• Published 17th Jun 2017
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A Ray of Sunlight - BChunter426

Twilight has just transferred to CHS, she's nervous to start at this new school, but a red and yellow haired girl makes the transition easier.

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New Schedule Blues

The next morning was just like the previous day. She picked up Twilight and they met with their friends before classes. She woke up feeling more assured than the previous morning so, she was in high spirits the entire morning and paid extra attention to her friends’ conversations.

"I'm just saying you had to have played it before yesterday." Rainbow said.

Applejack crossed her heart and raised a hand. "Ah swear on Granny Smith's cider recipe, that was the first time ah've ever played."

"Then how the hell did you go so long without dying! I died like fifteen times before I got to the first boss!"

"Beginner's luck?" She shrugged.

"Some luck." Rainbow huffed. "It was really impressive though." She grinned, "Plus, you more than made up for it on the second boss."

"He cheats ah tell ya!" She said with a laugh.

"I take it AJ took to Bloodborne pretty well?" Sunset grinned.

"Yeah, ah see why Rainbow stayed up all night... ah mighta stayed out past curfew playin' it."

Twilight laughed. "She did say she'd find a game you'd like. Sounds like she delivered."

Rainbow put an arm around Applejack's shoulder. "And you doubted me." She smirked.

Applejack blushed slightly. "Alright, that's enough raggin' on me. Y'all ready for day two?"

They talked for the next little while. The other two couples meeting up with them later. As the first bell drew nearer Sunset became more anxious, but was able to hide it from her friends. She walked with Twilight to their psychology class hands clasped together.

"So why'd you decide on Psychology?" Twilight asked.

"I don’t know really. It seemed like it could be an interesting class. What about you?"

"I've had a growing interest in the subject for a few years now. I was actually really glad when I saw CHS had a psych course."

"I'm just glad we have it together." She squeezed Twilight's hand affectionately.

The pair found seats at one of the desk clusters that were set up in the room. The seating arrangements made Sunset feel uneasy being in groups of six. She had hoped there would be some more people she knew in the class with them, but unfortunately that was not the case. The room filled with students and the few times she caught someone's eye she was met with a frown. Their little island was the last to fill up.

Twilight tried to be friendly with the two other students that sat with them, but they didn't respond to her attempts to connect. She turned back in her seat looking downtrodden.

"It's okay Twi, I'm sure they'll come around." She gave her hand a squeeze.

Just then the teacher entered. The short woman greeted them cheerfully, her long scarf flowing behind her as she made her way to the desk. After grabbing a few papers she stood at the front of the class and took attendance.

"Well, looks like I've scared off some of you and the day hasn't even started." She joked, remarking on the few absent students. "Good morning everyone."

She was met with a couple half-hearted responses.

"Once more. Good morning everyone!" She said louder, with a wide grin.

The sudden volume change took the class by surprise and more people answered.

The teacher gave a small chuckle. "I love doing that. Welcome back everyone, in this class I like to start off with some positivity so get used to this." She laughed. "How was everyone's break?"

A few people said 'good' or 'it was fine' under their breath. The teacher looked around and spread her arms wide. "One more from the top. How was everybody's break?" She punctuated each word with a tap of her foot.

The woman's energy was infectious and caused several of the students to laugh. She was greeted with more and louder 'good's.

She laughed briefly before introducing herself. "My name is Cherry Bellum and I will be your guide through the fascinating world of psychology. Do you have any questions before we get started?"

One of the students at Sunset's cluster raised his hand. "Do we have to sit in these groups permanently?"

"No, feel free to sit wherever you want to. But the desks will stay as they are. I've found that setting them up this way encourages teamwork and allows students to break the ice with each other easier."

The boy that asked the question shot a quick sneer in Sunset's direction. She rolled her eyes in response.

"Alright class lets get to know each other a little better."

The rest of class was passed by introductions and free time afterward. Sunset and Twilight tried to establish a rapport with their desk mates. The boy was aloof and didn't seem to take any interest in speaking with them. The girl was a little more talkative though. Her name was Berry Punch and she warmed up to Twilight fairly quickly. Sunset noticed a look of what she believed was concern when her gaze would land on the fiery haired girl.

What's she so worried about? It's not like I've given her reason to be afraid of me. She thought with irritation.

Sunset tried not to let the glances affect her mood. Though, it was hard since they meant that not only did she get the anger and resentment of her peers but that she also inspired fear in some. That fact stung more than the glares and hurtful comments. She didn't want people to be afraid of her again.

Sunset was deep in thought when Twilight tapped her shoulder. "Hey, didn't you hear the bell?" She asked with a smile.

"Sorry, I spaced out." She gathered her things and took Twilight's hand.

"What were you contemplating so thoroughly?"

"Why we park on a driveway and drive on a parkway." She said stoically.

Twilight stared and shook her head. "Have you been talking to my dad? He's asked that exact thing before!" She chuckled.

"Brilliant minds think alike my dear. We're asking the hard questions that cut to the heart of the matter." Twilight cut her off by pinching her side with a laugh.

They decided to spend their free period in the library. Twilight was able to quickly find a book she was interested in, while Sunset pulled out the assignment she'd been given in science. She felt good because she was actually understanding the material and only had to ask Twilight for help on a couple things.

Once she finished the assignment she brought out her sketchbook and doodled on the next free page.

"What are you drawing?" Twilight asked while resting on Sunset's arm.

"I'm not sure yet." Her hand moved deftly across the page. The image became more clear as the time passed. They sat in a comfortable silence as the image of a Phoenix emerged from her pencil.

The bell rang as Sunset was finishing the rough outline of the mythical bird. "I can't wait to see the final product." Twilight told her as she gathered her things.

"I'll be sure to show you when it's finished." She smiled and took Twilight's hand. "Where are you off to next?"

"Chemistry, are you sure you want to walk me to class? You'll have to wait forever for your lunch."

"Of course I do. I have to make sure the phantom hall monitor doesn't snatch you up!"

"Okay, I have to figure out what stories you all talk about are real and which ones are made up to mess with me!"

Sunset laughed and kissed her cheek. "Good luck." The duo rounded the corner to the science hall. "I can't believe you have four different science classes this semester. Didn't you take anything fun?" Sunset teased.

"That's what Chemistry is for! Chemistry is a lot of fun I'll have you know! Besides it's technically only three. There's an ongoing debate as to whether or not political science is an actual science. Both sides have their own valid arguments. I tend to lean more toward no."

Sunset couldn't help but smile at how excited the purple haired girl she loved got while talking science. She listened to her explain why she took the side she did before moving onto why chemistry was the funnest science.

"Plus there's nothing more exciting than getting a mixture just right and watching the chemical reaction happen! I hope we get to do a lot of those!" She squealed.

"I can't believe I fell in love with such a nerd." She said with a smile as they neared Twilight's class. "Though I will concede that chemistry sounds alright."

"Hey it's cool to be a nerd these days! Pop culture says so." She hugged Sunset tightly. "I'll see you after school."

"I wish we had more classes together."

"I know. But we didn't know each other beforehand so we couldn't plan our schedules. We'll do better next year." She kissed Sunset's cheek. "Alright, go get some lunch."

They kissed and Sunset was on her way. She got in line for pizza and did her best to ignore the gap between herself and the people behind her. After paying, she looked out over the sea of students and felt a knot form in her stomach once again. She ran her eyes over the faces again but couldn't see any of her friends.

Suddenly, a hand clapped Sunset on the back.

"Hey, you're holdin' up traffic Sunset!" Rainbow sad jovially.

Relief washed over Sunset at the sound of her athletically inclined friend. "Sorry, I was looking for anyone I knew."

"Well you know me!" She grinned. "Now let's sit down, I'm starving!"

The duo took a table against the wall. They were starting to eat when a voice called for Rainbow Dash from the table next to them.

"Rainbow Dash, come sit with us!"

Sunset recognized some of the members from the girls basketball team along with a few guys she didn't recognize. She shrugged when Rainbow looked at her for confirmation. So they switched tables, Sunset awkwardly eating her lunch while Rainbow talked easily with her teammates. Sunset finished her lunch quickly in relative silence. One of the girls looked like she wanted to engage with her but never quite made the connection.

With her tray empty, Sunset let Rainbow know she was heading to her locker. She gave a polite nod to the others and made to leave.

"Why were you sitting with her?" She heard one of the boys ask.

She picked up her pace before she could hear Rainbow's response. Sunset opened her locker to leave the books she didn't need for her other classes. She immediately noticed several folded slips of paper resting on the bottom of her locker. She picked them up, unfolding the first one.



"Get out!"

The last few weren't any kinder. Her fist clenched around the scraps in her hand as she held back the tears and anger that threatened to roll over her. The handwriting on each note were different from each other which made her even more upset.

Why can't they just leave me alone!

"Hey Sunset."

She whipped around and stuffed her hand in her jacket pocket. Rainbow Dash stood there, tray in hand.

"Mind if I sit with you?"

"Uhh sure. How come you didn't just finish your lunch at the table?"

"Eh, they were being jerks. I didn't feel like sitting with people who talked bad about my friends."

Rainbow's candidness took Sunset by surprise, but in a weird way it brought some relief. Now she no longer had to wonder what they thought of her.

I wonder if any of them wrote these notes. She thought angrily.

Rainbow caught the hardened expression on her friend's face. "Anyway, forget those guys. How's your schedule treating you?"

"Pretty well, I start the day off with two classes with Twilight, then next I have a class with Pinkie."

"That's lucky. I've only got one class with AJ."

"How are you two doing?"

"We're awesome! I'm pretty stoked for the double date on Friday." The rainbow haired girl beamed.

"Me too! Has Applejack given you any indication as to what we're doing?

"Nope! She's insisting on keeping it a secret and not knowing is killing me!"

The two spent the next little while theorizing what their significant others could have in store for them. The theories ranged from the reasonable, dinner and a movie, to the wishful.

"But what if that's what it is!" Rainbow mused.

"I just don't think they found a treasure map and we're going to have a Daring Do style adventure. For one, I'm almost positive Twilight would have insisted they give it to the proper experts for study."

"Dammit, Twilight, why couldn't you just let this one slide. We could have had an awesome adventure and become rich and famous!"

Sunset laughed heartily and gave her friend a comforting pat on the back. "I know, I'll talk to her, but would Applejack have been any better?"

She sighed in defeat. "You're right. She would have done the same thing. Why couldn't we have found the treasure map?"

"I dunno, it just wasn't in the cards I guess." She chuckled.

The bell rang, sentencing them to return to classes.

"See ya Sunset!" Rainbow called back as she jogged off to her next class.

"Bye Rainbow Dash!"

When her friend was around the corner Sunset retrieved the handful of notes from her pocket. She reread them once more, anger building inside her again.

What the hell! Who's leaving all these notes? More importantly how do they all know where my locker is?

These questions and more paced around her mind all the way to her next class. She sat down in a huff and put her head on the desk. She was talking herself down from being angry when Pinkie Pie took her spot in the desk to Sunset’s left.

"Trying to absorb the memories of people who sat there before you? Trust me, that is not how you do it."

Sunset smirked. "Spoken like you've tried it before."

"Well duh! Who better to get study notes from than students who already took the tests?"

"So what is the correct way to absorb the memories of past students?" She asked, curious how the eccentric girl would respond.

Pinkie leaned across the aisle and placed one arm around Sunset's shoulders. "Secret rituals." She whispered.

"Oh?" Sunset played along. "Tell me more."

Pinkie continued, her voice a conspiratorial whisper. "First you'll need chalk, a black candle and a cupcake. You draw the ancient symbol, light the candle and say the eldritch prayer. Then fifteen minutes later the memories come flooding into you like a chaotic symphony of madness!"

The room around them was quiet in response to Pinkie's apparent outburst. The two friends tried and failed to hold back their laughter.

"What was the cupcake for?" Sunset said wiping a tear from her eye.

"In case you get hungry of course!"

"I think you'll do just fine in this class." She smiled.

Sunset was glad she had another class with Pinkie, she seemed to be able to find a way to make her smile.

"I hope so. I'm really excited to write. I'm hoping to get practice writing short stories. What about you?"

"Poetry maybe? I don't know, it will be fun to write anything honestly." She smiled.

After class started Sunset became more excited about the class the more the teacher told them about what they would be learning. She also noticed that the dirty looks were far fewer in this class. She was even able to get to know Lyra's girlfriend Sweetie Drops a little better.

"So do you have any ideas for stories?" Sunset asked when the teacher gave the class free time.

"Well... I have one idea I've been mulling over. But you can't laugh!"

"Cross my heart." Sunset promised.

Sweetie Drops exhaled. "Okay, so it's about a high school girl who is also a spy, and she has to try to balance being a secret agent and a regular girl." She looked to Sunset for a reaction.

"That sounds really interesting. I'd definitely read it." She said with a smile.

Sweetie Drops sighed with relief. "Do you have any stories?"

"No stories, but I've been working on a song for a while. I wonder if songwriting will be a part of the class."

"Maybe. Hey you should ask the teacher."

"I think I will next class period."

Lyra met Sweetie Drops at the door when the bell rang.

"There's my Bon-Bon!" She said, taking Sweetie's hand in her own.

"Bob-bon? Like the candy?" Sunset asked.

"Yep! Cuz she's as sweet as candy!" She nuzzled the heavily blushing cheek of her girlfriend.

"I thought I told you not to call me that in public." She groaned.

"Oh you know it's cute."

Sunset tried her best to hold back a chuckle. "I see you've dived right into being in a relationship Lyra."

"Yeah, she's intense, but she's right, I do like it." She booped Lyra's nose.

"Ugh, get out of here you two, I'm afraid of getting a cavity." She playfully pushed the couple up the hall. "See you tomorrow, Lyra!"

"Later, Sunset!"

Sunset bid Pinkie farewell and made her way to her final class, 'Food and Nutrition'. She didn't care that, once again, her classmates migrated away from her leaving the desk next to her one of the only vacant seats in the room. She almost preferred it, it would make it so she could learn the recipes herself and wouldn't have to give half the work to a partner when it came time to actually cook.

The teacher was taking roll, Sunset half listening for her name to be called. Once roll was taken care of, the teacher was about to get into what the class would be covering when the door flew open to reveal a panting girl that caused Sunset's muscles to tense up.

"Sorry! I'm so sorry I'm late!"

"That's alright." The teacher, Raspberry Tart, assured her. "Just take your seat. Name?"

"Sonata Dusk, ma'am."