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what are the worse reviews you have seen for a game that seems to get everything wrong? · 2:23pm April 24th

I have seen a fair few reviews that are just awful, like some of the reviews for the new doom where people are complaining about jumping and saying "it's not doom". it's fine to think that but if you think jumping is something to give a 0 for. it's just why?

what about you guys, what are the worse reviews you guys have seen?

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cinders of war told me about some of your writing, I like what you have and I hope your story turn out to your liking

Thank you very much for the watch! I hope my work is up to your expectations~:twilightsmile:

oh that I wasn't going ask actually I have a friend to help me with it but am in a little bit of a burnout

Yup! But I'm booked, so I won't be able to do The Unitology Project. I am rather intrigued, though.

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