and where she was. Principal Celestia called her over the intercom again, but she didn't ever show up.

They were given signed tardy slips when the late bell rang for their classes to begin. Celestia placed a gentle hand on Twilight's shoulder before she left. Twilight faced the school principal.

"Please keep me informed. I hope she knows how much you all care for her."

Twilight nodded and went to class.