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Blizzard Breeze

Ice and snow, a wonderful thing indeed


Foals have been disappearing from Starlight's village, and nopony knows why or where they have been taken. After one search party member returns with news of an alleged stranger and a monster in the cave where cutie marks are stored, Starlight decides to investigate. Puzzled by the strange occurrences around the place, she wanders into the tunnels of the cave system. Little did she know the caverns hide more than she thought.
allowed the use of the cover
everfree helped a lot with editing and helping me form the idea for the story.
and sevenofeleven help spark my idea for it. check these awesome people out.

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there are some grammar issue, but it is my first story. so please don't be so heavy on it, i know and i will improve as i work on more chapters.

When I read your story I was lost out of my world this is unbelievable truly a work of art

thank you, but it's not art yet as it's not complete and it will need some polishing. I have a lot to work on so stay tuned as I work on this more

Just so amazing 😍❤️

I love feedback everyone, tell me what you think of it and any problems so I can fix them. this can be great if I hear what you all think of it

yeah It does, first story after all but please be a bit more specific with what to update please, just saying it confuses me on what is needed to be update.

Add another chapter, update the story, etc.

alright the second chapter is technically done but it's still a draft right now so that will take a bit to finish

it is a hard one as it is a little bit on the torture side of things, I don't go too far with it but I hope it's alright. am basically introducing one of the main villains in the story, and am just showing a good chunk of starlights captor personally a little bit

I have also been working on monster ideas when we get to more survival horror mixed with the action side of the story. I try to be creative with them and well it can take a good while till I can make some that work within the story.

If I keep responding, will you keep telling me about the next chapter?

Response: I like that kind of stuff, can't wait for more!

no I won't spoil much on it, am just letting you know basically it may take a while till the next chapter to come out. it's a slow one but hey slow and late usually turns out better than rushed ones when it comes to chapters in a story

Aww. That's true, though. Take your time, but hurry. :raritywink:

it will come out even if it was a little painful to make as it has gone through serval literations on my part

Awww, I kinda wanted to see angry Starlight ripping a few asses off

it's been ages since I looked at this story. didn't think anyone would take a look into it but, I'm glad you seem to liked it.

Oh, I've read it around when it was published actually (just didn't comment then) --- was digging through tracking folder today and noticed it's cancelled.

yea I lost interested into it. I was getting interested into other games around the time I canceled it, I still like dead space but at the moment, I don't have the interest for it. you never know though, my interest for the story could spark again but that probably won't happen till I finished the story I'm currently working on

thanks for the comment though, I appreciate it.

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