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"Violence for violence is the rule of beasts" - Barack Obama


New Story! · 10:51pm April 26th

So I haven't been around much for two and a bit months, ever since becoming suddenly not-unemployed. Life is still busy as all heck, but i'm slowly carving out more time for writing. I'm working on more of The Quiet Equestrian, but until then, enjoy some delicious humanized smut:

The Cutie Mark Crusaders Are Hot Guys And Diamond Tiara Is Thirsty As Hell

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Chuck Finley Has A Book Out · 7:27pm Jun 28th, 2016

Faster-Than-Light technology has stopped. Every advanced artificial intelligence has disappeared. Eight-hundred-million lives teeter on the edge, a fortnight from starvation. In the midst of it all, Detective Marion Clay is hunting for a psychic terrorist, a being so dangerous that her colleagues aren't even allowed to know they exist. She has sixty hours. No leads, no description, and no air conditioning.

At least it's not retirement.

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Just bought a copy of Company Town. I expect great things!

Can we please get new chapters for banishment

To save books, librarians created their own fictional reader - HeraldNet

Chuck Finley appears to be a voracious reader, having checked out 2,361 books at the East Lake County Library in a nine-month period this year.

But Finley didn’t read a single one of the books, ranging from “Cannery Row” by John Steinbeck to a kids book called “Why Do My Ears Pop?” by Ann Fullick. That’s because Finley isn’t real.

I'm just gonna leave this here... :ajsmug:

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