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Discord and Fluttershy go on a nature walk. They talk about life, and also death.

Death tag is for discussion about death. Nopony actually dies in this fic.

Featured on Equestria Daily 2/23/2020. Thanks to 63.546 for pre-reading!

Included in the Equestria Daily fanfic list for Fluttershy Day 2020.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 11 )

I am absolutely flattered by the mention here. Thank you very much for it.

And I agree - I haven't touched on it myself because I don't think I could do it justice, but the cross between Discord and Fluttershy's perspectives on mortality is chock full of story potential. It's always great to see someone try to tackle such an interesting and difficult subject.

This is perhaps the most pleasant story about death I've ever read on this website. And very well-written, with Fluttershy and Discord very in-character!

Oh crumbs, I wasn't actually expecting you to notice this fic! :twilightblush: Glad you liked the mention, you certainly deserve every word of praise you get for that story.

Just my luck that my first serious fanfic was inspired by such a challenging topic. I can't claim to have done it justice myself, but I hope I was able to highlight a few interesting ideas.

Thank you so much! Very kind of you to say. :yay:

Normally, I don't care that much for immortality-related fics, because it tends to be the same thing rehashed over and over. This, however, was unique and beautiful. Great job

Thank you! One of my goals in writing this fic was to try a different take on this well-trodden subject, so I'm glad that came across.

Read this after the ED showcase. This is a good exploration of how Fluttershy and Discord can view death and life. I admit the fact that the jar contained a marble for every mayfly that died took me out of the story a bit, since there were a lot of mayflies, but the meaning of that sequence came across well. Both characters were written well.

Glad the story worked for you, for most part! I didn't make it clear in the story, but I doubt the jar contained a pebble for literally every individual mayfly. The way I was imagining it, it was simply filled with a lot of pebbles to signify the passing of the entire swarm.

Soge #9 · March 15th · · ·

Lovely fic, very well executed. It is a fresh take on the whole "immortality blues", which feels grounded on the characters, while exploring well the subject.

Thanks, glad you liked it! A character-focused exploration of the subject is a good summary of what I was going for. :pinkiesmile:

Poor Discord. He must be so lonely being eons old.

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