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Twilight Sparkle didn't think much of the spell at the time. Using her student's music box to keep an eye on her seemed like an excellent idea! There was just one problem: she couldn't change back.

A darker take on the events of S.7 E.10, so probably watch that first. Fantastic cover by Zutcha, who has a perfect record.

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Oh man, now this is terrifying! Poor music box Twilight. What's going to be her fate?

I have no mouth, and I must DAAANCE!

I really like this story you perfectly captured Twilight's emotion's of fear at not being able to change back into her normal body as well as the shock of seeing herself which, feels very Twilight Zone Esque. It also feels like it sets up the potential for a sequel down the road. So have a fave.

This song fits nearly perfectly with this story.

This has so much sequel potential!

Interesting little story, different from your usual stuff. Seems like Twilight invented a duplication spell instead of a possession spell.

I really hope there will be a sequel. It has insanely much potential to it. :twilightsmile:

This one definitely earned an upvote!

Please. Let her be herself! Please?

I greatly enjoyed this story. It was short, creative, and effective. While it did have a few flaws in pacing and story, the core concept makes it well worth reading. Nicely done!

At least it has a fairly upbeat finish, with Spell-Twilight having a life of her own. I'd imagine she'd want to change her name, or at least use a stage-name, in case the real Twilight happened to see her perform.

Wonder if she ever meets the clone Pinkie that escaped... because that's apparently canon.

"I think, therefore I am"
She is just as real as anypony else.

I'm really glad you added the other chapters. It felt too quick of an ending. It's disturbing, but has a bittersweet ending. It's very well written, as your stories usually are. It was a nice, quick read. Good job!

So... maybe not "Sad" in the end. Still quite a punch for such a short piece.

Ok. Each chapter has been better than the last.
Will you quit while you are ahead or push ahead to give us all the scene we now yearn for: dance light meets princesslight

I'm not sure how this works... I think Alex, Jacob and Chance's situations just got less nightmare like. I'd be in any one of their situations before I put myself into this. Typing of which... from a oncer, Once Upon A Time has often used doppelgangers and divided people in two, and gone into very deep territory indeed.

Fortunately, like Chance and much like the other introduced right after A and J had been retired/hibernated, TS2 seems an independent party, and one who has all of the same memories and character traits of the original, only artificially crafted. The original is still there, much like that other man/mare from whatever the title is. I still think it's inevitable they will meet each other, as anything and everything can and will happen on an infinite timescale. Some of the most touching moments in OUAT are when its secondary to central player meets her other half and they have a chat of a moment together. Finding good writing of this sort is like finding a needle in a haystack.

PS, those three need to come out of retirement/hibernation. There's still loads of silver to harvest yet from them all. And the big A still has a demon to cook. And they would all kill to get a chance like this. Goodness, do I ramble with comparisons. I should really get off my LOPE: PAP and Consequences fix.

Am I allowed to ship this version of Twilight? Because I feel like she'd find a kindred spirit in Samurai Jack. Both don't age, were displaced into the future, and lost people they cared about only to rediscover hope. Plus, Jack would probably find something nostalgic about her voice. :raritywink:

I haven't seen much of Samurai Jack beyond the Pilot movie and the Scotsman episode of the series. Although I am aware it had four seasons and is currently in the middle of a more adult oriented Encore season. So, I'm just curious why Twilight's voice would be nostalgic beyond what seems like limited pool of familiar if not professional voice actors. I assume the voice of the "Black Power Ranger" or that one guy that always (if not usually) plays a villain would be equally nostalgic. And, I also assume the actress has tweaked her voice to be particularly chippy for the role of the unicorn. So, even if it was the same actress the character wouldn't be recognizable unless the character she voiced had a similar clip, pitch, or whine to it. After all, even if the character sounds similar I'm sure they do something different for the differing roles like with MAS.


Go watch season five, it'll make sense then. Also it's just plain amazing.

Jesus christ how delightful

This is a great story. The emotion of Twi situation was just perfect.

Nice... well written, well paced.
But it really makes me want to throw me overboard ^^;;;
Damn if it is depressing.

I don't get: was Twilight's distorted time perception consequence of some spell properties or just weird effect of sensory deprivation?

Add in Sunset from Sunspawned, and there could be an Avengers-esque team-up of Equestria's greatest magical constructs!

The spell itself. The idea is that the spell relies on the magic of the ponies around it to stay running, so when she's alone it starts to run out and her perception of time distorts.

Nicely done. I'm also grateful for the slightly happier ending as it would have been too cliched to leave it where chapter 1 left off.


Not sinister/tragic enough.

From what I got It could be a bit of both, sensory deprivation causes your perception of time to slow, making the oitside world seem faster, but only in a very minor way, maybe making a couple hoirs seem like 15 minutes, but the timescale here is seeming like something on the order of almost if not more than a century, so it probably has to do with a lack of magic power causing time to seem faster and faster the less power is left. Only returning to normal when power is restored.

I feel...content after reading this. There are still a few questions running through my mind, several of which I can't put into words but one sticks out: what are the laws on magical constructs? I can't see this or the mirror pool incident being too rare in a world so full of magic so surely there are some rules on these sort of things. And if that's the case, you don't just lock a sapient entity, even one that's not alive, up and toss it away some where. The cruelty is just...

Thank you for clarification!
I hope Starlight at least knew it too when she was hiding Twilight for the second time.

Twilight Sparkle didn't consider what might happen when she used an "Object Posession" spell to check on her student. Now she has to live with the consequences. Forever.

Twilight Sparkle didn't consider what might happen when she used an "Object PosessionPossession" spell to check on her student. Now she has to live with the consequences. Forever.

Sorry, simple little spelling mistake in your short description. Just wanted to point it out so you can fix it.

That was...very bittersweet. Her friends and family are all gone now, yet Twilight still has the friendship and love of those ponies around her.

Good job. :twilightsmile:

Really needs a sequel where the real Twilight Sparkle finds out about her. There aren't that many immortal ponies and at some point Twilight has to take note of the dancer that never ages and lives on through many lifetimes. They would be very different ponies by then having lived the majority of their lives diverged.

so how is this sad if its not the real twilgiht seems like a happy ending to me even if it wasnt what the music box wanted

It was bittersweet, but still an interesting story. It feels like this is what happens when ponies make all bad choices. :fluttershyouch:

*Shrugs* Have Discord make her a body. Sheesh, you got a chaos god as a buddy. USE THIS CONNECTION!!!

Or the Alicorn of Magic (In stores near you!), her teacher, teachers sister, sister in law or... well set it as a project in the school of magic and promise eternal name as the Archmage who cracked what Alicorns failed to do.

... I mean damn even being gifted to Flurry Heart would have gotten her free in some degree of certainty, Who would not like a talking toy which you can set up free later in life?

But that all is aside the point, Very good story!

This has filled me with existential dread.

It has affected deeply for the past few days.

You have done a terrific job.

Quite sad, but at least it worked out in the end.

I think it's because friendship was fueling her. As more time passed, she got weaker. She would've "died" if it hadn't been opened again.

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