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New to writing and looking to improve my skills. I have some stories on other platforms I think might be enjoyed by the community as well,


Twilight is new to Canterlot High, forced to leave her friend's and school since her dad got a new job. This is the story of how she met Sunset Shimmer and the rest of her friends. Join her as she makes her way through High School and all the experiences it provides. New Friends, first love, and dealing with bullies all await her and her friends, can they make it through it all together?

Art by: https://www.deviantart.com/looknamtcn

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And so it begins. :pinkiehappy: Velvet, we're gonna have to talk about your timing.

I have to say that this story intrigues me a lot, I do not think I have read other stories with the protagonists, completely out of the magic factor on which the Equestria Girls series is centered, but despite all I like this story so much to put it between my favorites. Congratulations on the job you are doing!

P.s: is my impression or have I smelled of FluttershyxRarity in the air even though it seems one-way?

Omg twilight is adorkable in this story, can't wait for more

Twilight come on you can do it

Rarity's finger thing was Blueblood right? :flutterrage:

Come on, Twilight. We're all behind you.

If Rarity's injury is the result of what I think it is, :twilightangry2:

Thank you :twilightsmile: I hope I can continue to keep your interest. I appreciate the feedback

I just want to thank everyone who has commented on and liked or even given my story a chance and read it. I love logging on and seeing a notification that someone has added it to their reading list or left a comment. Every like or comment seriously brings a goofy smile to my face :twilightsmile: so thank you from the bottom of my heart, It means a lot to me.

That last comment from Velvet does not sound good.

When I first saw the chapter title, I immediately assumed the Dazzlings were going to make trouble again. Instead I got something that was far more awesome. Go Fluttershy!

"What are-" that was all she was able to get out before Twilight kissed her. Sunset's eyes widened, but they closed shortly after as she sunk into the kiss, taking in every bit of the moment she could. The smell of the sweat coming from Twilight's pores, the feel of Twilight's hand on her cheek, of her fingers laced through Twilight's long hair. She imprinted the taste of Twilight's lips to memory as they held each other, the stereo playing the same song that played the first day Twilight had gone to Sunset's, which in that moment, became their song.

Yessssssssssss!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!

Great chapter!

😄 Yes!

Please don't tell me Velvet's going to be a moment killer. 😦

The only thing I could think of when Twilight saw them kiss was this.

It's nice to know that Shining Armor will be supportive, but I still worry about Velvet. Night Light seems to be a maybe, judging by the verbal exchange he and Twilight shared before she went to school.

Personally, I would mark this as AU Humanized, not EqG, but that's just me.
Regardless, it's pretty good so far, albeit slightly fast in the pacing.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Lemme guess, Adagio is Sunset's ex?

Hello readers. In case you haven't seen my blog posts. I've been doing rewrites of the chapters to make the story flow better and make more sense. So, as of Aug 12th the rewrites will be replacing the original versions. I hope you will all continue to read and enjoy my story. Thank you :)

Poor Pinkie, being the group's seventh wheel :pinkiesad2: I'm glad she has such good friends looking out for her, though.

Pinkie should just ask Cheese herself and not wait until he asks her. There is nothing wrong with that and it would be the first time I see a girl doing so.

All throughout the chapter, I was wondering if you were actually going to be pairing Pinkie Pie with anyone. Thanks for the answer.

:pinkiehappy: This was adorable! Great job :twilightsmile:

Also, I hope they tell Twilight's parents soon.

:pinkiehappy: thank you. I loved writing this one! I'm glad you liked it too :)

I thought Twilight was going to tell her parents about her relationship with Sunset in this chapter.
Welp. I guess that means we will have to wait a bit longer.

Completely enjoyable all the way through. :pinkiesmile:

I actually thought about doing that, but to me it made sense that Pinkie would be more traditional in that respect since her parents are old fashioned.

Really good story. I hope you continue.

Oh boy, Adagio is going to go on the warpath now. I'm also getting more worried about Velvet in respect to her daughter's romantic life. Well, I guess I'll be seeing what happens then.

Oooh, drama! It was good of Sunset to have this little, ah, 'talk' with Adagio. Even though I also think it's gonna lead to her going on the warpath. Hopefully Sunset manages to at least get through the dance without trouble, though I doubt it'll happen.

:pinkiehappy: Yes, this was great! You had me worried a little at first with Velvet's reaction, but I'm glad it ended on a happy note. :twilightsmile:

Velvet reacted just as I feared. But, happily, Night Light took the news as I thought he might, which led this chapter to end on a positive note. I also greatly loved every single moment of Sunset giving Twilight emotional support. :pinkiehappy: :heart:

Blue blood wants a damn good cock-dropping for hurting Rarity. I hope he gets his balls handed to him.

For some reason, Twilight going on a shopping trip alone with her mother is making me feel uneasy. Guess I'll find out later if I'm just reading too much into things or not.

I'll second the unease about the upcoming shopping trip, but other than that it was a sweet chapter. A few spelling/grammar mistakes, though - basketball is one word, and Sweetie Belle is two.

Thank you for catching those, I think I caught all the "basketballs", and thanks for setting me straight on Sweetie Belle's name, I never checked the spelling... (rubs neck awkwardly) I always appreciate constructive criticism :twilightsmile:

No problem, I'm happy to help! :twilightsmile:

:yay: That turned out much better than I had anticipated.

Glad to see I was wrong, and now I see why Velvet originally reacted the way she did.

It's about an FBI agent who has to seek help from a cannibal serial killer to catch another serial killer. It's so good and so intense!"

Silence of the Lambs

Bingo! :raritywink: haha. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time! I couldn’t help myself :twilightsheepish:

"Girls, this is my girlfriend Vynil Scratch."

It should be Vinyl

I’ll fix that, thank you for bringing that to my attention :)

Very nice, very cute. :twilightsmile: Not much else to say.

Love everything about the time at the funzone from start to finish. To me, the highlights were seeing who won the free-for-all laser tag game and the couples recounting for Cheese how they got together.

I’m glad you enjoyed those parts, those were my favorites too :pinkiehappy: I was worried about the length of this chapter, but I didn’t want to cut much out of it. It was actually even longer before I did my final edit :twilightsheepish:

As you know this is the second time reading trough so the site shows me the chapters I read and honestly, i doesn't lose its appeal the second time. I know that's going to happen but I can't seem to stop getting excited to 'see what happens next' and it still makes be giddy possibly more so.

You dont have to worry about chapter length with theseckonds of things. The more the better in my oppinion.

Again, I like reading more of Velvet's character development as the relationship between her daughter and Sunset progresses. The scene with her and Sunset was just so beautiful.

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