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The New Face of Spectacular Seven · 7:59pm Dec 26th, 2020



Boy, do I have a surprise for you guys! You can see it below the break, or you can wait until the next chapter goes up (not today, it wasn't ready).

But words cannot contain my excitement!

Spectacular Seven was supposed to launch with its own custom cover art. To some degree, it did, albeit a sketch drawing. Many of you won't remember that. Due to very, very unfortunate circumstances with the first artist who offered to draw the cover (may they rest in peace), it was never finished. So, to give the story some more colorful presentation, I picked out another piece of art, Penny (Novel Idea) did some text edits to it, and you got the cover art you know today.

That. Has. Changed.

Last month, I went commission shopping. I drew up a very bad mock-up of what I had in mind for the Spectacular Seven cover and searched for an artist I thought would fit the aesthetic the best! And I found them! And they said yes, they would do it!

Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone on that beautiful spectrum in between, I give you your Saturday Morning anime!

It's mine! It's mine and I love it to death! You can find a link to the Deviantart version here! Go and lavish praise upon HanasakiYunarin, the incredibly talented artist behind this masterpiece! All their works are cute or awesome or both! Try not to swarm them with commissions all at once, but seriously, their art is amazing and needs to be recognized as such!

Once we slap the title on there, this baby will be the new face of Spectacular Seven! I'm excited. I'm sooooooo excited!

Hope you all had a nice holiday. This was a wonderful Christmas present to wake up to yesterday! Next chapter will hopefully be ready by next week. See you guys then!

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Comments ( 38 )

I love it, I love it, I love it! It's amazing, Albi! It's got all of our Spectaculars at once, plus Trixie and Moony. It's beautiful. I can't wait for this to be up as the cover.

Though it does raise a few thoughts. I love how you were inspired by the few girls' Canon clothes form the Better Together series. Nice touch. I also noticed the geodes around their necks? Will the girls get those at any point?

And those tiny details from throughout the book. Rainbow's red scarf, Twilightʼs sword, Sunset's leather jacket and necklace. Truly beautiful.

*insert high pitched sound of joy emanating from the nearest body of water*

I saw it on deviantart this morning and love it! It really speaks volumes about your story and it will be a perfect match for your spectacular story! Hope you had a great holiday and looking forward to the next chapter! Until then, hope you have a Happy New Year's. We all could use something better for 2021.

It does have that Saturday morning anime vibe! I can't wait to see it with the title on. The poses are great and I love finally having a visual on this version of Moondancer. Having those touches from the story makes it feel unique.

That is a great piece of art. Top shelf! :moustache:

This looks amazing, and totally fits the Spectacular Seven and Saturday morning anime vibe! I also love that Moondancer's there, it's great to put a face to a name (your version, that is)!

Just saw this on DA and I rushed here to see if it was true (only needed to see a Twilight with a sword to know what and for who the drawing was for).

Is that the commission you had as an idea for the cover for so long?
I remember asking you back then months ago, and I was waiting and very excited when it would drop, because I knew we would get a new cover, so I'm enjoying it even more.

I love it, and thank you, as always.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

lol, I actually just noticed the pendant! I gave the artist pictures from the series for clothing references and they must have just added them in. No, as of right now, the geodes don't factor into the story. Things could change, but I seriously doubt they will.
The concept idea actually changed I think from when we had that conversation. The old ideas were more wide-angle group shots with Twilight and Sunset right next to each other. I changed it to something more like a movie poster or a book cover. The trade-off was that it's hard to convey Sunset and Twilight's romance, but overall, I love this design much more!

Interesting, Pinkie's outfit is her music festival one without rather than her newer default outfit she wears to school currently (music festival's is better anyway). This is really nice!


That's awesome. Twi's sword is a bit bigger than I had imagined it, but I still love the art

Yeah, I actually don't care for her second school outfit, so I chose the music one.

Holy heck, very nice!

Saw the thumbnail on Derpi this morning and figured it was a commission. Neat.

that looks so badass I love sunset in it aggghh

Yet again, I am disappointed.

Disappointed that I cannot express my joy for things in blog posts more than with just comments! I love the new cover and I'm super glad to hear you're stoked for something!
I've been loving this story from the start and after so many hardships I've heard you've been having (hey, I actually read the blogs), it really makes me happy that I get to see you giddy and excited and happy for a change; it makes me truly believe that you're doing much better from those harder times you had before.
Loving the story, loving the artwork, and I'm loving that you're still around to continue this wonderful universe you've created! (as well as being the best damn Sunset Shimmer writer on this platform!) :twilightsmile:

This cover is anime as fuck and I love it

Sailor moon eat your heart out.

Oh. Okay, then. Still, I get the feeling something bigger is going to happen and the girls will get some form of magical item. Small reminder: The scraf given to Fluttershy and the bracelet given to Pinkie both glistened in the light. So...

Wow that is amazing. I love it so much. Merry Christmas indeed.

I love the design too, and all things considered, even if I am not part of the people who aren't "fond" of Moondancer, her being on the cover fits well.
Pinkie's cute asf.

I'm pretty sure the scarf was given to Rainbow Dash from Fluttershy and Fluttershy got the bracelet from Soarin.

I'm afraid you may have misunderstood me.

Yes, Flutters did give the scarf to Dash, but the bracelet I'm talking about is the one Sonata give to Pinkie at the end of “Dearly Beloved”. And in both instances, this:

Perhaps it was a trick of the light, but Rainbow swore she saw the entire thing shimmer and glow for a split second.

Sonata took her hands back and slipped one of her spiked bracelets. It might have been a trick of the light, but Sunset thought it shimmered for a moment.

My original comment said that even if the geodes aren't part of this universe, those two objects (and more to come, I'm sure) are part of something big.

Right, that makes sense. Though, while Pinkie did get a bracelet of her own, Fluttershy still got a bracelet herself that glowed just the same as the scarf and Pinkie's bracelet. I only meant the incorrections in regards to Fluttershy and the scarf. And of course they are important. The box from season 4 was mentioned in LRtF and they are leading up to a battle with Tirek here, so these three objects are the keys, with more surely to come.

:sees Twilight's sword:
Finally, the sword lesbian representation we've been waiting for ⚔

Fuck yeah for fantastic art that gets that much joy out of you!

Ooh, keys. I didn't think of that. And now that you mention it, I do realize htta Flutters' bracelet did glow.

She slid it on her wrist and raised it up to the sunlight. It even gave off a faint prismatic shimmer. A warm heat replaced the twisting knots in her stomach, and she beamed at Rainbow and Soarin.

I can't wait to see what Albi has in store for us. You excited?

You bet I'm excited! He's such a superb writer and there is so much depth and creativity and emotion to it all. :pinkiehappy:

I 100% agree with you. :pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile:

Uhhhhh... Applejack's hand is on backwards.

Sunset looks vaguely Super Saiyan 2 Gohan esque in this. I dig it.

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