• Published 19th Mar 2018
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The New Dawn of the Setting Sun - The Crazed Werewolf

Sunset Shimmer rediscovers the family she already has. Can she protect those she loves from the Demon that once lived inside her tormented soul?

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Chapter 1: The Sun Sets.

Author's Note:

This is my second attempt at Sunset Shimmer redemption story, the first Night and Day didn't turn out the way I wanted it, so this is my second attempt., also, think of this as a prequel to the story mentioned above.

And on a side note, I had WAY too much fun writing Sunset's nightmare.

The house was dark and quiet as both Sunset Shimmer and Principal Celestia entered. Celestia's husband, Discord, had left for a business trip on the east coast that morning, and her youngest daughter, Scootaloo was spending the night after the Fall Formal at her friend Sweetie Belle's house. The race from CHS had been quiet and tense.

"I'll go pack my things," Sunset said angrily, breaking the silence as she made her way to the staircase.

"Sunset, why would you pack your things?" Celestia asked.

"You're kicking me out aren't you," Sunset said in a hoarse voice, "seems to be all I'm good at."

"Oh, Sunset," Celestia replied, "I may be upset with you, but I'm not going to kick you out. However there are going to be changes."

"What kind of changes?" Sunset asked hesitantly.

"During the school week you are to be home no later than 5:30. Until I say otherwise, you cannot leave the house on weekends unless you are accompanied by Discord, Luna or myself," Celestia said sternly, "and you are suspended from school for the next week. Is all that clear Sunset?"

"Yes ma'am." Sunset grumbled. Then she turned and headed up the stairs to take a much needed shower.

Celestia watched Sunset walk up the stairs and sighed, what am I going to do with you Sunset. She loved the girl dearly, but over the past year, she had grown more difficult and had turned into a bully despite her best efforts, even alienating her own family.

In her room, Sunset sat on her bed. She held her prized leather jacket in her hands. It was burnt, shredded and covered in a fine layer of dust. Sunset threw into the corner of her room in disgust. Removing her shirt, she saw that it was in a similar state. She threw it into the trash can by her desk. After that she went and took a shower before going to bed. Her last thought before she slipped into unconsciousness was; I'm sorry. Celestia, please forgive me.


Sunset collapsed face down in a puddle of her own tears after having climbed out of the crater. Looking up, she saw Twilight Sparkle towering above her.

"The Magic of Friendship exists everywhere. Here and in Equestria" Twilight was saying, "you can seek it it out or forever be- gkkkt!"

Sunset gasped, a red claw was suddenly protruding from Twilight's chest. A dark figure stood behind her. Pushing Twilight's lifeless corpse into the crater, the Demon that had been Sunset stepped into the light.

"My, my, what a position you've placed yourself into Sunset Shimmer!" the Demon cackled. Applejack and Rainbow Dash tried to rush the evil monster. Without taking her eyes off of Sunset, the Demon snapped her fingers and both Rainbow and Applejack burst into flames.

"Do you really think that you would get rid of me so easily?" the Demon screamed in Sunset's head. Pinkie Pie tried to tackle the Demon, but with the flick of her wrist, the monster threw the pink haired party planner against the side of CHS with a sickeningly wet crunch.

"I am part of you," the Demon said, "deep within your very soul. AND YOU ARE PART OF ME!"

The Demon's left hand slowly transformed into a scythe made of flesh and bone. Sunset could only see the pure joy in the Damon's fiery eyes as it turned toward both Fluttershy and Rarity and in one fell motion, beheaded them both. Rarity's head rolled along the ground, her lifeless eyes coming to gaze upon Sunset.

"First your parents, then the Princess. Now your so-called friends," the Demon taunted, "I'll be coming for you next SUNSET SHIMMER!"


Sunset woke in a cold sweat. Her heart felt like it was going to pound it's way out of her chest. Somewhere, someone was screaming.

"Sunset!" Celestia burst into Sunset's room like a mother lion protecting her cubs. Celestia looked down at Sunset, the poor girl hadn't noticed her arrival. She sat in her bed, crying uncontrollably, rocking herself back and forth. Celestia sat down on Sunset's bed, wrapped the girl in her arms and gave her a tight hug.

"It's ok Sunset," Celestia said softly, "I'm here now."

"Mommy," Sunset whimpered. Celestia was startled, it had been over a year since Sunset had called her Mom or Mother, and she had never been called Mommy.

"Shush, little one," Celestia said, "don't worry, you had a nightmare."

Sunset only nodded, slowly her sobs retreated and Sunset fell back to sleep. Celestia slowly got up from Sunset's bed and started to return to her bedroom.

"Please don't leave me." Sunset said quietly. Celestia looked at the sleeping form of Sunset Shimmer.

"I'll be right here when you awake." Celestia said.

The next morning, Sunset awoke to find Celestia asleep on her bedroom floor.

"Celestia?" Sunset asked groggily.

"Good morning Sunset, feeling better?" Celestia asked. She stretched. She now wished that she had agreed with Discord to put carpet in the bedrooms instead of hardwood.

"Did you sleep on the floor all night?" Sunset asked obviously confused.

"You had a nightmare," Celestia said, "don't you remember me coming in?"

"Honestly," Sunset said, "I thought that was just part of the nightmare."

"How about some breakfast," Celestia said finally, "I can make French toast."

"Yes please." Sunset answered.

Later that afternoon, Sunset was sitting on the couch reading a book about the Crusades when Celestia walked in holding her phone.

"I just got off the phone with Cadence, she and her boyfriend are coming by for dinner tonight." Celestia explained.

"The Marine?" Sunset asked, not looking up from her book.

"You make that sound like a bad thing." Celestia said with a touch of concern.

"Sorry, I can never seem to remember his name," Sunset said, "but I know that he is a Marine. Cadence had the USMC poster in her room during her final two years of college before she moved out."

"His name is Shining Armor." Celestia said, "think you can remember it?"

"I'll try," Sunset said meekly. There was the sudden sound of someone stomping up the front steps, followed by the front door flying open. Scootaloo was home. She was followed by Scootaloo's friend Sweetie Belle and her big sister, Rarity.

Scootaloo sat on the couch across from Sunset and turned on the TV and the game console. She selected "Monster Hunter X: Princess Platinum Edition" and handed a controller to Sweetie Belle.

"What is SHE still doing here," Scootaloo said indicating Sunset, "I was certain that Celestia would have tossed your sorry ass to the curb."

Sunset didn't say anything, she just closed her book and went upstairs.

"SCOOTALOO KENNEDY DISCORD!" Celestia said, "go apologize to Sunset!"

"I'm not apologizing to HER." Scootaloo said.

"Why are you so mean to your sister?" Sweetie Belle asked

"She isn't my SISTER!" Scootaloo fumed.

Rarity decided to go and check on Sunset and went up the stairs. Taking them two at a time in a very unladylike fashion. The first door she opened appeared to be a guest room, the closet was empty, though there was a single poster for a 90's boy band on one wall. The next room had to be Scootaloo's room if Rarity had to guess from the mess and all the sports equipment and the collapsed scooter leaning against the desk.

Opening the third door, Rarity found Sunset sitting on her bed silently crying. Her arms were wrapped around her legs and her head was resting on her knees. She entered and placed her large purse on the desk.

"Sunset, darling," Rarity said' "is everything alright?"

Sunset looked up, her eyes were puffy and red.

"Rarity?" Sunset asked, her mind's eye flashed the image of Rarity's death at the hands of her Demon.

Sunset's behavior was starting to worry the fashionista, she was concerned for the fiery haired girl.

"Sunset, whatever is the matter?" Rarity asked taking a seat beside Sunset. Sunset looked at her, and took a deep breath before recounting her nightmare. By the time Sunset had finished Rarity was at a loss for words, so she did the first thing she could think of and she not only hugged Sunset, but cuddled her as well.

"I don't know what to do." Sunset cried into Rarity's shoulder.

"It will be okay Sunset," Rarity said calmy, "she can't hurt us, and I will always be here."

"You mean it?" Sunset asked.

"Of course." Rarity said, "now why don't you go dry your eyes and we go back downstairs."

Sunset nodded and exited her room and went into the bathroom. Rarity looked around Sunset's room for the first time and her eyes landed on something thrown haphazardly in the corner. Picking the item up Rarity realized that it was what remained of Sunset's leather jacket. Thinking quickly, Rarity stuffed the jacket into her purse just as Sunset finished up in the bathroom.

"Ready darling?" Rarity asked.

"Yeah, thank you Rarity." Sunset in a half whisper.

"Think nothing of it dear," Rarity said as they started down the stairs together, "that's what friends are for. And if you need to some one to talk to, don't hesitate to call me. Allow me to write down my number for you."

It was obvious from the pout on Scootaloo's face that she was grounded. Celestia would allow her to finish her game with Sweetie Belle, but as soon as she and Rarity left the console would be turned off.

"Come Sweetie," Rarity said, " time to go home."

"Aw, Rarity, can't we stay just little longer." Sweetie Belle said.

"Not today my dear, we need to get, and I am sure that Mrs. Celestia and the girls need to get started on their evening plans." Rarity said giving Sunset a smile as she pushed Sweetie Bell out the door.

After Rarity and Sweetie Belle had left Celestia looked at her two adopted daughters.

"Scootaloo, please set the table. Cadence and her boyfriend will be joining us tonight," Celestia said, Sunset, could you help me get the pot roast ready?"

"Yes ma'am," both girls chorused. It wasn't long before Cadence and Shining Armor arrived.

"So, Cadence how is your job at Crystal Prep?" Celestia asked.

"Great so far," Cadence answered, Principle Cinch can be a bit of a stiff at times, but overall I enjoy it."

"That's wonderful, I knew you would love teaching." Celestia said, "how long are you going to be in town Shining Armor?"

"Well, my term of Active Duty ends just after the new year, after that I am transferring to reserves and starting my new job at Crystal Prep."

"I know your parents must be happy." Celestia said.

"They are," Shining Armor said, then he pointed at Sunset and Scootaloo, "that reminds me I have something for the two of you."

Shining Armor reached into his pocket and handed Scootaloo a small envelope. Inside, Scootaloo found a small silver and gold pin.

"What is it?" Scootaloo asked.

"That is the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. The insignia of the United States Marine Corps." Shining Armor said with pride. Then reaching into his bag he handed Sunset a thick book with an Eagle, Globe, and Anchor on the cover. The title proclaimed it to be the "The Complete History of the United States Marine Corps."

"Cadence told me that you love history." Shining Armor said.

"Thank you." Sunset said.

"While I don't mind random gift giving, is there a special occasion for this?" Celestia said, a gleam in her eye.

"Just trying to win over my Fiancee's family, that's all." Shining Armor said smugly.

"Fiancee?" Sunset said looking from Shining Armor to Cadence. Cadence held up her hand to show off the ring. Both Sunset's and Scootaloo's eyes went wide.

"You're getting married?" Scootaloo asked confused.

"Yes Scoot," Cadence said.

"I'm so proud of both of you." Celestia said coming around the table to hug both her niece and her niece's fiancee.

Later that evening Shining Armor was telling Scootaloo about the Marine Corps. when Cadence knocked on Sunset's bedroom door.

"Oh hey Cadence," Sunset said, "again congratulations on your engagement."

"Thanks," Cadence said, "I heard you've had a little excitement as of late."

"Celestia told you, huh." Sunset said.