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Blizzard Breeze

Ice and snow, a wonderful thing indeed


In the heart of the untamed wilderness, Arcticheart, a resourceful Arctic fox, struggles for survival. When faced with hunger and the looming threat of hostile creatures, an unexpected alliance forms with a unicorn named Rarity. Together, they navigate the challenges of the wilderness, blending magic, resourcefulness, and courage in their quest for survival, forging an unbreakable bond amidst the dangers that lurk in the shadows of the wild unknown as something lurks in the dark.

This is my first time doing a first person kind of perspective. I was inspired by a Don't starve story called Don't starve alone. I'll link it here for others to check out. I enjoyed it and I hope you will to.

Please give your criticism and I hope you enjoy. Characaters will be added as I expand, as well with tags I feel fit. The anthro tag is for some characaters that are anthro. the ponies are normal.

Chapters (2)

After rarity receives the ornate box, she quickly discovers it is not just a normal music box. For what sleeps within it, should never be woken up. The city of manehatten has something set loose Upon it. Something they haven't seen before.

Author's thanks:
Thanks to my friends Tsugu and MK for the help with editing this.

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Foals have been disappearing from Starlight's village, and nopony knows why or where they have been taken. After one search party member returns with news of an alleged stranger and a monster in the cave where cutie marks are stored, Starlight decides to investigate. Puzzled by the strange occurrences around the place, she wanders into the tunnels of the cave system. Little did she know the caverns hide more than she thought.
allowed the use of the cover
everfree helped a lot with editing and helping me form the idea for the story.
and sevenofeleven help spark my idea for it. check these awesome people out.

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