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Twilight Sparkle is the best student at Crystal Prep Academy, and while she’s pretty happy with her situation, her unofficial big sister, Cadance, keeps telling her to try and make friends. It never seems to go well for her, until Cadance convinces her to tutor the new student at Crystal Prep, Sunset Shimmer.

Pre-read by gerandakis

Featured on 9th Aug 2018! :twilightsmile:

Sex tag for:
Volume 1: references to masturbation, and talking about masturbation.
Volume 2: references to sex, and talking about sex.

Cover vectors:
Sci-Twi by aqua-pony
Sunset Shimmer by punzil504

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This story is a sequel to Long Road to Friendship

It is a new year for Sunset Shimmer; a fresh chance at real happiness with her five best friends and her girlfriend. But Sunset is constantly troubled by her uncertain future, and haunted by the consequences of her past.

For her battle against Princess Twilight has drawn forth ancient forces with eyes on the last bastion of magic: Canterlot City.

As darkness closes in, Sunset must find her light and guide her friends to defend their world against old rivals and legends best left forgotten, all while dealing with their ever-looming futures.

But when graduation comes, what will Sunset Shimmer do? For she is still a stranger in this world, with or without her friends, and the road before her guarantees nothing.

Of course, with the universe conspiring against her, it'll be a miracle if she even makes it that far...

Story plot edited by HenryAnthonyCourtler
Pre-read by DrakeyC
Wonderful cover art designed by HanasakiYunarin!
Text added by Penny/Amber/Novel Idea
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Sunset has always had a family, she just never knew it. Sunset looks back on her past and realises just how far she has come. Celestia has lost one daughter, but gained a new one. And Trixie not only gains a cousin, but a best friend.

Chapters (3)

A retelling of Sunset Shimmer's redemption, starting from the night of the Fall Formal and going through the events immediately following the Friendship Games.

Disclaimer: I own none of this source material. MLP: FIM and Equestria Girls belong to Hasbro, and I will not profit from this fanfic financially in any way.

Sex tag is only for brief discussions of sexuality and issues of modesty. There is no actual sexual content.

Author's notes: I've been working on this story for over a year. I'll admit it contains a lot of elements that appear commonly in other Sunset stories -- this is just my take on it. I'll try to give credit where credit is due -- although nearly every idea in this story occurred to me independently, others have actually published stories using many of them first.

The thrust of the story is to take material written for ages say 10-13 (i.e. the EQG movies/shorts/specials) and age it up to make it more dramatic and meaningful. Probably my favorite thing to write was the conversations that must have taken place, both in the human world and in Equestria, but that aren't depicted in any movie or book.

Full Disclosure: Sunset's friends play their usual crucial roles in her redemption and growth, but this is a Momlestia/Lunauntia story too. And there is no shipping. Romance isn't Sunset's priority as she crawls out of the darkness of her former life. Yet.

I had to add the AU tag after Forgotten Friendship came out. Up until then, this story was fairly canon-compatible. Now, it diverges a bit.

Good-natured warning: Feels. Lots of feels.

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Sunset Shimmer believes that she will never live down what she did at the Fall Formal. She turned into a she demon and tried to use the students to take over Equestira. She knows that she made mistakes and wants to get past them, but no one will let her. Everyday, she is reminded of how hated she is and how she tore friends apart. Sunset decides that she can't take it anymore and tries to end it all.

Lucky for her, she is saved by a mysterious boy who promises to help her fix her reputation. Sunset decides to entertain the idea, and accepts his help.

I came up with the idea before Rainbow Rocks, but just never put pen to paper. Expect this to conflict with the movie.

Featured on 5/24/15, 7/19/15, and 5/22/16! Thanks to everyone who's ever read this story!

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When Twilight Sparkle was just a kid, her best friend was a girl named Sunset Shimmer. Though their friendship had a bit of a rocky start, they quickly became inseparable, no matter how much everyone thought of them as ‘weird’. They were there for each other.


Years after the tragic accident that tore them apart, Twilight is determined to move on from her loss, and she sets off on an independent research project to investigate the strange happenings at Canterlot High. Little does she know that she will soon come face to face with what appears to be a literal ghost from her past.

Coverart by Kare-Valgon. Chapter illustrations by Zorbitas.

Edited and Pre-read by Dubs Rewatcher, r5h, and Kalan.

Takes place after Rainbow Rocks, but was written before Friendship Games and does not take it into account.

Chinese translation

Print copies now available.

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We all know the story of how Sunset Shimmer left Equestria and went to the human world. But what if that didn't happen? What if the mirror that Sunset took didn't lead to the Equestria Girls universe, but the world of Remnant? How would Sunset's life take a different turn? Well, just read and find out.

(Rewrite of the original Sunset Huntress)

(Crossover between this Story, The Beacon's Tempest, and Kamen Rider Arms)

(12/29/2016) This story got featured! Thank you all!

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* This Story has been rebooted

Sunset Shimmer is a school bully in the making, The Doctor is a intergalactic hero, clearly these two couldn't become companions right? Right?

Co-Writer: Doc Grant, Disavowed Ash

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