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Let's face it.

Matt Miller, AKA R4gn0r0k, pretty much has the world at his fingertips. He leads the Deckers, a group of highly intelligent hackers, and is part of the Syndicate, comprised of the Morningstar and the Luchadores.

But it seems that a genius can't catch a break when his computer fizzes out and sends him sprawling into Equestria, which he considers a nightmarish technological backwater at first glance. And if he thought that was bad, his body has also transmogrified to that of a unicorn's.

AN: If it wasn't obvious enough from the cover art or the description, this is a crossover between Saints Row the Third and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I do not own MLP nor do I own Saints Row.

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Michael Holiday.

There are many names for what he does: murderer, criminal, killer, assassin and so on. Mike is ruthless when it comes to his job. Remorseless, highly intelligent, obsessed with his victims, fascinated with death and is an expert in armed and unarmed combat. In short, the perfect killer.

This is why Discord seeks his favor in order to bring Equestria to its knees. He had never seen a human so chaotic as Mike before, and will hand Mike a new playground of victims just so he can usurp the throne.

(Crossover with Die in Style (which can be found here) and MLP:FiM.) Told in First-Person by Mike.

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Becoming a mercenary was the best thing that could happen to me. Saved the world twice. Got to fly my own gunship, too. GlobeX decides to come back for a third time and nuke the Earth into oblivion via orbital space laser.

I remembered being taking the beam point-blank in the chest. By those standards, I should've been dead. But no, I wake up sprawled out in a forest that looked like it wanted to tear me to shreds.

Semi-official Advisor: Tastethelolz

(Crossover with a flash game called Strike Force Heroes. I do not own MLP:FiM nor SFH.)

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Two Canterlot brothers are completely different in personality and motives. One is law-abiding and has a stable job as a Royal Guard lieutenant. The other is deceptively cheerful and is the leader of an underground guild of professional thieves. The Royal Guard lieutenant doesn't know about his brother's involvement in the very thing he is supposed to bring down. So what happens when a raid to exterminate the guild leads to one brother discovering the other's illegal occupation, leading him to a fork in the road -- arresting his sibling and performing his duty or allowing the master thief to escape unscathed because of the blood bonds they share?

(More character tags will be added when said characters enter the story. I do not own MLP.)

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