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Aaand, We're Back · 2:42am Dec 2nd, 2017

The door to the Hyperbolic Writing Chamber exploded open, and The Albinocorn flew across the room, crashing over the couch and landing with his head on the cushion and his legs dangling over him.

"I'm sensing some hostility," he said flatly.

Sunset Shimmer marched out of the white void, fists balled at her sides. "Thirty days! Fifty thousand words! You said Volume II would be done! Guess what? It's still not done!

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End of the Month Progress: October/NaNoWriMo III—the Fanfictioning · 3:09am Nov 1st, 2017

A night of nightmares leads into a full month of horror.

Happy Halloween, everyone. If you're not too busy eating candy, stop by below the break to hear what's good in my neighborhood (nothing) and get some details on what's in store for the remainder of the year. Also, Sunset. But that should be a given by now.

Pony Sunset went as a princess this year.

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Postscript: Spectacular Seven Volume I · 6:00pm Apr 30th, 2017

Whew. Not even a year and our story is already half as long as Long Road to Friendship. With the amount of thought and work and revision that goes into each volume, I've decided to write postscripts for each of them individually instead of making one ginormous postscript when the story is all over. It'll help me stay mentally organized I think.

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SUPER Follow-up Fun Time: Legend of Everfree, or, Pretty Solider Sailor Sunset! · 5:37pm Dec 25th, 2016

Here we are, four movies in.

I didn't think they'd make it this far.

But, we're still here, despite all the haters! Let the pony/human parade continue! The Spectacular Seven are off to summer/spring camp! What kind of shenanigans will they get into?

Let's find out after the break. It’s a long follow-up that’s long overdue. But don’t worry guys.

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