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On a cliff overlooking an ocean, Sunset Shimmer is asked an important question:

"Our little ponies. Our kingdom. Are they just as peaceful and prosperous as ever, Princess Sunset?"

Art by OverlordNeon

Chapters (1)

Esteemed among all five of her peers, AK Yearling was a respected member of the archeological community, small as it was. Unfortunately, it doesn't pay the bits she thought it would. Putting hoof to typewriter, she tries another way.

Done for a loyal patron, to be updated monthly.

Chapters (10)

Discord and Fluttershy go on a nature walk. They talk about life, and also death.

Death tag is for discussion about death. Nopony actually dies in this fic.

Featured on Equestria Daily 2/23/2020. Thanks to 63.546 for pre-reading!

Included in the Equestria Daily fanfic list for Fluttershy Day 2020.

Chapters (1)

The Friendship Games are over. Crystal Prep has failed to trounce CHS, Cinch's manipulation of her best student is out in the open, as is the fact that the principal's actions nearly led to the fabric of the universe being torn apart.

Before Cinch can begin dealing with the aftermath, a certain someone invites her for a visit into a land of magic and friendship.

Special thanks to Vikonaut for his incredible patience and thoroughness in his proofreading, and to 7th Outpost for the initial criticism that opened my eyes to the fact that the story required heavy revising.

13.11.2015: Second day straight! Thanks everyone!

Chapters (3)

Ronald Lee is the systems administrator for one of the largest fan-made online games in the world. Though nothing new has been produced for MLP for decades now, fans old and young continue to flock to the online version of Equestria they're building together.

Of course he knew that the programs they wrote would grow more intelligent over time. With cheaper hardware and better AI, this was always expected, and a user experience allowing for content similar to the show to be produced in real time for every user was always tantalizingly close.

Then Starlight Glimmer started talking to him.

This story is a prequel to Synthesis, and doesn't require knowledge of that story. You may want to check it out when you're done here, however.

This story was commissioned by Two Bit, who also helped edit because he is an absolute mad lad. Sparktail helped too.

Cover by Zutcha

Chapters (8)

The town gets their genders flipped overnight, and Spike is more or less okay with this.

This was a request for a patron and was viewable earlier for said patrons. Head over here if you want a chance of getting a story like this for just 5$ or to see stories early for just 3$!

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This story is a sequel to Steel Solstice

Sunset Shimmer's plan to escape the Steel Tower failed—but she is still returning home. Instead of a victorious pony, come back to gloat to her previous teacher about the secrets she had uncovered, she is an adviser to one of the most dangerous men alive: Tesla.

But it isn't a simple invasion; Equestria is under attack by demonic forces, and the Steel Tower has been invited to help. But there's another faction of humans in Equestria, one that is still at war, and one who Sunset suspects are plotting terrible things...

She isn't alone. One of her human friends, now trapped as a cybernetic bat pony, is sent on a covert mission of her own. Equestria may depend on them in ways they never could've realized.

Updates Thursdays.

This story is meant as a companion to Harmony Defended, and to take the place of the long-anticipated revision. I decided it would be better to write something new than to overhaul something that was so long in itself. This story will probably spoil various elements of that one, though the reverse will largely not be true. If all of this seems confusing, you should probably start with my first story in this series, My Little Apprentice. As that story was written in Season 4, this one will not necessarily incorporate the canon of future seasons of Friendship is Magic.

The Sunset Campaign was sponsored by Two Bit on my Patreon, who is generously sponsoring me to clean up my tangled web of previous stories. Sparktail and Two Bit did the editing, and Zutcha did the cover.

Chapters (27)

Marshall is in a rut, drifting without a purpose. Rarity is in a rut, looking for inspiration. By chance they meet, despite living in different universes, and find what they're yearning for with the aid of the other.

Fair warning:

Out of necessity (for various reasons), the story is told from the point of view of an original character. Character interaction and development is an integral part of the story's plot, and said plot really takes its time to unfold. Also, there's a man-to-mare element, although it takes a backseat to the main elements of the story. If you don't care much for any of those things, you may want to pass this story up.

...Also, I haven't watched My Little Pony: Romance is Magic, so bear that in mind when you consider reading this story. :derpytongue2:

Additional tags: lighthearted; adventure.

Chapters (18)

As day ends and night begins, there is a brief window of time in which the two royal sisters meet on equal terms, neither one firmly in complete control.

In these times of quiet reflection with one another, their minds and their hearts can truly meet most closely. This is when they see each other the most clearly, here in the trading and in the game they play.

Note: The game in this story can actually be replayed if you're interested! Get the text of the .pgn (portable game notation) file at http://pastebin.com/NY258GJx, copy it to your clipboard, and paste into the PGN text box at http://chesstempo.com/pgn-viewer.html for a JavaScript based replay right in your web browser, or save it as your own .pgn text file and replay with the game viewer software of your choice (you can find one by Googling for "pgn viewer" - not to be confused with "png viewer", though, which is completely different).

It's not terribly important, however. Alternately, you can ignore the game replay and just read the story without it, which most people probably will. Other options for replay are in the notes at the bottom of the story.

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Once upon a time a selfish princess who raised the Sun and took an entire world put it inside a dream so she could test a prince she favored. But the princess was afraid she might break her prince, so she tested her dream machine on a vagabond, leaving the vagabond with a happy life inside the dream as repayment for his cruel mistreatment. In the end she she broke her prince all the same, and the world itself inside her dream machine died beneath a melting Silver Sky.

The prince did not loose faith in the selfish princess and would have forgiven any mistreatment, but the cost of breaking an entire world is dear. The world of the selfish princess was itself placed inside a dream by a selfish princess who raised the Moon so that she could fix a pony who was never really broken. And when he awakened the world of the selfish princess of the sun faded away like the silver stars with dawn’s first light.

This is the story of the vagabond.

It wouldn't hurt to read David Silver's Silververse Stories if you haven't already. This is a shared universe story, and the stories do occasionally cross-reference, though it's not strictly necessary to read both, It might clear up occasional confusion.

Chapters (117)