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I write stories based on a little girl's cartoon at 3:00 AM while hopped up on pizza rolls and bagels.

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Twilight Sparkle didn't think much of the spell at the time. Using her student's music box to keep an eye on her seemed like an excellent idea! There was just one problem: she couldn't change back.

A darker take on the events of S.7 E.10, so probably watch that first. Fantastic cover by Zutcha, who has a perfect record.

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A batpony colt wants to stay up until sunrise, because that’s when daddy gets home from work, but his mom wants him in bed. She knows how to get him to sleep without him even knowing it though because and I quote “Mommies are smart.”

I don’t know if this counts as being featured but with view M being off A Batpony Lullaby is in the featured box. Though I admit I don’t know how. Merci to all of you 06/07/2017

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Scootaloo ran away years ago. Since then she's settled into a life in Ponyville. It's not much of one, but it's hers. One cold day she finds herself in the library.

Twilight Sparkle is a Princess, sworn to help all the citizens of Equestria, but how can she help somepony she doesn't know needs it.

Edited by Zimmerwald1915 and Johnny Bench

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Welcome to the Kesho Saga. What you are about to read is a story about the son of King Sombra, Kesho, going through an adventure to master his newly acquired powers and stop three rogue villains from obtaining them for themselves. The way he'll do it however, is up to you and many others.

The choices he makes, the major decisions he will decide, will be up to the cast of readers. Each choice will change the course of the story as well as Kesho himself and how others around him will view him.

Will Kesho master his powers and use them to save Equestria? Or will he follow in his father's footsteps, and embrace the darkness?

(Rules are simple. End of every chapter has a choice. Just leave your vote with a review. Reviews don't have to be real reviews, can be just a vote. And one vote per person.)

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This story is a sequel to Stormsinger

In wake of the assault on Starfall, Serale Everstar has agreed to her mother's wishes, and will travel the length of Equestria to pay respects to her mother's rival Courts. But burgeoning magical ability and the possibility of traitors around every corner have placed on the young Lady more stress than she could hope to bear alone.

Apprenticed to the Court Mage, Cobblestone, recently a cutpurse and recovering addict, is eager to begin her training in the arcane arts. But her own abilities have attracted the attention of old powers, not all of them with her best interests at heart.

Tasked with protecting his Lady at the cost of his honor, Vino Hedera is young and untested in the field of battle and the art of command. But all is not as it seems among his compatriots, and the greatest danger he faces may well come from within the ranks of those he should be able to trust with his life.

With the forces of the Shadow gathering, pursued by forces both foul and Fae, and unsure of who to turn to, these three ponies may have only each other to rely upon in the face of the most terrible enemy Equestria has ever known. It falls to them to prepare for oncoming war, one in which the stars may shake and the sun itself may fall from the sky.

Book Four of the Sunfall Saga. Book Three to be found here.

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This story is a sequel to Dusk's Dangerous Game

Twilight Sparkle, known to all but the three Goddesses as Lady Everstar, the Evening Sage, has ruled over her kingdom for nearly five centuries with all the wisdom and grace of which she is capable. Her lands are wild and exciting, the prospects good for those with brilliant minds and daring hearts. But now something has changed in the Evening Kingdom, something has changed the balance of power so profoundly that even Twilight herself cannot tell how events may unfold.

Across the ocean, an ancient evil is stirring, its dark hunger can finally be realized. Its servants are many, brutal, and cunning. They are found among the lowest of lows, and the highest of highs. With the balance of power so disrupted, it is at last time for their shadowy plans to come to fruition, to cast off the darkness and strike against the night.

It will take the power of goddesses, magic both familiar and ancient, and the most unlikely of heroes to save not only the Evening Kingdom, not only Equestria, but the entirety of Creation as we know it.

Sequel to Lines and Webs and Dusk's Dangerous Game. Knowledge of the previous stories is not needed, but reading them is, of course, encouraged.

Followed by Courts of The Magi.

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This story is a sequel to Lines and Webs

For four long years, Celestia's apprentice Twilight Sparkle, once a model pony and a hero among heroes, has waged a bitter and secret struggle with her onetime mentor. Though she works from the shadows, directing her forces from the Old Capitol in the Everfree Forest, Twilight Sparkle is unable to gain any advantage,

Likewise, Princess Celestia finds her once-faithful student far more cunning and elusive than she had anticipated, and even now searches for a way to bring Twilight Sparkle's rebellion to its knees.

It is a game of greys, of knives in the dark and of poisoned wine, where pawns are moved and traded and exchanged for greater advantage, all the while drawing both sides nearer to the conflict which shall tear Equestria in two.

At the center of this conflict is a new pawn, one who only wished to see the truth for herself. Drawn into a deadly game whose rules she does not understand, Sweetie Belle must learn to survive in a world where all is darkened, and nopony can be completely trusted.

Because when gods play chess, all pieces are expendable.

A nation will crumble, old enemies shall return in the most unexpected ways, and regardless of who is victorious, only one thing can be certain.

Nothing shall ever be the same.

Followed by Stormsinger.

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It has been ten years since the defeat of the Changling Queen, and Equestria is again at peace. Twilight Sparkle and the Elements of Harmony have reached their prime, and have begun to settle down. Love and life abound in Ponyville, especially for Twilight's friends, but she has nopony to call her own.

There is a reason.

A series of events lead to a horrible revelation, and Twilight is thrust deep into a terrifying web of secrets and lies. Her peace is over.

This time, however, she won't be fighting monsters or madponies. What she faces will be much, much worse.

Act One of Two.

Act Two is here.

Currently undergoing editing by the wonderful Mstar!

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Rainbow Dash flies east.

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"My name is Lyra Heartstrings, and you will not remember me. You won't even remember this conversation. Just like with everypony else I've ever met, everything I do or say will be forgotten. Every letter I've written will appear blank; every piece of evidence I've left behind will end up missing. I'm stuck here in Ponyville because of the same curse that has made me so forgettable. Still, that doesn't stop me from doing the one thing that I love: making music. If my melodies find their way into your heart, then there is still hope for me. If I can't prove that I exist, I can at least prove that my love for each and every one of you exists. Please, listen to my story, my symphony, for it is me."

Cover pic by Spotlight: askspotlight.tumblr.com

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