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Update with Cheerilee and Zecora · 11:15pm Mar 31st, 2015

So I've been working on Cheerilee's story as well as Zecora's since the last blog update. Cheerilee's story has not shown up yet as proof reading it has taken longer than expected. But at least it's getting proof read before you read it, right?

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Update before 2014 ends · 12:19am Dec 11th, 2014

So it has been a while since anything happened here, be it a story or a blog. Last thing I asked was if people were interested in a holiday story. Some people were more interested in seeing a story more around Nightmare Night than any of the other holidays. So I had gotten started working on it.

Unfortunately, as you could guess, some issues came up. Including me getting pretty sick. Which make it difficult to write a story.

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Quick poll: Holiday based stories? · 1:52am Sep 28th, 2014

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Vote poll 1 results. · 11:09pm Aug 25th, 2014

With Question 3 and 4 answered previously, here are the final results from the poll:

Vote question one:

In a Human X pony story, which of these lovely mares would you like to see?

In this one, we got a tie vote again. Anthro Zecora and Anthro Amira both got equal votes at the end. So looks like I'll be doing both stories.

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Voting poll 1 revotes and results. (image heavy) · 7:47pm Aug 20th, 2014

First the results for dealing with Harsh Lift:

Vote question three:
Bonus Harshwhinny pony story?

This vote got to a tie. Half of the voters wanted to see another Harshwhinny story, and half didn't. Some wanted to see a new story, but only after Harsh Lift was completed. So I've decided to do that.
A new Harshwhinny story will be showing up, after Harsh Lift's 2 chapters are done.

Vote question Four:

Split the Harsh Lift chapters apart?

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Twifan's voting poll #1 · 2:04am Aug 9th, 2014

First, to those of you seeing this because you have Favorited 'Harsh Lift' but not following: I was originally going to only tag a blog with that story telling all when I'd go back to Harsh Lift to finish it up. But do to the fact this effects the wait time of Harsh Lift, I thought you'd all would like to know and put in your option! Only vote question 3 and 4 are important to you, the others you can skip (unless you want to vote on them too. Nothing stopping you from that.)

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The List · 5:10am Jul 24th, 2014

As I attempt to fix up the Rarity ice cream story as best I can, I figure I'd share The List that I have made for myself and promised myself I'd finished first before I go back and add more chapters to Harsh Lift.

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Feedback from Coco. · 10:37pm Jun 30th, 2014

Well I am getting feedback from Crimson Coco, and ignoring some pointless comments made by bitter people who just want to take their frustration out on others, there appears to be some issues with my writing. Issues that if I continue to write as I am doing currently will causes some hate from people who may believe I'm snubbing them and their suggestions. Not to mention the few people who want to enjoy reading the stories I made, but can't.

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Giving a answer and adding a hint. · 10:50pm Jun 18th, 2014

The story I hinted at from the previous blog is almost finished, I just need to clean it up.
If all goes well then it should be up for reading within two weeks. As such, I figure I'd give you all an answer and a hint in one picture:

The answer to the mare that is featured in the next story.

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Of Harshwhinny in elevators and other strange occurrence. · 10:45pm May 19th, 2014

First, to allow those who are seeing this blog post for favoring Harsh Lift, the update to that story:

It's been changed from 'Complete', to 'incomplete', to it's current part "On Hiatus". With the way the chapter ended, a sequel story couldn't really be done well (without constantly posting up new stories over and over, which would end up going against the rules of FIMFiction). As such, instead of making a sequel story, I'll be making two additional chapters to the fic!

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