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    Proof of Product

    So, I don't normally do this, but I hate going so long without giving you guys anything story-related. So, to prove that the next chapter of Spectacular Seven does exist in some form, I'm going to give a rare sneak preview. It might not be substant in length, but the content should satisfy some of you.

    Self-deprecating comment here

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    An update

    This story will only die when I do. (Don't read into that.)

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    It's funny, our species' need to measure everything. We clocked our little planet's rotation around the sun and measured every second, every minute, every hour, every day. And once again, we're here, watching the final hours of another year slip away.

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  • 33 weeks
    Spectacular Seven's 5th Anniversary!

    Holy heck, it’s been five years since I first posted this story! It’s been quite a ride so far, hasn’t it? And then end is almost in sight. Well, in celebration of Spectacular Seven and this milestone, let’s reminisce a bit. Below, get some commentary, an outline of the near future, and a few big surprises not just from the story, but from me!

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    Why are Spectacular Seven's ratings disabled?

    Because I am a perfectionist with a fragile ego, jealous tendencies, and an inferiority complex. So, when I see a good story written by a talented author with a like/dislike ratio of 100 to 1 (bonus points if it features Sunset) I compare it to my own stories that have less views and likes and I start to spiral. They have more likes so clearly, they’re better than me, which means I’m actually not

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Spectacular Seven's 5th Anniversary! · 10:40pm Sep 25th, 2021

Holy heck, it’s been five years since I first posted this story! It’s been quite a ride so far, hasn’t it? And then end is almost in sight. Well, in celebration of Spectacular Seven and this milestone, let’s reminisce a bit. Below, get some commentary, an outline of the near future, and a few big surprises not just from the story, but from me!

So, at the top, let me just say thank you. Thank you for reading and liking and supporting Spectacular Seven over these years. This story, these characters, heck, this universe means a lot to me. And, it looks like they mean a lot to you too. I frequently bemoan to myself that I could have done better, but, I do love what I’ve written at the end of the day, and I want to see it through to the very end.

I mean, I would love to finish all of my stories here, but, this one takes the highest priority. 

I frequently look to Volume I as the reason why so many readers left, and it still feels true. So, it means a lot to still see so many of you leaving comments all the way in Volume IV. So, again, thank you!

Now, I would love to use this blog to give a deep dive into the production of Spectacular Seven and give you some more trivia and insights, but a lot of the things I want to talk about would actually spoil parts of Volume IV. So, you guys will just have to wait for the postscript to hear those details! Something to look forward to!

You can also look forward to three chapters back to back in the near future! I know ‘Girls on the Go’ was a little on the slow side, but the next three chapters really lay the groundwork for the rest of the volume. As such, I’m writing them all out before I post them, so it’s gonna be another lull in terms of content, but you’ll be rewarded with three weeks' worth of chapters! Maybe even four if I work hard enough!

Now, onto more general news. Gosh, where to start?

I’ll start with the most important thing: I have an awesome girlfriend!

Many of you know Novel-Idea, now Amber Spark. Well, as I told her, she was the primary reason I even went to Everfree Northwest this year (which was an amazing time by the way). It was initially just to see a really good friend, but one thing led to another and… well, now we’re dating! 

If you haven’t checked out her stories yet, go do it! I recommend her Wavelengths series, or my personal favorite, My Kind of Crazy starring Pinkie and Skystar! 

She’s also a big bully and forced me to start a Patreon! 

… So, I have a Patreon now! That’s right, as of today, I’m upgrading to using Patreon! Here’s the deal though! Like with the Ko-fi, there is absolutely no pressure into signing up for it. It’s just if you want to show support. There’s only one tier that actually has a perk because I don’t have anything I feel I can offer other than me just trying to churn out quality-level stories. Everything beyond that is just endless gratitude. And fancy titles. 

But, that one perk is pretty cool! For years now, I’ve made Amber’s Discord server my home. I couldn’t dream of starting one myself for my fanfic exploits. So, she’s generously expanding the Nook to allow you guys to swarm in! For a dollar, you’ll gain access to all my channels, be in direct contact with me, and meet even more cool people to gush about Sunset with! 

Gosh, I really wish I could give you guys more, both in celebration of Spectacular Seven's Fifth birthday and in general, but this is all I can offer at the moment. Thank you again for sticking with me and this story for so long!

Here's hoping the last two volumes won't take another five years!

See you guys later!


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Well at least we got more info on the the future of the story which is great nevertheless.

I'm so glad I stumbled onto your work so many years back. You're one of the biggest reasons I got back into writing. I hold "Long Road To Friendship" as one of my all time favorite stories and an example of a slowburn romance done right. At least in my opinion.

Thank you so much for all your hard work. I'm doing my best to make something I can be proud of, and I don't think I would have stepped out of my comfort zone without having seen your work. Congratulations on the milestone and thanks again for inspiring me to actually write out my headcanons. :twilightsmile:

Dang. Freaking good for you man.

I'd put emphasis on the good for you but I don't want to seem disingenuous, but even so it's great to hear that you're not conflicted with yourself. A relationship that makes you (and the other party) happy is a wonderful thing, and I wish you two the best of luck for the future!

Also dang, has it really been five years? It's been almost five years for me on the site, and actually, I think you had something to do with that. When I first came to the site, I remember one of my first times looking at the front page I saw Spectacular Seven in the feature box, with the original lineart artwork you had for it, and since I loved Sunset I decided to give it a try. I read the first half chapter, fell in love with Twilight and Sunset, and decided to check out the first story, and I've been here ever since.

So yeah, it's really great to hear you're doing well, and that the story is continuing, and most importantly that you're excited about writing it! Because your stories were what sold me on the whole site and on your portrayal of Sunset Shimmer, and I wouldn't be here without you, so many years later.

I'm going to stick to your stories as long as the site stays up, and help whenever I can, even if its just writing feedback (although most of the time it's just me gushing over your storytelling and not giving you anything that could help you improve), though my life is turning up and I wouldn't mind becoming a patron when I get the chance.

Keep on writing, keep on loving, keep on being awesome. Cuz you're a cool dude, but like, even 20% cooler than that (yes I'm fucking cringe, but that's what you have to deal with alongside all my praise).

TL;DR: Spectacular Seven was one of the first, if not the first fic I saw on the site, and I'm pretty sure Long Road to Friendship was the first first fic I properly read, and you're probably the reason I stayed with the site in the first place, so you can count on me to be here with you as long as you're here. :twilightsmile:

Well shit. Glad to see you happy, man. Enjoy your life.

Your stories are among the best I ever read. Thanks You very much. And I have one question - will You ever continue Class Zero? Very intresting beginning - and stops sharply.

Many congrats and best of luck in the future. (also, from experience, having a fellow fan of something you can bounce ideas off of while hanging out on the couch is a huge plus.)

*huge thumbs up*

Happy anniversary and whoo! Congrats for you and Amber! The latest chapter was spectacular and I look forward to all you have next! Take all the time you need to make them as good as you need. I'm sorry so many people left after Volume I, as I really enjoyed it and found it fitting; hopefully one day people will come back to look through it again with new eyes and continue onward. Make sure to take care of yourself and find happiness wherever you can. Whether Spectacular Seven finishes up in one year or five, I'm here all the way until the end. :pinkiehappy:

That's a lot of updates! Congrats on the anniversary and to you and Penny.

Not being a big fan of humanized stories, I was initially reluctant to step into "Long Road to Friendship" those years ago, but I'm so glad I did. Each time I see an update notice, you can bet I'm staying up all night till I finish the new chapter. I'm on this ride till the end.

And when "Spectacular Seven" concludes, I'm getting (if it's offered for sale) a physical copy to join my Long Road book on my bookshelf.

Happy Anniversary!!

I'm really happy to hear you're doing so well!
And looking forward to the next chapters and how it'll continue x3
>I even ran a D&D campaign for nearly two years now based on the entire Tirek Arc :twilightsmile:

Keep it up, Albino!
And have a fantastic day :D

Wild to think it's been so long. I can't wait to pick it back up and read it again.

Haven't caught up to this story in about two years. I'm thinking of reading it from the beginning soon.

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