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Come along on an adventure that you'll never forget. Watch as a student named Isaac not only duels to showcase his abilities but to answer the question that has been thrusted upon: What do you duel for? Not knowing the answer Isaac plans to use his dueling skills as a way to help him find the answer to that question. Also he'll be needing some assistance so why not become friends with some of the most popular girls at CHS maybe they can help him see his path. The road ahead is full of many twists and turns. Expect some silliness, serious, comedic, and perhaps a bit of romance but ultimately expect the duel of your life because you never know when it might be your last.

Chapters (29)
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Comments ( 44 )

A Yu-Gi-Oh! Story? FINNALY! Can’t wait to read it

Can't wait for the next chapter it a great yugioh story so far

Could I just ask what era of play this is, please? You see, I like Yu-Gi-Oh just as much as the next reader, as you can tell by my profile pic, and find the plays in the duels rather 2002 but some of the cards are more modern support. Basically, is this old or new Yu-Gi-Oh?

this chapter was a nice reference of the duel between Yugi and Arcana.

True that to the reference of yugi vs arcana duel

Can't wait for the next chapter

Can't wait for the next chapter

Can't wait for the next chapter

Can't wait for the next chapter

Getting some super Dark Lord vibes from Sunset...and I love it!

Great chapter and can't wait to see the next chapter

I see you used a yuma vs striker reference for yugioh zexal am I right ? and great chapter Can't wait for the next chapter

Your right I got the inspiration from that duel. Plus it's football season, so I decided why not do a duel that incorporates this type of sport since almost everybody likes to watch it. Also thanks for liking my story, I hope it's been to your liking.

No problem just one of big fan on yugioh

I think either GX or 5D's theme works here.

I tribute all three Marshmallons, and Summon Slifer the Sky Dragon with 15000 ATK and 15000 DEF.

Rare Card? That sounds vague enough to be the Blue Eyes White Dragon. As a Multi-Million Dollar company owner, I obviously have nothing better to do than to go see for myself.

Did you the reference of yugi kaiba vs lumis umbra duel in this chapter if so awesome idea and can't wait to see the new chapter ahead

Great chapter and can't wait the reveal of why there streak of Light to Isaac deck and the next chapter

TOOON WORLD!!! Love Toon World.

HAhahaha Nice real life reference

Ooooo!! Go Issac! Good job Fluttershy!

Isaac better stop this madness or else, things could get really bad...!

Can't wait for the Isaac vs sunset for duel championship match

It's mean to say.. but it's a good thing Rainbow lost. Her head was almost as big as Duelist Kingdom. Glad Sunset deflated her.

Hell yeah! That was intense. Sunset: The Dark Overlord Vs Issac: The Hero Defender. Who will come out on top?! Find out soon in the up coming chapters!

Yeah can't wait to see duel of the next chapter

I really love the reference from The Dark Side Of Dimension movie. I'm really looking forward to more chapters of this story.

This shit is good. I loved it. Can't wait for more

I tribute my Soul Tiger to summon Red-Eyes Black Dragon(2400/2000)."

I instantly love Sunset. Love Red-Eyes so much!

Red Eyes is perfect for Sunset. There’s an old saying: While the White dragon represents power, the Black dragon represents potential.

Ooooooo! Issac and Rarity on a date~ Noice

Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon.... I love it so much. I can imagine Issac and Sunset in another Double Duel and Sunset pulling that out for the team

Ooooo!! Are we seeing Rarity X Issac. How sweet~

Question, Twilight and Spike will apear in the future???

Nice chapter. Teaching the young ones to duel.

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