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Their ship crippled by a surprise attack from the Thousand Sons, the Chaos Space Marines of the Iron Warriors thirteenth company are forced to escape into a warp rift. Finally crash landing on what they believe to be a Daemon World in the Eye of Terror, populated by small Horse-like xenoforms, can the most bitter and paranoid of all the Space Marine Legions truly learn the Magic of friendship? And can they go more than a week without trying to blow something up?

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The time has come, and Chrysalis has made her stand against Equestria as a whole. On the brink of extinction and fueled by rage, Celestia uses an unlikely weapon, with an unlikely hero to save her kingdom from absolute destruction. The cost? More than she could have predicted. The story starts out with the fallout, then Luna recalls what truly happened from that fateful night to the final battle.

This BEAUTIFUL MASTERPIECE cover art was done by a VERY gifted artist and author named Moonlight Mare, if you haven't seen her work, you need to go give her some love. Seriously. This is the exact image I wanted, and holy cow is it perfect! <3

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He had done it. The giant demon that had masterminded the invasion of Earth was dead, and Hell was in shambles. All that was left was to backtrack through Hell and go home to help rebuild the ruined planet...
But of course, it's never that easy. Just one wrong turn, and he arrives from Hell itself into a land filled with pastel-colored ponies. How will the man who had just destroyed Hell adjust to the sudden peacefulness after all he had been through? And is Hell really destroyed for good?

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When mysterious and powerful vortex suddenly appears in various worlds. Sonic, Twilight, the Dragon Riders and even Homer Simpson must bravely jump into the vortex. As they journey to locations beyond their wildest imaginations in search of their friends, they soon realize that Lord Vortech is summoning villains, including Dr. Eggman, Bowser and Lord Tirek, from across different worlds to help him gain control. As his power grows, worlds mix, unexpected characters meet and all boundaries are broken. Our heroes must travel through space and time to rescue their friends before the vortexes destroy all of Reality!

Based off and inspired by the new Lego Dimensions game.

Tagged under "Alternate Universe", "Equestria Girls" and "Human", as it will feature the alternate timelines from the Season 5 Finale, the Equestria Girls universe and human characters respectively.

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Two powerful beings on opposite ends of the spectrum. One ruled her land with kindness and order. The other saught to rule the world with his cahos and wickedness. Natural enemies. From birth they were doomed to fight. To seek the others destruction. But were they always like this? No. They once enjoyed much simpler times. Times when war and hate were nothing but a bad dream. When youth and arrogance worked hoof in hoof. When young love, seemed as though it would last an eternity. These are the times the two have forgotten. Until now.

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This story is a sequel to Iron Hearts: Book 5 - Suffer Not the Alien to Live

An Age of Iron story.

Months have passed since the destruction of the Ork Space Hulk and the end of the war against the Waaagh that threatened to swallow the Centaur system and all its inhabitants.
The Iron Warriors' 38th Company is the absolute military power on the planet, and the survivors of the Lamman Sept and the ponies of Equestria stand with this mighty army of Chaos as they claim Centaur III as their own. Although the other nations of their world may not fully recognize the Company's dominance, it is no matter; the Iron Warriors make plans to return their cargo to the Eye of Terror and return to their eternal trade of piracy. The planet is secure, and can be shrouded by Warp storms at their whim. The natives are divided, weak, and anyway occupied fighting off the scattered Ork warbands. The military supremacy of Chaos is unchallenged, and bolstered by Equestria's reluctant, but hard-earned support.
As Ferrous Dominus expands its operations and the fleet performs its long-suffered duty, it seems nothing can stop the Iron Warriors and their equine allies. The denizens of this conflicted world start to hope that at last peace - if not a distinctly unstable and militaristic peace - has come, and they might start constructing a new, better future from the ruins of war.
But hope... is the first step on the road to disappointment.

(Dark humor warning; limited grimdark themes)
(Cover art by EZTP)
(Featured on 9/19/2015)

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When Twilight Stumbles upon a cave on her way Zecora's, she awakens something ancient, in fact its the reason the Everfree forest exists in the first place, so when she wakes up an enormous monstrosity half the size of Ponyville, she isn't expecting it to whine at her for waking it and saying it didn't want to go to school today.

[displaced, tags may change]

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Going to con can be fun, even more so when your dressed as your favorite character from a TV show that you loved to watch, But it can turn around and become quite confusing when you end up BECOMING the big triangle himself, careful who you talk to at con ,you never know what could happen.

Disclaimer I DO NOT own Gravity falls or any of its characters nor my little pony fim

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It's the year 2559. The UNSC barely managed to fight off the hordes of the Covenant. That victory came at a hefty price. With the war over and the rebuilding process beginning, the UNSC Tuscany is sent out to investigate potential new worlds to colonize. It's crew and captain are in for a surprise when a gravitational anomaly turns into a tense situation where cooler heads must prevail.

Super-Edited Version Coming Soon

Proofread by: Alex Nuage and way2dawn

Now 100% Twilight's Library Approved

Awesome fan-art by Gothshy [Check it out]

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Inspired by the Pony Demand Mod for Victoria 2.

In a world where a nation of sapient, logical horses hold sway in the Nineteenth Century, the stage of world politics is...different.

On the West Coast of North America, in a land known as "California" to the humans, Equestria lies. It is a peaceful land, untouched by the ideals of liberalism, war, etc. That peaceful ignorance, however, will not last for long...

NOTE: Ignore the official map of Equestria. Instead, use these:
NA in 1836: clicky
Equestria: clicky
Griffonia: clicky
Rated Teen for occasional language, and epic battles between modernized ponies and humans.

Holy Shit! Featured: 2/21/16!!!! Thank you so much!

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