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In the civilized world of monsters, Twilight is a teenage human who never really worries about things outside of school and personal projects. In fact, inside her gated community she's never even met any monsters.

One day when Twilight finds a vampire out on her front lawn, slowly burning alive, Twilight manages to takes them inside, saving their life and giving Twilight her first real friend. However past experiences with friendship has left Twilight nervous in this prospect.

Is friendship really not so scary? Even if your new friends are monsters?

Inspired partially by the Monster High idea and by The Albinocorn's story Sunlight, which I highly recommend!

Warnings- Slight Gore, not enough that would warrant serious warning, but I rated Teen just in case.

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Twilight's plan was perfect. Sunset just needed something to make her feel special - and it worked! What happened was wonderful. Magical, even.

... but then why did Sunset look at her like that the next morning?

Special thanks to Zaridan and JWolfSilver for helping with some editing and prereading. Thanks to Wanderer D, Cynewulf, and Skeeter The Lurker for prereading as well. Final thanks to SoloBrony for giving me the idea long ago, even if it took me a while to figure out how to use it.

A sort of spiritual sister story, but in not in any way related continuity wise, to So You've Just Slept With Your Best Friend. If you're curious for more details, check here.

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When Sunset discovers that Rainbow Dash has been trying to hide the fact that she was being bullied, Sunset feels that she should take on responsibility of the matter, until things go out of hand.....

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This story is a sequel to Bully for you

Sunset is in the hospital. Her friends come to visit as well as learn the reason behind it all, and help comfort Rainbow and tell her that sometimes, it is okay to be scared

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Sunset Shimmer's life was turned upside down in an instant, leaving her not only to battle her inner demons but to also try to make amends but it isn't easy to forgive or forget when someone has hurt you and it seems only a few at Canterlot High are willing to even try to see the good in her. Will the few friends she has be enough to stop her from doing something rash?

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This story is a sequel to Dazzling Sunset: Sunset Amulet

It's been two weeks since the Battle of the Bands and around a week since Sunset Shimmer saved the lives of the three Sirens. Now, Canterlot High is trying to push the trio to reform the same way they had Sunset Shimmer. Unfortunately, the Dazzlings aren't so easily broken as their savior.

Speaking of, Adagio and her sisters have been keeping an eye on Sunset, wanting to know why the jewel saved them. They find out more than they expected and immediately jump in to help the person who selflessly helped them.

Warning: Mention of self-harm

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When Pinkie Pie finds a smashed cell phone in the CHS cafeteria, it can mean only one thing!

Definitely not an Anon-a-Miss story.

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After transferring to Canterlot High, Twilight Sparkle realizes she has a crush on Sunset Shimmer. Being the analytical type, she develops a plan to capture Sunset's heart...using the scientific method.

Sex tag for mild sexual references.
Edited by fourths.

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