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Hello everyone, my name is Fate. Feel free to browse my stories.


Okay, I admit it.

I've been super lazy as of late and the last chapter of this story was posted around last year during July. Truth is, writing has felt more like a chore than fun lately. BUT I made myself a promise to return to my stories (this one in particular) and get off my ass.

But here's something I wish to ask all of you: what are your opinions on the story so far?

I'm asking this because I've been... doubting myself as to how I wanted this story to play out. And that was reinforced by a very thorough comment on this particular story. I've even been thinking of re-writing the entire thing, just because I wrote how I wanted everything to play out, not how it should've realistically happened.

So, opinions?

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>>1383175 Your comment-driven story, of course! It's rare that I find one that catches my attention (that, and the fact that changelings are my favourite antagonist characters!)

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