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"Violence for violence is the rule of beasts" - Barack Obama


Scarlet's First Ever Story is Out! · 2:49am Sep 3rd, 2017

So, ScarletWeather, my future wife, is amazing. You all should know this.

For starters, she's my brain. If there has been a coherent arc in any of my stories, a well-crafted bit of characterization, an evil twist, welp, it was probably midwifed if not hatched entirely by Scarlet.

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Chuck Finley Has A Book Out · 7:27pm Jun 28th, 2016

Faster-Than-Light technology has stopped. Every advanced artificial intelligence has disappeared. Eight-hundred-million lives teeter on the edge, a fortnight from starvation. In the midst of it all, Detective Marion Clay is hunting for a psychic terrorist, a being so dangerous that her colleagues aren't even allowed to know they exist. She has sixty hours. No leads, no description, and no air conditioning.

At least it's not retirement.

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Comment posted by MisterClacky deleted January 26th


i have never been 'cool' or ;rad'

Just bought a copy of Company Town. I expect great things!

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