A Ray of Sunlight

by BChunter426

The Concert

Twilight was watching Fluttershy and Rarity go, amazed at the hidden strength inside her friend. Pinkie, Rainbow and AJ were just as amazed, and the four of them stared after them in silent awe. 
     Rainbow was the first to speak. "Who knew she had that in her. I've known her pretty much my whole life and I've never seen anything like it."
     "She must really care for Rarity." Pinkie observed. They all nodded their agreement.
     "One thing ah know for sure, ah definitely do not wanna be on the receivin' end of that stare. Blue Blood looked just about ready to wet himself." Applejack stated.
     "Wow, sounds like I missed quite the spectacle." Said a voice from behind them, causing them all to jump.
     "Sunset! What are you doing here?" Twilight asked, giving her a hug. 
     "I'm just heading to the bathroom. So what happened?" She asked.
     When they finished telling her what had happened Sunset was just as awestruck.
     "Our Fluttershy did that? Wow, I never would have guessed." She smiled at the thought. "Well, I better do what I came to do and head back to class. I'll see you next period Twi." Sunset said goodbye to her friends and headed in the direction of the restrooms. 
     "Yeah, I'd better head back and get my stuff before the bell rings." Rainbow said. She gave Applejack a kiss before leaving.
     Pinkie left for her locker as well, squeezing her friends in a big hug. Applejack and Twilight remained in the hallway.
     "So have you told Sunset how you really feel yet?" Applejack asked suddenly.
     "... No." Twilight responded.
    "Look, I know ah said to do what comes naturally and not to rush things, but get the lead out girl. She's not gonna wait forever." She said.
     "I know! I just get so nervous every time I try." She rubbed her arm uncomfortably.
    "Ah know it's scary, but if you want to make something happen you might have to take charge." The five-minute bell rang then. "Just something to think about sugarcube. See ya 'round Twilight, have fun tomorrow."
     Twilight and Sunset were hardly able to concentrate in their video class. They received an 'A' on their bullying PSA, Mr. Mogul even asked them if he could keep it as an example for later classes. They were honored and of course agreed. When the class finally ended the two practically sprinted out the door and finalized their plans before Twilight boarded the bus.

     Saturday morning, Twilight woke up bright and early, unable to sleep in how she wanted to. She ate breakfast and watched videos on the internet to pass the time until two-thirty when Sunset would pick her up.
     Sunset called Twilight to let her know she was on her way. Twilight waited patiently in the living room with her parents. They were talking about the date night her parents had planned when there was a knock at the door.
     "I've got it!" Twilight cried.
     She opened the door to see Sunset Shimmer smiling broadly. She was dressed in a black t-shirt with a cool design on it, blue jeans and black combat boots. 
     "You look concert ready Twi." She said.
     Twilight was sporting a pink tee with black, white and pink stars on it, with a black skirt, knee high socks and high tops.
     "Thanks I was hoping I looked alright." Twilight said.
     Velvet and Nightlight came to the door and hugged them both goodbye. 
     "Drive safe you two, and have fun." Velvet said. 
     "We will!" Twilight called back as they ran to the car. 
     The two of them hit the road. They had an Offspring playlist that Sunset made special for the occasion playing in the background while they excitedly talked. 
     "So how many concerts have you been to Sunset?" Twilight asked.
     "Umm, I think this will be my fourth. Each one was awesome, but I know this one will be my favorite."
     "Well yeah, it's your favorite band!" Twilight said.
     "True, but the company is also way better." She gave Twilight a sly wink, which caused Twilight to become flustered.
     The two stopped to get burgers before continuing on to the venue. They were singing at the top of their lungs to the songs on the playlist. Twilight was playing a riff on her air guitar when she heard the sound of a cell phone camera click. She looked at Sunset, who was barely holding back her laughter.
     "Oh, that is a keeper for sure!" Sunset said, sliding her phone into her pocket.
     "No no no, delete it!" Twilight reached for the phone, but Sunset slapped her hand away playfully.
     "Hey I'm driving, no distracting the driver!" She laughed.
     “Says the one who took her eyes off the road to snap a picture.”
     “It was worth the risk.” She teased.
     They finally arrived, and since they made such good time they were only in line for about a half hour before it was their turn to go through the security check. Once their bags were cleared they were given their things back and their VIP badges on lanyards, then they were ushered in. 
     “Enjoy the show.” The heavily tattooed security guard told them with a smile.
     “Definitely!” Sunset called back.
The venue was awesome, it was outdoors with an expansive lawn in the back where many had already set up blankets to relax on before the opening act. A middle section with seats bolted to the ground. Then the VIP section which had a full bar, tables and comfortable looking seats, with staircases that lead down to the pit area.
     "This is incredible! Thank you so much Twilight!" Sunset scooped her companion up in a hug then grabbed her hand to explore the grounds around the stage. They went to the food stands and got some pretzels and water. They looked at the posters for the bands performing, they each bought an Offspring poster that featured the band. The two flitted around to the different stands for a bit when they ran into a girl from school.
     "Hey Octavia!" Sunset said to the girl with elegant dark brown hair. "I didn't expect to see you here."
     "Sunset Shimmer, how are you dear?" Octavia said with a silky English accent.
     The two hugged and Twilight felt a pang of jealousy. They talked easily with each other about class and music. Twilight was silent for the most part, discouraged slightly by how well they were getting along.
     "Oh, I'm so rude." Sunset made introductions. "this is Twilight. Twilight, Octavia. We have music class together, she's basically a cello expert."
     Octavia shook Twilight's hand. "Lovely to meet you Twilight."
     "Likewise. Are you here with anyone?" Twilight asked.
     "She's with me." A cheery voice said from behind Octavia, the newcomer handed Octavia a water bottle. "Here you go babe." She moved her blue hair out of her face.
     "Girls, this is my girlfriend Vinyl Scratch." They made their introductions and talked until they could hear the band starting warm ups on the stage. They all dispersed and got ready for the first act. 
     Good Charlotte put on an excellent show. Their set was a perfect combination of high and mid-energy songs that twilight was able to sing along with. During the song "Silver Screen Romance", Sunset and Twilight did an improvised swing dance routine in the VIP section they had secured. Twilight couldn't believe how much fun she was having, she was so glad that her first concert was with Sunset Shimmer.
     After Good Charlotte there was an intermission before Sum 41 took the stage, so the girls went to a kiosk that had caught Twilight's eye the first time around. They approached the airbrush tattoo artist and looked over his book of design templates. They got their tattoos on the underside of their wrists, Twilight got a pink star with six smaller stars surrounding it, while Sunset got a red and yellow stylized sun design. Even though it was only temporary, Twilight felt very rebellious with it. They took a picture of their tattoos side by side on their phones, adding to the many they had already taken that day.
     The mid-October sun was shining down on them enough that Sunset took off her t-shirt. Her plain white tank top had a low neckline, she looked up from putting her shirt in her bag and caught Twilight staring.
     "See something you like?" She teased.
     "I wasn't staring!" Twilight said flustered.
     Sunset laughed. "It's fine Twilight, I know it's a little revealing," she blushed a bit. "but I knew it was gonna be hot."
     The band was warming up as they went to the bar and got complimentary water bottles. Sum 41 took the stage and rocked the show, Sunset and Twilight even ventured down into the pit. Twilight held Sunset's hand so she wouldn't be separated from her, although she'd be lying if she said it wasn't partly an excuse just to hold her hand. They bumped into Octavia and Vinyl again, and the three of them showed Twilight the basics of moshing and before long they had a small mosh group. Sunset acted as a buffer between Twilight and the others until she got acclimated, but soon Twilight was jumping around with the rest. 
     The sun was setting as Sum 41 finished their set. Sunset and Twilight went to one of the food stands and got hot dog combos and nachos to split for dinner. They went back to their spot and set the food down, ready to eat.
     "You looked like you were having fun out there." Sunset said as she tied her hair back in a ponytail.
     "Yeah! It waff sfo muff fun!" Twilight said, her mouth full of food.
     "In english please." Sunset said with a laugh as she dug into her own food.
     Twilight swallowed. "Sorry, it was so much fun! I was a little nervous at first but then I just rolled with it."
     "I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself. I was worried this would be too much and you'd be miserable."
     "Well, having you here really helps. I don't know that I'd be having as much fun otherwise. I'm really happy I went to my first concert with you." Twilight smiled broadly at Sunset.
     Sunset felt herself blush. "Well I'm glad we could come together."
     Feeling sufficiently full, they decided to wander around for a bit. They walked close together so they wouldn’t be separated, and every so often their hands would brush each other. Every time this happened Twilight was tempted to lace their fingers together. They headed toward the t-shirt booth, where they each bought an Offspring shirt that had the tour dates on the back. Sunset bought one of Sum 41's and Twilight bought a Good Charlotte shirt. It was considerably cooler now that night had fallen so Sunset put her t-shirt she brought with her back on.
     They made their way toward the pit again, squeezing their way toward the front. They were right at center stage, leaning against the guard fence. They were talking excitedly when the stadium lights turned off. The crowd erupted with cheers, Sunset and Twilight adding their voices to the cacophony. After a brief wait the classic bass intro of 'Bad Habit' played, causing the crowd's cries to grow louder. A spotlight shone on each member as their part started. As soon as the song took off the lights flashed on and off in various colors in time with the music, and mosh pits broke out all around them. Laughing, they joined the nearest one, jumping and pushing with everyone else. 
     The band played a lot of Sunset’s favorite songs during their time on stage, she and Twilight moshed and sang along. Sunset noticed that whenever Twilight sang a curse word her eyes would get really wide, and she found this adorable. The  concert went on well into the night, the two of them had a blast the whole time. After the concert was over and they were able to eventually make it out of the crowded parking lot, they were on their way home reflecting on the amazing day they just had. Sunset had her music playing quietly as they drove home, Twilight could barely stay still she was so full of energy. 
     They made the journey back into town, the song they were listening to was just ending as they pulled up in front of Twilight's house. Sunset leaned back in her seat, smiling as Twilight highlighted her favorite parts of their day. She was talking very animatedly when she suddenly stopped. She made eye contact with Sunset, who started to blush.
     "What is it Twi?" Sunset asked, a little concerned. 
     A determination filled Twilight's gaze. "If I don't do this now I never will."
     "What are-" that was all she was able to get out before Twilight kissed her. 
     Sunset's eyes widened, but they closed shortly after as she sunk into the kiss, taking in every bit of the moment she could. The smell of the sweat coming from Twilight's pores, the feel of Twilight's hand on her cheek, of her fingers laced through Twilight's long hair. She imprinted the taste of Twilight's lips as they held each other, the stereo playing the same song that had been playing when she’d nearly kissed her that first day, which in that moment, became their song.