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Discord Channel? · 6:45am Oct 10th, 2020

Hello! Long time no post. This is a bit of a short one, but if I were to start a discord server would there be any interest? It would be pretty basic, mostly just chat channels, but I’d like it to be a place to interact more with my readers rather than just in the comments of my stories. I’d have channels to post art, updates to stories and projects, a channel for self promotion. I guess leave a comment or a reaction of some kind if there’s an interest. Thanks :)

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The End (for now) · 3:16pm Nov 18th, 2019

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay on this chapter. I wanted to get the next chapter mostly done before posting this one. The reason being that the next chapter will be the final one of "A Ray of Sunlight" and I didn't want you all to have as long of a wait for the final chapter. Don't worry though, the girls will be back! I'm not done telling their story just yet. I'll have more to add after the final chapter is posted, including a list of future projects I have planned. Thank you for giving me

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Rewrites being posted (sorry for the delay) · 7:24pm Aug 24th, 2019

Hey everyone! I’m finally posting the rewrites! Sorry it’s taken so long to get around to doing it. Life just got really busy :applejackconfused: but here they are now. The biggest rewrites are “New Friends” and ”A Day With Pinkie”. There are minor rewrites in most of the chapters as well but those are the biggest I believe. These rewrites don’t change the story by any means, but they do help it flow a lot better.

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Rewrites · 6:39pm Jul 26th, 2019

Hey everyone! I’m just giving a heads up about the next chapter. It’s going to be delayed a little bit longer (please don’t hate me) because I’ve been going back through and rewriting some of the earlier chapters. Not in big ways that change the story, but they do help it flow a lot better. I’ve been getting little bits done on the next chapter in between as well, but the rewrites will be posted soon as well as the next chapter.

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Apologies · 4:38pm May 12th, 2018

Hey everyone. I just want to apologize for the delay on the next chapter. Life has been busy and I hit a pretty major bout of writer’s block, but I’m getting back into the rhythm so it should hopefully be out soon. :twilightsmile:

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Sunset and Twilight’s Song · 9:20pm Apr 3rd, 2018

So I’ve made reference to “their song” several times in my story. I’ve intentionally kept it vague partly because it kept changing in my own mind but also so you could insert whatever song you think fits best for them. I’ve grown curious as to what song y’all have inserted while reading. The songs that have popped up most in my head during those scenes have been “Miracle” by Foo Fighters, “Thunder” by Boys Like Girls and more recently “Let Me Be” by Escape the Fate. They all seemed to capture

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She-demon theory · 9:17pm Mar 23rd, 2018

So I came up with this theory while talking with my friend and fellow author JWolfSilver. We were talking about the scene from the first Equestria Girls movie, just before Sunset’s transformation into a demon. We were talking about how visually powerful the image her crying as she transforms is. You can tell that as soon as she has all this power she immediately regrets it. It’s like she realizes way too late that it’s too much for her to handle and the extent of all her actions to get to this

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1k reads. Thank you! · 4:33pm Mar 21st, 2018

I just wanted to take a second to thank everyone who has read my story and made this possible. Even if you only got a few chapters in. Thank you. I’m not great at interacting with you all and I’m sorry about that. Life has been stupid busy. I used to be better. But I’m going to try my hand at making more blog posts and responding to comments more often. So expect some odd ramblings and strange theories! I also apologize for the slow update schedule. Like I said life has been stupid busy. Thank

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Hiatus final update · 3:51am Aug 11th, 2017

Hello everyone. By this weekend I will have all of the rewrites done and possibly a new chapter. So as of august 12 the old versions will be replaced with the rewrites :) I hope you all will enjoy the new versions. I feel like they are an improvement and make the story flow better and make more sense. Anyway, thank you all for bearing with me, reading my story and giving your support. It all means so much to me.

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Hiatus cont'd. · 1:05am Aug 7th, 2017

Hello again! So I'm torn as to what to do with my story until I finish the rewrites, so I'm seeking help from my readers. I have almost six chapters rewritten, so should I (a) post those and unpublished the rest, then republish them after they are rewritten. Or (b) should I just leave what I have up, then just post the rewrites all at once? Leave a comment on my page or PM me which one you are in favor of. Whichever one has the majority on Thursday is what I will do. I hope that seems fair. If

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