• Published 6th Jul 2017
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Phoenix Rising - Foals Errand

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Chapter One

The last thing Sunset remembered clearly was pain. Whether it had been the pain of her transformation. Or the pain from the healing of the elements. She opened her bruised eyes and looked up to see Twilight Sparkle standing above her. Tears poured from her eyes as she heard Twilight’s firm lecture. “You will never rule in Equestria! Any power you had in this world is gone! Tonight, you’ve shown everyone who you really are. You’ve shown them what is in your heart.”

Sunset squeezed her eyes and put a hand to her face. She forced herself to her hands and knees. “I-I’m sorry… so sorry. I didn’t know there was another way…” She opened her eyes and stared up at Twilight, whose lips were a thin line.

“The magic of friendship doesn’t just exist in Equestria. It’s everywhere. You can seek it out, or you can forever be alone.” Twilight looked away from Sunset, her ears pinning back against her head.

Sunset pulled herself up to the top of the crater. Trembling tears ran down her cheeks. “Bu-but all I’ve done since being here is drive everyone apart. I don’t know the first thing about friendship…” She turned her head before feeling the touch of Twilight’s hand pulling her up out of the crater.

Twilight smiled and indicated her friends with the hand not holding Sunset’s “I bet they can teach you..”

“Those are my girls woohoo!” Spike cheered wildly.

As Principal Celestia stepped forward to recrown Twilight, Sunset Shimmer pulled back. She limped over to the destroyed entrance hall, tears still running down her cheeks. Maybe Twilight Sparkle is right… but, not now.

Vice Principal Luna walked over with a trowel, her lips in a scowl. “Sunset Shimmer, I expect you, along with Snips and Snails, to clean up as much of the damage as you can while the fall formal is going on. I don’t believe it needs to be stated that not one of you are allowed in the gym until the dance is over. Now I suggest all three of you get started!”

Sunset nodded and started to slowly, painfully pick up the rubble and put it into the wheelbarrow that Snips and Snails had brought. She didn’t keep track of the time or the fact that Vice Principal Luna was keeping an eye on them and continued picking up the rubble until she spotted Twilight hugging all of her new friends. She watched as Twilight walked through the portal and all of the girls went back to their normal human selves. She lowered her head and took a deep breath Stuck… I’m stuck here for another thirty moons...

“You have done… acceptable work tonight. I suggest you three head straight home. You will be suspended for one full school week starting Monday morning. I will make certain that your parents receive notice.” Vice Principal Luna walked away from the three teenagers.

Snips and Snails winced. They set down the wheelbarrow and stretched their fingers a bit. “Come on Snips let’s get home…”

The other boy nodded and walked away, not even looking in Sunset’s direction. “Mom is going to kill me…”

Sunset stayed still until she could no longer hear the sound of the boys. She swallowed and tried not to shift her shoulders as she turned and limped towards the storage shed she had been staying in. She was so focused on getting to her sleep mat that she failed to notice that she was being followed.

Principal Celestia narrowed her eyes as she watched Sunset wince and open the door before closing it. So, this is where you’ve been staying… Celestia pulled out her cellphone and dialed. “Lu? It’s Tia, I’m going to be a bit late getting home. Can you grab dinner? Yeah, pizza is fine. Oh, make sure the guest room is made up. Thanks. Love you too.” Celestia hung up and placed her phone back in her pocket before slowly creeping forward and opening the door. The first thing she saw was Sunset’s leather jacket crumpled on the floor and an almost empty bottle of water lying on its side. Sunset herself was laying on a gym mat on her belly, moaning quietly with tears running down her cheeks from her closed eyes. Celestia’s hands went quickly to her mouth as she finally looked at Sunset’s back. The sleeveless purple shirt she wore was soaked through with blood.

“Oh Sunset…” Celestia got to her knees. She hesitated a moment before reaching out and touching Sunset’s shoulder. “Sunset Shimmer can you hear me?”

Sunset’s eyes opened, though they didn’t appear to be fully focused, as she looked up at Celestia. “I’m sorry, Princess…”

Celestia bit her lip. She looked around the storage shed, but there was nothing there to stop the bleeding . If she couldn’t at least slow it she’d have to take Sunset to the hospital and who knew what would happen then. Bullshit, Celestia. You know what would happen. CPS would be called. They’d find she has no family, no paperwork, nothing! “Sunset I need you to trust me. Alright?”

Sunset blinked a few times before giving a small nod.

Celestia slowly and gently picked up the very light teenager in her arms. “Wrap your arms around my neck. Alright, Sunset?”

Sunset’s arms slowly curled around Celestia’s neck as she buried her face in Celestia’s chest.

Celestia ignored the warm blood soaking into the sleeves of her jacket and hummed softly in her ear. “I need to stop your bleeding. We’re going to head into my office. Okay? You don’t need to answer. I’ll come back for your jacket later.” Celestia kicked open the door and walked through the rubble. As soon as she reached her office, she set Sunset down in her chair. “Alright, Sunset. I’ll be right back. I need to get something to stop the bleeding.” She pulled back, only to feel Sunset tighten her grip around her neck.

“No… don’t leave me please…” Sunset breathed out trembling. “Please…”

Celestia frowned. “Sunset… Sunset sweetheart I have to go but only for a moment… I promise I’ll be right back. I’ll even run.”

Sunset’s arms stayed tight as she trembled. “Pr-promise?”

“I swear to you, Sunset, I’ll be back as soon as absolutely possible. But you have to let me go. Okay?” Celestia reached for her hands, hoping she wouldn’t have to untangle Sunset’s grip, but was ready if she needed to. Luckily, Sunset’s fingers unclasped and her arms slowly slid down Celestia’s chest.

Celestia took off out of the room at a run, kicking off her heeled boots. She ducked into the girl’s locker room, gathering as many towels as she could find before snatching the large first aid kit. “Damn it why does the clinic have to be locked!?” Celestia shook her head. “The key is in the desk. Slow Sunset’s bleeding, then transfer her to the clinic. Simple.” With another glance around the room she ran back to her office.

“Alright, Sunset. Can you stand up?” Celestia saw her give a small shake of her head. She frowned, laying several towels on the floor, then lifted Sunset back into her arms and placed her on her belly. “I need to cut your shirt off. Alright, Sunset? I need to be able to see where you’re bleeding from.”

Sunset gave a small noise of acceptance. Celestia quickly cut Sunset’s shirt up the middle. She pulled both sides down, exposing two long gashes. She bit into her lip and ran her finger down Sunset’s spinal cord, pausing right above the blood stain soaking into Sunset’s skirt.

“Sunset? Honey I need you to lift your hips if you can. I need to pull down your skirt just a bit to get to the bleeding.”

Sunset weakly lifted her hips and Celestia pulled her skirt to halfway down her bottom. She saw a gash the length of a quarter. Celestia pressed the towel onto all three wounds and took Sunset’s pulse, frowning.

“Sunset… I can’t help you by myself. I need help. I’m going to call an old friend. I need you to trust me. Please Sunset I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Sunset opened her right eye and looked up at Celestia. “Trust you…”

Celestia pulls out her cellphone and dialed, keeping her hand on Sunset’s shoulder and watching as the white towels slowly began to turn red. “Please answer…”

“Director Coulson here.”

Celestia blinked before she shook her head. “Director? This is Celestia Everfree. I used to be an agent. You gave me this number to call if I ever needed help… and I really need help!”

“I’m listening, Agent.”

“I’ve got a young girl who suffered a severe injury. She is still bleeding out in front of me and I can’t take her to the hospital… please I promise that I’ll explain everything once you get here.” Celestia ran her fingers through Sunset’s sweat-soaked hair as she heard Coulson ruffling some papers.

“We’ll be there in ten minutes. Can she last that long?”

Celestia bit her lip, looking Sunset over “Yes, I’ll make certain she does. Hurry please.” Celestia hung up and pressed hard onto the wounds on her back, causing Sunset to cry out “I’m sorry, Sunset. I have to slow the bleeding as much as I can.”

Celestia glanced up at the clock every now and then as she applied pressure as much as she could until finally she heard footsteps coming down the hall.“In here, hurry please!” She turned back to Sunset, brushing a strand of her hair out of her eyes, and smiled. “It’s alright now, Sunset, you’re going to be just fine!”