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There are things you just don't say. Some lines you just don't cross, ever. The reason you don't cross them is because of empathy: you know how bad it feels to hear certain things, and you know you wouldn't like it if you heard it yourself. This is a view not shared by everypony.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon crossed the line. Rarity learns of it. Rarity is not amused.

Everypony draws their line in the sand somewhere.

Disclaimer: contains Rarity in a state of barely lucid rage as well as the use of harsh words. Also Cheerilee being as effective as she is in the show, on average. If you do not enjoy episodes like Ponyville Confidential or any other episode where ponies talk harshly to each other, chances are this'll ruffle some feathers.

If this resembles real life situations or anyone you know, this is not the author's intent nor the author's problem.

Added notice 10/12/13: No, not based on any Season 4 storyline or spoilers, it's an old idea. The spoiler just prompted the publishing.

Added 2021 notice: please check the author's notes before commenting, chances are you'll find some answers there.

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Whilst enjoying the company of Twilight Sparkle and her friends in the doughnut shop immediately following the events of The Best Night Ever a disappointed Princess Celestia send a letter off to Prince Blueblood explaining the implications of his failure of the "Rarity Test", among other things...

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After being sucked into the magical land of Equestria, YOU find yourself as the legendary Brony Hero in this exciting interactive adventure. Will you find the Time Orb and restore peace to the land? Or will you marry Fluttershy? Will you defeat the evil demon king Tirek? Or will you marry Luna?

With 21 endings to choose from, only you can decide your fate!

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When Twilight and Applejack have a falling out over who can claim to have the best big brother, each will stop at nothing to prove theirs is better.

And their brothers will stop at nothing to make their sisters happy.

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The only human in Equestria has an awkward time in a bar. Mostly due to the massive language barrier.

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Misery loves company is a lie. Applejack's bad day just gets worse when a moping Discord shows up, but for once he sounds sincere... So, what's the catch?

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