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Welcome to the Kesho Saga. What you are about to read is a story about the son of King Sombra, Kesho, going through an adventure to master his newly acquired powers and stop three rogue villains from obtaining them for themselves. The way he'll do it however, is up to you and many others.

The choices he makes, the major decisions he will decide, will be up to the cast of readers. Each choice will change the course of the story as well as Kesho himself and how others around him will view him.

Will Kesho master his powers and use them to save Equestria? Or will he follow in his father's footsteps, and embrace the darkness?

(Rules are simple. End of every chapter has a choice. Just leave your vote with a review. Reviews don't have to be real reviews, can be just a vote. And one vote per person.)

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Regect capture! And really good idea i probably never would have tought of that

Reject Capture!

Reject Capture. I like this idea of chose your own adventure style story.

Camp in the woods. Kesho seems like a good pony in an unfortunate situation. Hopefully ponies can see beyond the whole Sombra thing.

Health and Happiness!

Health and Happiness!

Health and happiness

Health and Happiness.

Wait for Twilight.

Visit Twilight tomorrow.

Visit twilight tomorrow

Insult her.
For extra effect say, take some cues from Kirito from the abridged version of SAO.


Cause I’m a dick.

Defend Everyone.

Personally I'd rather just casually toss an unopened gift in her face, or that cake tin, or a pie, or maybe a random pillow to make her really question what is going through my head. You know, make her hesitate and think about her choices in life.

Sweet apples

Go to the Everfree Forest.

I vote Sweet Apple Acres.

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