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Spectacular Seven Volume IV · 10:19pm Nov 28th, 2020

Step by step, we get a little closer to the end.

Volume IV was always the volume shrouded in the most mystery for me, because a lot of things that happen in it were dependent on how Volume III played out. I know how it ends. I've known the ending and several key pieces for some time, and I've had things I wanted to happen. How they played out? Well, (almost) everything is now locked in!

I think because of the unknowns, I wasn't super excited about this one. But, as I put it together during the last few months, I am now super pumped for you guys to see what's in store. This is, by far, the busiest volume, and I think that will hold true even after the next one, since Volume V is literally just the climax. There are so many moving parts happening, almost everything is leading to something. The second half of the volume is where the dominos just start falling one by one.

There's sort of a central theme happening with this volume. We get to explore some more of the mythos behind magic and the motivations of a lot of characters. What I think I'll be trying to emphasize is: everyone wants to believe they’re the hero of their own story. They all believe what they’re doing is right. Even if it means doing the wrong thing sometimes.

With such a big volume, here are just a few things you can expect:

Family bonding, obligatory beach episode, mechanical flowers, armed robbery, good parenting, coffee, hacking, attempted murder, magical training montages, SCIENCE, philosophical warfare, concerts, carnivals, and coco, oh my; late-night rendezvous, the butchering of the English language, empty white voids, history lessons, questionable choices, an all-expense-paid island vacation, laughing, crying, heroes, villains, the people in between, glowing keys, and there might be a song!

I’m lying about one of these things.

While the volume does get progressively more serious, I've learned from my past mistakes. I will find ways to keep it lighthearted or uplifting. Things might get dark but it won't get apathetic!

Hopefully, the chapter release won't be as... hectic as last volume. I'm done with school, and while I do have work and it is... mentally taxing at times, it's a much more steady schedule. Of course, being me, updates won't be super consistent, but hopefully, there shouldn't be any super large gaps between chapters. It won't take me two years to finish this one (he said hoping beyond hope).

With all that being said, I told you guys in the Volume III postscript that this volume would be titled Doomed Desires. That has changed. I'll explain why in the postscript (if I remember, oh god that's going to be a long postscript) but, I am now proud to present:

Spectacular Seven Volume IV: Arcane Access! It shall premier Saturday, December 19th.

For all those who are still here, thank you for sticking with me.

"Magic... The world we knew is quickly fading. We need to find our place, or fall behind.”

Volume IV Opening Theme

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Comments ( 48 )

Well consider me hyped.


Very much looking forward to this.


I am excited and ready Albi. Thank you for continuing to give us this awesomeness.

So Excited! First Volume I'll see the premiere for

Yay !!!! :D

YAS!!!! That is going in my calender

::adding to calendar...::
I'm stoked to hear how excited you are about the next one now that the pieces are falling into place! It's always the absolute best feeling, having plans you're legitimately excited to pour your heart into and all! Regardless of whether the updates are "regular" this time around, more than anything I'm just pumped for more of you doing your thing and loving the process.

Ready for a stellar read with that Albino style~!

Armed robbery and attempted murder, eh?

I think I know who'll be responsible for these.

WOOOOT!!! Christmas comes early!

Also, kudos to that lovely cover art on the page.

I'm so excited!

an all-expense-paid island vacation

Willing to bet money this is a trap.


Looking forward to another fantastic volume!

The hype is real cant wait commence the countdown :twilightblush:

Can't wait.:pinkiehappy:

Looking forward to seeing you again

finally something to look forward to again

Yay! I can’t wait! Thank you so much!! :pinkiehappy:

I hope you’re lying about the butchering of the English language because usually not not one of the one I have to worry about

Poggies moment, so hyped

Oh god yeah that's a lot of good stuff planned.

Hope you're lying about beach episode, after part 5 of JoJo I'm wary about them.

WHOO! THREE MORE WEEKS! :pinkiehappy:

I am looking forward to the new volume! Make sure to take care of yourself as you work. Let your job go well and don't worry if it takes time. When you think the chapters are ready, that will be good. Everything you said is coming up sounds so fun and exciting even if one things is a lie. Gonna be fun to find out what. Hope you're doing well and that you have a better road ahead. Things have been tough, but I think things are gonna start moving toward being better.


Looking forward to it. I also really like your choice of opening song. I just recently got into Persona 5 and beat Royal for the first time. I also love this cover of the opening song. "So choose a color to live by"....seems to fit with what you're saying the volume's about

Royal is my game of the year! And as the volume unfolds, I think you'll find many lines in 'Colors Flying High' to be relevant.


Royal completely caught me off-guard with how fun it was, honestly. I'm not usually a fan of JRPGs with turn-based combat, and the first few hours were pretty slow, so I almost dropped it. Then I forced myself to pick it back up, and then once I got to Shiho's suicide attempt, I got invested. Got pretty addicted to it...and failed to unlock the Third Semester, so I'm just chilling in NG+ doing it right this time.

I think Final Fantasy VII Remake is probably my GOTY, though. I just think its combat system is insanely fun and satisfying, and it had great spectacle.

Very excited to see how this goes. I've fallen in love with this series, and I can't wait to see what adventures await us.

Third semester... that is what put it as my GOTY. That's all I'll say.

I could gush about how much I love Persona 5, but, maybe I'll save that for a blog.


Could I interest you in this AU I found out about? I stumbled onto a comic dub and then fell into this rabbit hole. Adult Confidant AU. The adults and the teens swap ages and roles, making Sojiro Sakura the leader of the Phantom Thieves. It's pretty cool

Thank you for continuing your amazing story, I'm looking forward to reading it :heart:

Holy crap, I gotta check this out! Thanks!

Oh, I'm not going anywhere. Can't wait to find out what's next, as always.

Back, back, back again. Hoping the butchering of the english language is the thing he's lying about.

YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!! Putting it in my calendar.

I've been enjoying your stories for years now. I've reread Long Road to Friendship at least 3 times. In fact, the only reason I keep returning to this site is to keep up with Spectacular Seven! Even though I've grown apart from the fandom, I know that this story will be with me for the rest of my life. Looking forward to your chapter updates has gotten me through some tough times, believe it or not! I honestly don't know how I'm going to cope when this ends, but I'm still excited to see how everything plays out. Can't wait for the 19th!

Thank you very much for those kind words. I'm glad my stories helped you through those hard times, and I hope I continue to entertain!

So will this be the final volume or will there be more after this one? Love your work!

This is the penultimate volume. There is one more after this.

Reading this story inspired me to improve on my own writing skills, so I'd just like to take the time here to thank you for writing such an entertaining story and for motivating me to push myself to do better creatively. now that I've said my thanks... LETS GET IT, VOLUME IV 💯. can't wait to read it.

Spectacular Seven is the one thing that keeps me coming back to this site. Very excited to see how the next volume unfolds! Hopefully I'll be done with my reread of the current volumes in time

ONE DAY LEFT!!!!!!!!!

Spectacular Seven Volume 4 on December 19th !?!? This is like the best birthday present ever!!!! Thanks Mr. Albi <33

I’m here at 1 in the morning just to say



I'm so excited. I'm gonna explode!

I'm so glad this is back.

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