• Published 17th Jun 2017
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A Ray of Sunlight - BChunter426

Twilight has just transferred to CHS, she's nervous to start at this new school, but a red and yellow haired girl makes the transition easier.

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Falling Out

After a few days of carrying everything in her backpack Sunset found the pain to be no more tolerable. She did her best not to let on how uncomfortable she was and joked about it making her stronger. Saying that maybe she'd keep it up and try out for track next year.

"You totally should!" Rainbow encouraged. "We need more people to join up for next year."

"We'll see." She chuckled. "I've never really been much for sports, but it could be something fun to try."

"I'll train with you! We'll be the number one girls on the team!" She pressed.

"I think you should do it." Twilight hugged Sunset's arm. "You'd do really well. Besides it will look good on a college application."

"You just wanna look at my butt in track shorts." She nudged her bespectacled girlfriend playfully.

"I'm not denying that it will certainly be an added perk." She winked and squirmed away as Sunset tickled her side. "I'm serious though, I think you should at least try out."

"I'll think about it." She smiled.

The bell rang then, Sunset still dreaded going to her classes. The treatment she received from classmates hadn't slowed. It was really starting to weigh on her.

Twilight and Sunset made their way to their psychology class, sitting in their seats just before the announcements. The morning announcements were the usual fare. Overly cheerful announcer, bad puns, and updates on upcoming events like the school's production of 'The Music Man'.

The one thing that wasn't old-hat was the reminder about the screen in the dining hall. The school had installed a screen and projector during the break. It had similar information to the morning announcements cycling on a loop in a slideshow interlaced with candid shots taken by the photography club. Occasionally there would be video from sporting events. Rainbow had been featured several times in a highlight reel of last semester's sports footage accompanied by a popular song.

Berry Punch had remained sitting at their table and had even become a good acquaintance to both of them. The other students that had to sit with them generally were silent and only talked among themselves.

Quick Wit had taken to sitting at the table on the opposite side of the room. She could feel his scowl boring a hole in the back of her head, but she paid him no mind. The good thing was that he kept the same distance outside of class as well. However this didn't stop him from making cruel remarks during class. He never called her out by name, but Sunset knew the jabs were directed at her.

Once psychology ended, the pair went to the library for their free period as they usually did since the semester started. Sunset retrieved the collection of H.P. Lovecraft stories she had been working on while Twilight grabbed the next book in the Harry Potter series. They got comfortable on one of the couches provided in the library.

Sunset had her legs draped over one arm as she lounged against Twilight. Stretching out felt nice, it relieved the tension in her back and shoulders. Today was especially bad since her bag had been resting on a nerve she'd pinched the other day. Which did nothing to help her mood. As she got comfortable she felt the stress of everything building up start melting away.

"How's your book coming?" Twilight asked after finishing another chapter of her own book.

"Oh you know, unknowable horrors, madness inducing elder gods, the usual."

Twilight chuckled and closed her book. She ran her fingers through Sunset's hair.

Sunset sighed contently and closed her eyes. "How about yours?"

"It's so good! Harry and the gang just escaped the womping willow!" She smiled.

"How many times have you read that series?" Sunset asked with genuine curiosity.

"After this time it will be... five I think?"

Sunset shook her head. "I'll never understand how people can do that. After I've finished a book it's hard to reread it."

"Really? I love rereading books. It lets you pick up on things you missed before."

"But you already know what's going to happen, the suspense is gone."

"Not necessarily. When you reread you can find details that expand on the world. Then you can put the details you've discovered together and get a bigger, clearer picture of- why are you looking at me like that?"

Sunset held her look of suspicion. "Where's the cork board Sparkle?"

"Cork board?"

"Yeah, the one with your conspiracy theories connected by threads showing how your favorite books are all connected to each other."

"What? Conspiracy theories, that's just... I mean, definitely don't look behind my dresser."

Sunset laughed and kissed Twilight's nose. She returned her attention to her book. Twilight absent-mindedly traced shapes and swirls on her girlfriend's hand. It was then that she noticed that they were the only students in the library. She decided to try once more to talk to Sunset. She was nervous, because the last few times they had nearly gotten into an argument.

"So... can we talk about what's been bothering you lately?"

Sunset tensed up again. "I don't know what you're talking about." She said flatly.

"Sunset, come on I'm not stupid. I can tell something's going on. You think I can't tell when your fists clench when that boy makes a comment in class? Or how you've gotten mad at little things that never used to bother you before?"

"It's just the stress of school." Sunset's pulse quickened. "Plus in case you didn't notice I have an extra thirty pounds in my bag. Excuse me for being a little grouchy." She said, refusing to meet Twilight's eyes.

"You don't have to though! I told you that you can use my locker." She said, feeling frustrated.

"It's just easier this way."

"I know that's not true." Twilight grumbled.

"So I'm a liar now?" She said sharply.

"That's not what I'm saying Sunset. But I know there's more than what you're telling me. I just want to help if I can."

"So what if there is?" She sat up and faced Twilight. "I don't have to tell you everything. I can deal with my own problems, you don't have to babysit me. I've dealt with stuff on my own for a long time before I met you."

"You don't have to. Why won't you let me help you?"

The bell rang to end the class period. Sunset quickly grabbed her bag. It slammed painfully into her lower back. She started briskly walking out of the library.

"Sunset wait." Twilight called after her.

"I have to get something from my locker." She said without looking back.

Twilight slumped down onto the couch as her girlfriend left her behind.


Sunset quickly walked toward the direction of her locker. When she arrived she made to open the door but couldn't make herself open it. She imagined the door swinging open and a flood of folded papers, each with increasing malice, falling at her feet.

She kicked her locker several times in frustration. "Dammit!"

Someone behind her cleared their throat. Sunset turned on her heel. She was in no mood to deal with any snarky comments or passive-aggressive remarks. To her surprise she saw Rainbow Dash carrying a tray of food.

"Hey Sunset." She said a little awkwardly.

Sunset sighed heavily. "Hi Rainbow."

"Is everything alright?" She asked.

The question set her off again. "Why does everyone assume something's wrong? I'm fine!"

"The dent in your locker would beg to differ." Rainbow pointed to the fresh damage. "I'm all about hitting stuff to relieve stress, but you had to know it's a pretty obvious sign something's up."

Sunset slipped down her locker and smiled begrudgingly. "You might have a point."

Rainbow took a seat next to her friend. "Wanna talk about it?"

"No." She snapped.

Rainbow held her hands up defensively. "Hey, don't bite my head off, I was just trying to be friendly."

She pinched the bridge of her nose and took a deep breath. "I'm sorry... Twilight and I just had a fight."

Rainbow's eyes widened in surprise. "What happened?"

"I don't know, she keeps trying to fix me and get involved with my troubles. That coupled with this pain in my back and my over stuffed backpack caused me to lose my temper with her."

Rainbow looked at her incredulously. "Do you hear yourself?"


"You got mad at your girlfriend, who you love, for trying to be a good girlfriend."

"That's not the point. I don't need her to try to help me solve my problems!" Sunset felt her temper threatening to boil over again. "There's no point in getting her involved and making her life more stressful with my issues!"

Rainbow shook her head. "Sunset, I respect this whole 'Miss Independent, I can do everything myself' thing you've got going for you. I do, but that's one of the great parts of being in a couple. You don't have to deal with your issues alone. I can't tell you how many times AJ has helped me through some crap I've been dealing with. And it works both ways, I've helped her through her own problems."

Sunset was silent, realizing her friend had a point.

Rainbow put a comforting hand on Sunset's shoulder. "I don't mean to undermine you or what you've been through. I can only imagine how hard it was for you. I just thought a new perspective might help."

Sunset smiled at her friend. "Thanks Rainbow. And you're right, I should apologize and finally talk to her." She had a sudden realization. "You know, this was a surprisingly serious talk. I wouldn't have thought I'd have one of those with you." She teased.

"Yep, I'm full of surprises." She took a big bite of the ravioli the school served and immediately dropped most of it back in the styrofoam bowl. "Jeez, that's like lava!"

Sunset chuckled. "That's more like it."

Rainbow playfully shoved Sunset's shoulder. "Yeah yeah, laugh it up. Hey, where's your food?"

"Oh, I was too upset after the fight to have an appetite. Now that I've calmed down I'm regretting not waiting in line."

Rainbow stood, balancing her tray as she did so. "Well let's go get you some vending machine food. Get you prepared for the college years." She joked and extended a hand.

Sunset took the offered help. "Ugh, I don't even want to think about that."

Rainbow laughed as the two made their way to the snack machines. As they walked and talked they passed Vice Principal Luna, who gave them a polite nod when they greeted her. The two friends were deep in conversation when Sunset saw an all too familiar smirk coming toward them.

Adagio Dazzle strode in their direction, taking the girls by surprise. They were so distracted by the appearance of the girl that Rainbow didn't see Aria, who was walking with the hood of her jacket obscuring her face, slide her leg to the side. Rainbow tripped forward, sending some of her food straight at the girl in front of her.

"Vice Principal Luna! Come quick!" Aria shouted as she rounded the corner Luna had gone down.

Adagio reached forward and gave Sunset a shove which set Rainbow off. She shouted and moved to shove her back when, before she could, Aria returned with the vice principal in tow. Everything happened in such quick succession that Sunset didn't have time to react.

"What is going on here?" Luna demanded.

"Vice Principal Luna, I'm so glad you showed up when you did. Rainbow Dash was bullying Sunset Shimmer." Adagio really put on a show.

"What the hell are you talking about!"

"Miss Dash, I will not have such language spoken at this school." Luna said sharply. "Now, I'm confused. Why would Rainbow Dash pick on Miss Shimmer? I thought you two were friends?"

"I think I can shed some light on that." Adagio said with a pathetic lilt in her voice. "I've heard some of the girls on the basketball team are ignoring her. Some of them even refuse to practice with her because she's friends with Sunset."

Sunset looked at Rainbow who averted her gaze.

"She must have finally snapped." Adagio continued. "I was trying to defend poor Sunset when Rainbow dumped her food on me." She motioned to the food on her shirt.

"You liar! Your damn lackey tripped me and you put yourself right where you'd get spilled on!" Rainbow was getting increasingly annoyed.

"I won't warn you again. One more and I'll have no choice but to give you detention.

"Tell her Sunset, she started it!" Rainbow yelled, frustrated.

Sunset looked from her friend to the vice-principal. It was then that she noticed from behind Luna, the sinister smile Adagio had fixed on her face.

What else does she have on me? Sunset thought in a panic. Could she really have something that would make my life worse?

"I... uh, I don't know." She focused her gaze onto the floor.

"Sunset, come on! Tell her what happened, get her back for everything she's done to you."

"Done to her? You mean be her friend in this difficult time?" Adagio wined.

"Oh please, that's the biggest load of horse..." a look from Luna made Rainbow change course. "Horse shoes.

The two went back and forth until Luna had had enough. "Quiet, both of you! It seems the only one who can give the full story is Miss Shimmer." She turned her attention to the girl who had yet to speak. "Sunset, please tell me what happened."

Adagio's voice dropped to a tone Sunset was all to familiar with. "Yes Sunset, explain what happened."

Sunset looked between the three sets of eyes on her. "I... uh. I'm not feeling well."

Before anyone could say anything Sunset took off. She went to the nearest restroom and locked herself in one of the stalls. A wave of nausea rolled over her, brought on by the events that had taken place over the day. She was able to keep everything down until her stomach settled. She sat on the toilet seat to recompose herself. She was absentmindedly looking over the various graffiti on the walls when one in particular caught her eye.

Someone had drawn a cartoon version of her. Only they had added a cartoonishly evil expression complete with jagged teeth and horns. Tears suddenly pricked Sunset's eyes and began rolling down her cheeks. The sight of how people perceive her was too much. She hated how negatively everyone thought of her.

"I'm a good person." She sobbed, bringing her knees to her chest.

She stayed like that until the bell rang for lunch to end. Unable to stop the tears and sobs she stayed where she was instead of going to class. Sometime later the restroom door opened. Sunset did her best to remain quiet, but a sniffle caught the attention of whoever had entered.

"Hello? Is someone there?" The voice sounded oddly familiar. "The great and powerful Trixie demands an answer."

Sunset was reminded of the last time she'd seen Trixie. The memory of the look of hurt and betrayal on her face. The slap she knew she deserved. Fresh tears made their way down her face as she let out an involuntary sob.

Much softer this time, Trixie addressed the girl in the stall. "Hey, is everything ok? I was just messing around, I’m not actually mad."

Sunset sniffled in response. The last thing she needed right now was to confront Trixie.

Trixie spoke again. "I might not know what's going on, but it will get better. I should know, I've had my share of crummy days. The good thing is they always end and the next day is a new chance for a better one."

The room fell silent for a minute and Sunset wondered what she should do next. Just then Trixie's hand appeared below the door. With a flick of her wrist a cheap paper flower appeared between her fingers.

Sunset smiled slightly and gently plucked the flower from the girl's hand. Written on the two leaves were the words "cheer up".

Trixie made her way to the door.

"Thank you." Sunset whispered.

Trixie grinned and glanced back at the stall before opening the door to leave.

"I'm sorry." Came another whisper.

"So am I." Trixie said under her breath.

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