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Esteemed among all five of her peers, AK Yearling was a respected member of the archeological community, small as it was. Unfortunately, it doesn't pay the bits she thought it would. Putting hoof to typewriter, she tries another way.

Done for a loyal patron, to be updated monthly.

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Two lines of publication, two lines of income, but one sits gathering dust on the shelves, and the other makes a fortune for the company while AK waits yet again for the continously delayed royalty checks.

Hope she remembers the cautionary tale of the Green Cross Code Guard.:rainbowderp:

Intriguing. I look forward to see where you go with this.

Thank you. Tried to be more descriptive in this writing than normal, explaining the world around our protagonist. Did you notice?

We're off to a good start, I look forward to seeing where the paths take us.

She looked up with red eyes to see bright light streaming through the window. She squinted them shut and hissed. She had been typing for so long. She reached for her glass, but it had no water, and hadn't for some time. She knocked it aside and it hit the ground, rolling away. She half-fell from the chair, her legs wobbling dangerously. "Maybe... a little too long," she barely whispered to herself, staggering towards the bed that looked so comfortable, practically calling for her. "Some sleep..."

Oi, I've done that before, working on a project for far too long. it sucks when you've got to head off to work afterwards...

Fascinating. I look forward to where this is going.

Is this going to be about A.K. Yearling's early works before the famous Daring Do?

I think I'll be tracking this, always a pleasure to see something new. In this case, to walk in the shoes of an archeologist.

First you had my interest, but now you have my attention.

Interesting. Of course, Caballeron faced the same dilemma as Yearling and choose a slightly...different path.

She had to type the entire thing over again, of course. She couldn't just magically erase the parts she wanted to change and add the new parts to the paper as if they would spill over somehow onto the next page. How absurd.

Don't know if you ever got the chance to give the typewriters at Quills & Sofas a whirl, but nothing made me appreciate modern word processors quite like working at a typewriter at Bronycon.

In any case, further progress towards Amy's second role. And I'm sure that Cabalerron fellow is just a bit misinformed. Definitely nothing to worry about.

I just hope AK doesnt finish off her work, only to take it to a publisher whose offspring have been having problems and complaining about boring things sayying why doesnt parent look for something exiting for once, or such like?:twilightoops:

I am old enough to have had to hand-write entire papers in school.

I hated it.

I hated writing.

So much hate. And here I am.

Nice to see that Amy is no longer as cynical to the other professions of the job because of a better understanding. Love the cameo of Darings enemy. I wonder if that dig will lead Amy into something more.

I wonder how she is going to feel when all that she will be able to sell is going to be adventure that is nothing like how her job is supposed to be.

She selected Albatross Publishing? :twilightoops:

They all wore former suits on their fronts

That would be "formal", yes?

Oops, fixed! Found another typo in a buy one get one free offering.

Maybe she should talk to that other new archeologist she read about. It certainly sounds like he has plans to make money.

I get this feeling that theres a reasonabl chance that in aquiet out the way town, in a sweetshop, AK will overhear somepone going Do DoDo Dooo, Do Do Doo. :pinkiehappy:

So on a lark her entire life will be turned upside down and she will be stuck in character forever. I hope Dash and Twilight never find out.

Why am I thinking of the story Background Pony with Lyra just appearing?

Heh, a secretary bird.

Good thing Snow Lynx havent manged to evolve even wider pawpads for handling even less dense extremely wet clouds compared to powder snow?:twilightoops:

And that’s how Daring Do was made! :pinkiehappy:


Everfree Clouded Leopards.

I think I will call him Anakin. :yay:

You're doing a great job! I'm really impressed to see how your proposed origins to Daring Do's adventures are coming along, and her first taste of adventure was a delight: I think it's nice of you to show that she was once young and inexperienced too.

One critique: the transition from her being on the train to exploring the jungle was very sudden. Too sudden, in fact. I actually had to go back and reread it a couple times to figure out what happened. I'd at least write a scene of the train stopping and her getting off, deciding where to go, and taking off just to make the transition smoother.

A little better. Thanks for listening!

Oh she is going to get bit. Bit hard by the most dangerous bug of all, adventure. She will learn to love the thrill of its bite and she will never be able to go back to her old way of doing what her mark calls her to do.

Caballeron raised a brow high.

Begging yer pardon, but how do we know who he is? Or rather, how does she know who he is?

Not a bad start. I wonder how she will be living this down when they become enemies in the future. Still she is learn fast all the tricks of the trade and learning quickly as one bad step and she will not get her happy ending.

In the part where she gives her name, she recognizes him as an up and coming archaeologist.


Well yes, she's seen him in that newspaper article, but I don't believe that she's ever heard his voice. Here he's identified before she ever lays eyes on him. it just scans weird for me.

AK has the relative position of the Temple and the Engine shed?

I am confused, he was standing in front of her to see.


Ah, was he? I'm sorry, the passage makes it difficult to tell what she's looking at.

She saw a sharp rock coming up and fought her way up just enough to slam down her hoof on a flat portion and half-jump/half-fall over the top of it instead of dashing against it, rolling and tumbling down the hill until she slapped against the soft but firm enough ground at the bottom. Dizzy and breathless, she felt her head swimming.

"What is this?" The first voice was coming closer. "A random doer of derring do?" Caballeron raised a brow high. "Dressed like an archaeologist, which is to say very poorly for the jungle, do you not think?"

"You heard da boss," barked a louder, deeper voice.

I read this as her being prone with the wind knocked out of her, listening to a gaggle of unidentified voices. There's no moment of wossname, recognition, you know?

The moment I used the name was when she actually looked at him. Oh, that guy from the newspaper! Apologies if that wasn't communicated well. Let's edit!

I find it amusing that the Daring Do we know is an unstoppable, supremely confident badass who faces down armies and monsters on a day to day basis, and her origin story starts with her essentially wandering around the jungle, completely lost and in over her head.


Ah, Caballeron. Was wondering when he’d show up. Now all we need is either Ahuizotl or some backstabbing. Or maybe both?

Even the mightiest have to start somewhere. Unless you're Hercules, then go ahead and strangle snakes as an infant. You do you.

And the adventure begins!

They say the early adventures of Daring Do were way more cerebral, becoming more action-focused as the series went. This upset some fans.

Is this a jab at the current Star Trek fandom?

Well let’s see how her own expectations are coloring how she is viewing things. I wonder how long it will take for her to destroy this place?

That was a poke at an actual MLP revelation. Did you forget it? It was a major plot point.

Nice to see her having fun, those old kirin sound like a cheery bunch.

Great finding how the Kirin lived, not so good if BBQ guardian is woken up and wants extra crispy adventurers. :twilightoops:

I bet AK will get a shield as an artefact considering Twilight used an old shield to explain the back story of kirins

Man, never stand directly in front of a treasure chest (or similar) when you open it.

Well she just learned an important lesson of, always be checking for traps. Reminds me of the time playing D&D I checked the box for traps with a high roll and missed the ones on the pedestal the box was on that was to go off if the box was tampered with. I got an impressive TPK and had most of the party annoyed at the GM because that was a low blow when most of the party had been near death and one was still down from the previous battle.

Good thing that temples designer didnt subscribe to Grimsnargs Almanac.:twilightoops:

At least Daring has a collection worth something due to being forced to return before it was too late?

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