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The print version of Fractured Sunlight is now available! · 2:01pm Aug 3rd, 2018

Howdy folks! This is what you've really all been waiting for, right?

I guess I have more to announce this week than just a contest.

Turns out formatting books for print is hard and also I'm kind of lazy. But hey, better late than never.

The black and white version of Fractured Sunlight can be purchased here.

The full color version of Fractured Sunlight can be purchased here.

The full color version is significantly pricier, and probably not worth it imo, but if you really want to see those illustrations in color, than the premium s there

This is done through Lulu, and the price is set to be at cost, meaning I get 0 profit from any of this. This is all just for you guys.

A big thank you to Novel Idea and Djazz for helping me with the cover for this and the formatting. And of course, another thank you to all the people who helped make the story possible during its original run, with editing by Dubs Rewatcher, Kalan, and r5h, and all the art by Kare-valgon and Zorbitas.

And of course, thanks to you all for reading it. I hope you enjoy it again.

Also, if you somehow missed this already, I'm hosting a writing contest wherein the goal is to ship Sunset Shimmer. The prize money is absolutely ridiculous, and the more stories about Sunset we get, the better. Check it out!

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Comments ( 21 )

I'm tempted. Remind me of this blog later tonight and I'll probably pick up a b&w copy. I am at work right now.

I'm going camping this weekend, most likely won't have internet for a few days.

Color: Ordered. :twilightsmile:


I was supposed to do that this weekend, but California is on fire.

That was terrible. Never change.

I'm sorely temped.

Comment posted by Emtu deleted Aug 3rd, 2018

Remind me when Life has stopped making me its bitch

Haven't read the story myself, but I might pick up the B&W version at some point.

But $80+ for the colour version? Yeah, that's a huuuuuge jump in price. I'm guessing it changes the paper type throughout the whole book on top of using colour ink where applicable. That' still a huge premium, it's basically quadruple the price of the B&W version.

How many images are there anyway, and are they all in colour, or are some natively B&W?

I couldn't resist and bought a copy of both. I love this story so much!

Lulu sets the price, and it probably varies by region. Color is only $50 in America.

Theres one full color picture, and several Auth splashes of color here and there. I wouldn't get the color version myself, but figured some people might like it.

Does the black and white version have a colored dust jacket? Or is the cover black and white too?

Cover is still colored either way, it's the illustrations that are black and white.

Ah cool that'll probably be the one I get then.

Is there a casewrapped color version?

A B&W ordered :heart:
Thank you so much! :pinkiehappy:
Fractured Sunlight is hands down the best fanfic I've read during my six years in the fandom, it beats My Little Dashie, Past Sins, Fallout Equestria and a lot of other big shots. Atleast in my opinion. :yay:
I've been waiting for this one every since you first mentioned it being converted to book format. :pinkiecrazy:
Thank you so much, you really made my day. :twilightsmile:


Wait, what's the difference between the full colour and B&W? I thought most of the illustrations weren't colored in anyway.

Most aren't, there's a a full color illustration in chapter 13, the one with the sunset in chapter 14, and a few others with splashes of color here and there, like blushes.

My copies just arrived today and they are beautiful!
Thank you so much for making this story available for physical release!


I got my copy this morning!
I'll treasure it forever!

Arrived in three days flat, too. Fastest I've ever seen.

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