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This story is a sequel to Equestria’s Changeling Queen and the Abyssal Empress

Mirage and Kyria are the beloved daughters of Princess Alternia of Equestria. Raised in a world shaped by their forebears, the two are growing into their own.

When they are abruptly thrust into an adventure, they will be forced to confront how they see their family’s past, each other, and themselves. Most crucially, they will have to use every lesson their parents have taught them, and every skill they have ever learned. 

Because at stake are not only their lives, but also their very future.

Cover art courtesy of: GoldenGriffoness. She is very good! Check out her page.

Thanks to pre-readers:
Dr. Tarbtano
Wanderer D

And pre-reader/writer of guest chapter:

Chapters (22)

This story is a sequel to Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Silver Lining, now wielding a cutie mark and an insatiable desire to learn and codify magic, has graduated from grade school and now faces the challenges of a magic academy as a young adult. This former-human is learning his place in Equestria.

With his cutie mark earned, once David, now Silver Lining is eager to learn true magic and unlock its mysteries. Entering a new school, with most of his old friends departed for more practical jobs, Silver will have to rely on Celine(a miniature copy of Luna), and Night Watch(A bat pony/lunar pegasus) to steer him right as he enters the next phase of pony life as a young adult.

Will he survive his college years? Let's find out!

Chapters (309)

If it weren't for a group of young mares, saving the day with luck and intuition, Equestria would fall. Chrysalis finds this absolutely unacceptable. For the love of ponies and their carefree way of life, the changeling queen takes a stand. Will she survive? Will Equestria?

Whoa, buckle up everypony, this one promises to be another big story!

The art is once more done by the amazing Vavacung, please show them some love and appreciation!

See This Blog for licensing.

Chapters (36)

This story is a sequel to Pandemic

Six months ago, the world humanity knew had been irrevocably shattered in a way they would never have imagined. ETS -- Equine Transformation Syndrome -- had arrived, a powerful transformation spell attached to an otherwise ordinary flu virus. Only with the assistance of Equestria in the form of Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer had ETS been stopped from transforming all of humanity into ponies.

Humanity had been saved, but at a cost. Hundreds of millions of humans had been fully transformed into ponies, and many did not want to go back. The United States was hit especially hard, with over a quarter of its population as ponies. Friction between humans and ponies, Earth and Equestria, has been growing. Families torn apart by ETS had yet to reconcile.

The collision of worlds that the pandemic had brought had only just begun.

Updates weekly FOR NOW -- may switch to every two weeks in the future. I will announce as such.

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This story is a sequel to Across the Dimensional Divide

Hey, it's me again. You know, the human-turned-pony thrust into the crosshairs of a crazy sun princess and her plan to "harmonize" all of humanity? Well, I just wanted to get home, but things have hit a bit of a snag. I'm now even farther from home, left to wander the multiverse without a clue as to how I get back. Hopefully I can find my way around the multiverse and back to where I started, so I can finally get home. However, while I'm out here, I might as well have some fun with it.

Just as long as nothing bad has happened to my friends while I was gone...

Chapters (13)

The village of Brightly, British Columbia, Canada, has a deep and storied history as a coal mining town which slowly faded as ships stopped using coal for their boilers. Nowadays it is a quiet, isolated community nestled within the forests of the Pacific coast. It's the kind of town where everyone knows everyone, and folks look out for each other. Those bonds of friendship and community are tested when some of the inhabitants begin to turn into colourful ponies with strange powers and abilities...

Created with the assistance of my editors: Sandstorm94, Coyotethetrickster, Rejara and other foolishbrave souls.

Welcome to my very first commissioned story. Thanks to the kind support of my patron through Patreon I am able to try my hand at a kind of story I've never written before. This story will be updated monthly for as long as my patron wishes to pursue it.

Cover Art by Gab0o0

A story from The Canary Files

Chapters (47)

This story is a sequel to Destinies

Nearly a year has passed since the events that had brought two realms together. Each had kept the other a secret until now, two worlds separated by a certain cartoon. Finally, both are ready to deal with the inevitable complications, to realize the benefits of trade: human technology for Equestria, and magic for humanity.

The Princess of Friendship is convinced she‘s up to the task, while Meg‘s doubts over the true meaning of her cutie mark grow as the two worlds converge.

Read Destinies first. You won‘t have any idea what‘s happening if you don‘t.

Pre-reading and editing by Mitch H, Doggyshakespeare, and darkszero.

Updates every other weekend.

Chapters (41)

The ancient and powerful Accipion Empire has conquered every nation on Equus... except one. Despite their apparent weakness, the magic of friendship has protected ponies for many years. Emperor Gaius Renault thought his kind would rule forever, that they would have ample opportunity to conquer their ancient foe.

Nature had other ideas. Beneath their claws was a force of unimaginable power, a volcano whose eruption will devastate the empire and smother their crops for years afterward. Even his most optimistic advisors agree that there is only one choice: evacuation.

Equestria might be friendly, but they are no fools. They send a pony, Starlight Glimmer, to see that the terms of the evacuation are followed, and to help the griffins integrate during their time as refugees in Equestria. But blood runs thick, and old rivalries can't just be forgotten.

The longer Starlight Glimmer watches, the more she is convinced she is witnessing the end of both nations.

Updates Mondays

This story was commissioned on my Patreon by Vilken666. Thank you so much for making this story possible!

Coverart by Zutcha, who maintains his perfect record. Prereading by Two Bit and Sparktail (sometimes).

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This story is a sequel to Back and There Again

Rarity has 'landed' safely in Equestria and she can finally see all her friends and family again. Aiden can finally meet all these good people he's heard so much about, and maybe try his hand at a bit of amateur diplomacy.

Unfortunately, they weren't the only ones to find a way to travel to Equus...

Events fifteen hundred years in the making will come to fruition as old enemies and allies vie to decide the fate of two worlds.

This story takes place before the events of Season 8.
Extra tags (since five character tags are the limit): Tempest Shadow, Changelings

Chapters (26)

Twilight Sparkle accomplished something incredible, something not even the great Starswirl could manage. But ascension into the ranks of Equestria's princesses is not without its difficulties. Before she can take her place as princess of Friendship, Twilight must travel to the underworld and make a ceremonial offering to Death in exchange for her immortality. Twilight is more than a little surprised to discover the identity of the pony under the hood.

After years living in Ponyville and getting to know her friends, Twilight always assumed they were exactly what they seemed: a group of friendly and ambitious ponies. But as it turns out, the sort of pony who saves Equestria and decodes the ancient mysteries of Starswirl is likely to attract ponies a tad more interesting.

Updates on the 3rd or 4th Friday of every month, then daily until that section is complete.

Editing by Two Bit and Sparktail. Cover by Zutcha.

Chapters (23)