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I used to love the idea of a human getting to visit Equestria. It sounded like a good way to set up so many shenanigans, except it's plagued with boring characters or really cliché ones or... the dreaded Sue.
I never expected it to happen. For real.
No, that's not real. What am I saying? Tom's... missing. Yes, and I will find him. He's not in the show... that's ridiculous. Don't say such things! My little brother can't be part of the show! It's just a coincidence that this little alicorn showed up, spoke with his voice, has the exact same personality and is based on his personal design for his alicorn OC!

What am I supposed to do now?

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This story is a sequel to Destinies

Nearly a year has passed since the events that had brought two realms together. Each had kept the other a secret until now, two worlds separated by a certain cartoon. Finally, both are ready to deal with the inevitable complications, to realize the benefits of trade: human technology for Equestria, and magic for humanity.

The Princess of Friendship is convinced she‘s up to the task, while Meg‘s doubts over the true meaning of her cutie mark grow as the two worlds converge.

Read Destinies first. You won‘t have any idea what‘s happening if you don‘t.

Pre-reading and editing by Mitch H, Doggyshakespeare, and darkszero.

Updates every other weekend.

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Magic is bleeding out of Equestria and into another realm, a realm where magic does not exist. Twilight must stop the flow of magic before disaster strikes. Can the natives of this realm be of help? How do sapient beings function without magic anyway? What's this about a cartoon?

Takes place shortly after season four.

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Until yesterday, my life was no different than anybody's. Go to work, pay the bills, sleep. Today, I woke up to a world without humans. The streets are empty, the power grid is running down, and not another soul is in sight. That might not be the worst thing, if I wasn't also a pony.

Where is everyone? Why is this happening to me?

Will l stay sane long enough to starve?

This story is currently raising money for a hardcover print! For the next month, if you'd like a copy, click here!

Now with a TVTropes page! Для тех, кто предпочитает русский язык, перевод можно найти по ссылке.

Note To E-Reader users: This story contains illustrations in each chapter, which will be lost in the standard fimfiction chapter export. The generous Phoen1x took the time to produce an epub version with all the illustrations intact, which you can download here.

A huge thanks to Zutcha for all his hard work on the art of this story. Also a huge thanks to my editors Two Bit and Sparktail, for tolerating my half-written crap.

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There are 100 billion stars in the Milky Way, and humanity is determined to explore every one. We send probes, probes with the blueprints to reproduce human explorers upon arrival. Uninhabited worlds the galaxy over can be colonized and populated, until after many years they too can join the vast throng of interstellar civilization. But if a probe is very, very lucky, it will land on a populated world instead. Equestria is one such world.

Even so, it's far from perfect for colonization, not with an environment lethal to human life. But each probe is resourceful and armed with the greatest machine intelligence mankind has devised. If placing a human mind into a newly manufactured human body won't work, it will just have to get a little more creative.

This story was written at the behest of Canary In The Coal Mine, who is sponsoring it on my Patreon. As usual, cover by Zutcha. Editing by Two Bit and Sparktail.

Fantastic prereading help from: Chyre, Danger Noodle, Doctor Disco, and Doggyshakespeare (who also did the Esperanto translation). Thank you all for helping to make this story more readable and more consistent for everyone.

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This story is a sequel to Princess Celestia The Changeling Queen: Stories Behind the Mask

At the Royal Wedding, Chrysalis and the Changelings were revealed to all of Equestria.

But another mask was torn away that day. A mask born for a thousand years. A mask created on one promise. A mask, that has become synonymous, fused, to its bearer.

A mask that when ripped off, causes Twilight, her friends and Luna to question everything they ever knew about the one pony, one very important pony.

At the Royal Wedding, the meaning of the phrase 'Princess Celestia' changes forever.

NOTE: Chrysalis is NOT Celestia!!! That'd be impossible to pull off.

Credits to: Plainoasis for the design of the cover art
Note 2: Original cover art here: https://angelea-phoenix.deviantart.com/art/Contest-entry-Changeling-Celestia-337023552

Pre-read/edited by Zervziel,
Courage Fire
Aurora Borealis

Side Stories to this can be found: here.

Contribute to the TV Tropes Page (thanks to Babs_Seed72 for getting it up)

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(This story occurs after the events of "Biased and Incomplete")

Rainbow Dash was astonished when she encountered the real life Derring-Do that inspired her favorite string of novels, but was crushed to learn that her hero wasn't what she expected at all. The two parted ways in anger, but Dash hasn't given up on her completely: When an opportunity arises to heal the professor's crippled wing, Dash and Derring go on a real life adventure... but adventures have a way of spiraling out of control. The bookish archeologist knows nothing about swinging from vines and swiping ancient idols (and she prefers it that way), but an unbreakable curse of death forces her to dive right into a frantic race for the greatest discovery of all time: the secret to immortality itself.

Whether she believes it or not, Derring-Do has only a few short weeks left to live. But with the incomparable Rainbow Dash by her side, that's more than enough time to save the world.

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Now featured on EQD!
Order a Hardcover Copy Now!

"They" are the shadowy figures lurking just beyond the corners of your eyes, pulling the strings of reality and shaping it to better suit their intentions. They are the celestial bureaucracy, ensuring that everything works together orderly, smoothly, and harmoniously. And, in order to do that, They sometimes have to change a few things.

Rainbow Dash is one of Their victims, but she's learned how to fight back. Now she must trace Them down to Their own world before she forgets who she truly is, or is cast into a bleak oblivion from which there is no return.

An authorized continuation of Them by Chaotic Dreams. A special thanks to him for continuing to consult and advise as well.

Warning! Contains heavy doses of Gnosticism, Buddhism, and Hindu mysticism! Consult your doctor before use. :pinkiehappy:

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This is the first of the Moonlight's Redemption series, written by Hope.

Set 1000 years before the show, Princess Luna tells the story of Prim Rose, a young unicorn from a farming community near the coast. To escape from the pain of recently losing her sister, and to try finding some direction in her life, Prim travels all the way to Everfree City and the castle of the Two Sisters, looking for a job. She ends up meaning more to Princess Luna than she could have ever guessed.

This story was written half as MLP fanfiction, and half a love-letter-like story that I wrote for my wife, to bring her some comfort on lonely days.
This story was in part inspired by a story I deleted called Redemption in Moonlight.

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Earth and Equestria collided and only the elements of harmony could save the day.

That was a month ago; now over a hundred former humans have to make the best of their new lives as ponies. Alexis Kingston was a twenty two year old telemarketer, and rather surprised to find herself a pegasus and the head of the Humans in Equestria Club. She never wanted to be a hero, just keeping the new ponies sane would be challenge enough, but with the barrier holding reality together leaking yet more humans on a daily basis, ancient evils and modern technology probing for weaknesses and the end of two worlds looming, she may have to be.

With thanks to Luna-tic Scientist, Lord of Dorkness and Thornwing for help with pre-reading.

Proudly part of Twilight's Library and Tag-a-long's Book Club :scootangel:

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