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    Aliens have come to Equestria, though not of their own choice. Known as a tyrant and a champion in his home world, Fel and friends must adapt to the seemingly peaceful land of pascal talking ponies. But what if he wasn’t the only one to cross the v  · Typist Gray
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Truth or Dare · 7:56pm

So I thought it'd be fun to embrace the story's slice of life element by writing a sleepover story, and what would such a story be without the classic game of truth or dare? That's what I thought, until I actually started writing it. The whole point is to get everyone to embarrass themselves by doing stupid stuff or confessing secrets. After hitting my first roadblock, I turned to the internet for some fun questions and dares, but none were to my liking. Thing is, with the culture I've set up, "Have you kissed someone of the same sex?" just doesn't have any real punch to it. So, as per usual, I'm turning to you guys in my time of need.

What do you guys think would be some fun truths and dares for our favorite human and his fuck buddies? Keep in mind this will be set after a few more members have joined.

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I wanted to respond to you in private, that is why I used private mail. I didn't want everyone to read what I said to you.

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Follow me plz

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yo, i remember you talking about a book. what was the story?

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New Patreon Stuff · 6:19pm

While I'm still fumbling around with the site, I have decided to start a new rewards program for my Patreon. For just one dollar a month, you get to see me post chapters early. Keep in mind that many of these will be rough drafts, likely out of order, and I might miss a few posts  but will hopefully be able to do so every week. Also the content I post might not necessarily be related to Horse People.

That said, the first chapter has already been posted and it features the return of a certain Prench bat pony. This one is available for only a $1 submission, but all future posts will require $3.

Check it out if you're itnerested.

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