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Fallen Equestria; Shattered Silence - Endless Nightmares

War breaks out, Celestia and Luna are pushed to the edge..and finally use one final solution.

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The Calm Before the Storm; Sweet Lullaby

Chapter 8: The Calm Before the Storm; Sweet Lullaby

It's been four hours since day court has begun, Talon standing idly by next to Celestias throne, watching each of the ponys state their cases before the princesses and the court. Things have gone quiet thus far; most asking for mundane things such as bits to help repair their buildings from the recent dragon attack, blessings on marriages, one tax dispute and many others simply coming to thank the princesses for their saving the city. Celestia had however in each occasion, noted that it was indeed Luna and the pilot who had done the fighting.

Talon let out a yawn, being bored out of his skull watching the display. Luna herself was laying on a pillow next to the pilot, reading over a tome about equestrian tax laws. Things went according to plan thus far; until the three had heard a shrill voice yelling, coming closer to the throne room doors. Talon looks to Luna, seeing her ears pinned back and a look of annoyance on her features. Quickly turning his gaze to Celestia, he also seen the regal white alicorn with her hoof to her face, ears also pinned back. It was obvious...they knew the source of that voice.

"Un hoof me you clouts! How dare you bar a noble from entering the court, but allow a commoner to go?!" The pilot hears from the far off closed doors. Even the guards standing inside the throne room roll their eyes. His hand shifts to his holstered pistol, undoing the clasp. He looks down when he feels something touch his leg. Luna had reached out to him with her fore hoof. Her eyes were pleading as she shook her head slowly.

"Ugh...send him in.." The regal white alicorn said, regathering herself and forcing on her serene calm mask. Celestia knew what this would be about, and was clearly in no mood to deal with this. The stoic solar guards nodded and followed orders, opening the doors quickly.

A blond stallion with a pure white coat and a compass rose on his flank fur entered, exalting an air of extreme arrogance and self worth. The pilot eyed this stallion, knowing the type all too well. 'Christ...even this world has its douche bags.' He mutters under his breath, causing the dark alicorn to snicker quietly.

"Auntie Celestia..Auntie Luna, always such a pleasure to see you." the blond unicorn stallion smugly said. "I have come today to ask about a silly little rumor. Some commoner had stated the gala was closed this year...I'm here to prove otherwise!"

Even Celestia couldn't help but crack a small smile as she looked at him, clearly about to enjoy her very next move. She drew a soft breath and spoke, narrowing her gaze to the unicorn stallion. "Why yes prince Blueblood. It is true. We have canceled the grand galloping gala this year."

Luna buried her muzzle in the large tome held in her hooves, attempting to hide the smile she had on it. It was her idea after all, and she was expecting this very reaction. Her elder sister Celestia in this case, was all too thrilled to be the one to deliver the news.

Prince Blueblood scoffed at this, his eyes wide with shock, and a look of disgust on his features. "But auntie! Why would you close the gala? It is only the best social event for the year, and only the best of the nobility will be there!"

Celestia smiled serenely, her calm mask hiding the true joy she was getting out of this. In honest truth, the princesses hated the gala. They were always boring, always the same. Nobles scheming against each other constantly to try and win the princesses favor. All of the underhanded tactics, the lies, the scandals. The nobility were all shallow and petty. Were it not for the two sisters delegating duties so many centuries ago to this class to help maintain the kingdom, they would have swept it aside and rid the world of them. Ponys should be equals to one another, not divided into a flawed caste system. She drew another soft breath and focused her eyes on the stallion at the steps of the throne.

"The gala has been canceled due to more important issues currently, my nephew. The room is currently in use, and will be for quite some time until I deem it appropriate to be otherwise." Celestia says in her calm regal tone. "Aside from which, the dragon attack recently has made holding the gala a much lower priority. You are however, welcome to host your own party at your estate."

Princess Luna snickered softly, relishing in this moment. For too long has she looked for an excuse to get out of going to one of these gatherings, and finally thanks to the pilot using the ballroom as a hangar, she has one. The soft sounds of her quiet melodic laughter only seems to irritate the stallion more.

"And for what could be so important to cancel the grandest social gathering of the year, aunt Celestia? And why is she taking joy in this?!" Blueblood hotly demanded. Luna lowered her book and peered at him, her eyes narrowed in anger after being disrespected. The pilot folds his arms and shakes his head, watching this unfold.

"And what is...that?!" Blueblood looks at the pilot. "It's simply repulsive! One of your sisters pets, I assume?"

Snap. The proverbial straw that broke the camels back, so to speak. Celestias calm mask finally drops, a stern look of disappointment on her features. "That, nephew, is my sisters special somepony, and the man who saved Canterlot from all eight of the attacking dragons. And what is so important, is that the ballroom is being used to house his machine. You will show some respect." She dis'passionately replies, a small smirk on her muzzle. Lunas eye twitches as she looks at the stallion, her own patients close to running out.

Talon steps down off of the stage where the alicorns throne is, coming face to muzzle with Blueblood. He holds out his hand in an offer to shake, as he did with the guards and every other pony he's met. His expression is firm, but calm. "It's nice to meet you sir, I am Lt. Commander Talon Masters, United States Navy."

Blueblood pins his ears back and scoffs. "Eww! You expect me to touch this..this creatures claw? What if it has an ailment?! Get away from me commoner!" Blueblood shrieks as he backs away from the pilot.

Talon rolls his eyes and lowers his hand, looking at the annoying stallion. "I assure you, sir. I have no strange illnesses that could affect your kind. It was an offer of peace and friendship, as is custom on my world." Talon says slowly, his tone firm.

Luna rises off of her pillow and falls in next to the pilot, her gaze piercing as she looks at Blueblood. She gets muzzle to muzzle with him, craning her neck so she can meet his smaller stature. The dark alicorns wings are deployed wide open, threateningly. She's clearly very very pissed. "Dost thou hear mine sister? T'was HE who flew his craft and defended this city, including your estate and LIFE, nephew. HE is also MINE special somepony, who rescued ME from timber wolves and saved mine life! Thou wist be wise to beseech him for forgiveness! We prithee thy wax and bequeath from our sight at once!" The blue alicorn stated coldly, her eyes flickering to their draconic slits.

Celestia clears her throat and gets their attention, her features returned to their calm serenity they once were before he entered. "Prince Blueblood. Your answer is simple. The Grand Galloping Gala is canceled until we otherwise see fit. Now I believe might be a good time to please show yourself out, if that is all, nephew." The temperature of the room seems to have slightly increased, her gaze fixed upon the stallion. Her features were calm and quiet, but her eyes clearly said 'I'm not playing, little one.'

The unicorn stallion bows and turns to exit, muttering under his breath. Talon smiles at this sight and waves at him as he's leaving. "Goodbye Blue Balls. It was a pleasure to meet you!" He says with a smile. The stallion mutters more as he's walking out, his head low, ears pinned back and his tail tucked between his legs. The throne room doors close, and all three of them break down laughing.

It takes several minutes for the two alicorns and pilot to calm their laughter, as even the guards begun to chuckle at the sight of the most annoying pony in existence finally being put in his place. Regaining her composure for a third time today, Celestia finally resumes her serene mask of regal calmness. Luna returned to her spot on the pillow, and Talon a taken position between the two alicorns, gently stroking the dark alicorns mane to calm her down. Princess Luna nickers softly, enjoying the contact while she relaxes once again with her book. Her wings loosen up and fold down, twitching every once in awhile gently.

Day court once again resumes, the guards allowing in the next petitioners. Walking into the throne room and giving a slow bow, a single earth pony mare. She has a slate grey coat, with long black hair. Around her neck is a purple bow tie, and a treble clef adorns her flank fur in purple. She sweetly smiles at the princesses before she speaks.

"Greetings, your majesty's. I am Octavia Melody of the Canterlot Symphony Orchestra." She says with a soft sweet smile. "I come here today, as I have gotten a notice in the post that you had to cancel your reservations with our group due to unforeseen circumstances?" She politely asks.

Celestia nods slowly at the polite earth pony, looking into her eyes and smiles sweetly in return. "Yes miss Melody, I am afraid that things have come up where we will not be hosting the Grand Galloping Gala this year, so your groups services will not be needed to perform this coming week. However, we will happily re book the occasion for your services at a later time."

The earth pony nods with her same sweet gentle smile, her silky voice replies quietly. "I thank you. I was sent by my troupe to insure it was not a matter of our performance not meeting your expectations. I am glad to hear this is not the case." She bows once more and waits for the princess to dismiss her. Once she is released, she quietly strides back to the door, her head held high and her tail swishing slowly behind her. The doors close once more.

"Captain Flash, how many other petitioners are there today?" Celestia asks, looking to her lead solar guard at the base of the throne.

He raises his clip board to his eye level and flips through the pages, then returns his look to the princess. "No more petitioners are scheduled today, princess." He says, his expression stoic and emotionless.

Celestia rises to her hooves and stretches once she's off of the throne, a loud audible pop coming from her hip. She sighs in relief and shakes her head, tossing her mane to and fro. Descending the stairs, she walks slowly to exit the throne room, with her guards in tow behind her. Luna and Talon are left alone now.

The pilot looks down at the dark alicorn and lets out a huff of air. "Man...and you have to go through this every night?" He says, raising an eyebrow.

Luna gets to her hooves as well and stretches, then answers after a yawn. "Sometimes...most nights no pony comes in. My midnight courts are usually just me being bored, reading a book or on rare occasion playing ponys and castles with the Lunar Stallions. Aegis Shield makes for a good DM...you should join sometime." She says with a smile.

He nods silently and smiles. "That sounds like it could be fun. It'll have to be after we get the warbird up and going again though." he says while looking her in the eyes. Luna nods with a smile. "Well...lets go check on the progress then. Your engineers seemed to know their stuff, so they probably have the engine in pieces by now and are figuring things out. Shall we?"

Luna nods quickly, her eyes closed as she dreamily smiles. She was getting to spend more time with him, all the attention on her, every second of the day and night. Truly this is what she always wished for. Before her banishment, she never wanted the love of the world; just one pony would have been perfect. And now, she has just that. She turns to step towards the throne room doors, when she feels the pilots hand rest on her croup. Her eyes go wide as she blushes, and her wings twitch. *POMF!* Her wings deploy open in a snap, without her command. She knocks the pilot on his back accidently from the force of the hit.

He shakes his head, shaking the daze out of his eyes as stares up at the high ceilings. One second he was standing, the next, on his back! He blinks the stars out of his vision after being knocked down by the hit. "Whoa...the hell was that?!" He staggers to his feet, wiping his face to check for blood. Looking up he sees Luna with a nervous smile and backing away slowly, blushing furiously. Her wings are wide open and erect, twitching excitedly on their own.

"Eh heh...sorry!" Luna says with honest surprise.

He looks her over, retracing in his mind where she was in position, then it dawns on him. His hand came down to his side, he glanced her backside above her butt mark. He chuckles at the obvious mistake. "Heh..I'm not touching that button again.."

The alicorn giggles, then steps to him and nuzzles him lovingly, still blushing furiously. Her face and cheeks flushed and hot. "I guess I...should have warned you...when a pegasus or alicorn becomes excited...their wings sometimes do that. It's uhm.." She fidgets, her fore hoof pawing the ground as she blushes more. "It's...how you know we're.."

"In the mood." He finishes for her, deadpanned. He shakes his head and sighs, laughing a little. "Remind me to stay away from those next time we're in bed. You'll probably send me into a wall."

This only makes the alicorn blush more, her cheeks puffing out a bit. She flicks her tail in mock annoyance, truthfully to hide the fact she was starting to become hot back there again. Her ears twitch slowly, in sync with her wings.

He walks over to her again and strokes her withers to her back softly, to try and calm the excited mare down. The effect however, only earns him the alicorns very soft nickering as she buries her muzzle into his flight suit to hide her blush and smile. Her wings do however, start to relax as he strokes them gently as well. This proceeds for a few minutes while the two stand in silence, until she relaxes completely and her wings are held loosely at her sides once more. Finally, the two begin to make their way to the engineers.

The walk down the halls of the palace is uneventful as the two travel in silence. The alicorns head is held high and her ears perked up and forward, a soft smile on her muzzle. Her ethereal tail flows behind her lazily, like a banner being towed behind an aircraft. After several minutes of walking down the long corridors, the two reach their destination. What greets them is a surprising sight.

Inside the room the group of seven engineer ponys are working feverishly, with several large tables cluttered with parts both new and old. Two unicorns are using replication magic, going piece by piece of the dismantled engine and creating brand new replacement parts. By the appearance of things, there's enough fresh parts here to build several engines. In the far corner of the large room, are two earth ponys putting the pieces together, following a blueprint drawn up of the completed engine. Three pegasi ponys are flying about the room slowly, carrying parts from one area to another. In the center of the room, two engine cradles have been constructed, and the start of the powerplants frame has already been built. Both pilot and alicorn watch in amazement at the progress. One of the unicorns sees them standing at the doorway, and stops work for a moment to greet them.

"Greetings, your Highness!" The unicorn says with a bow. He's a dark tan unicorn with bright blue eyes and black square framed glasses. He has a wrench shaped patch on his flank fur for a cutie mark. The unicorn rises once again and faces the pair, obviously with excitement on his features. "The work is proceeding smoothly, and we are learning much from this piece of beautiful technology. It's simply amazing on how it works, we've never seen anything like it!" He excitedly states in his nasally high pitched voice.

The pilot smiles and opens his mouth to speak, when the alicorn beats him to it. "Indeed! It is wonderful machinery. We see that you have a second stand in the room...are you rebuilding the original as well?" Luna says, curious.

"We are afraid the original cannot be saved, princess. Upon doing our initial check, we discovered something rather curious! It seems the unit was mostly melted from the inside, indicating it was using an incorrect fuel source of very high octane. I had sent somepony to check the other engine, finding it has much the same symptoms! Curious wouldn't you know?" The unicorn replies.

Talon shakes his head and looks away, knowing that was his fault to begin with.

"We also decided it would be best if we simply replaced the functioning engine as well, to prevent that one from also failing down the road. No need to worry however, princess! The replacements will be able to take any kind of fuel you throw at it, with metals being crafted out of the best Equestria has to offer! Why, we bet that the burning could be as hot as your wonderful sisters sun and be simply fine!" The unicorn stallion says with pride, puffing out his chest and grinning ear to ear.

The alicorn smiles at this, nodding happily. "Excellent! Please do whatever you believe is needed, spare no expense or take shortcuts. This is for Equestria as a whole and for the crown!" She declared pridefully.

"Will you be able to also replace the missiles and ammunition as well?" The pilot breaks into the conversation.

Turning to face the pilot now, the unicorn nods furiously. "Yes! We believe that we will be able to make something comparable, however we do have a minor problem. We cannot despite our attempts replicate the fuel to propel the missiles you have in your machine. So we will need to find an alternate source of the propellent."

"Leave the fuel to me, Mr.." Luna speaks up.

"Vince Van Vendington. Professor Vince Van Vendington, your Highness." He says with a slight bow. "My brother Vance Vendington also works here in Canterlot, as an auctioneer!"

The dark alicorn nods slowly to this, having absolutely no idea who this pony is speaking of. "Right...well Professor Vendington.." She clears her throat and turns her attention back to the professor. "Please leave the fuel to me. I will have a large container of it in the ballroom this eve, when the moon is high on its course."

The unicorn stallion bows, then canters back to his work. Talon and Luna turn to exit the room, proceeding to her study.


"So why is your machine black, Talon?" Luna says casually. The two are on the balcony of her study. The sun is beginning to set over Canterlot now, the long day nearly over. Talon is at the balcony s edge, leaning on the railing; his back turned to Luna while he's watching the activity in the city off in the distance.

Hearing her, he turns and looks at the alicorn. "Hm?" He asks.

"Your aircraft...why is it painted black anyway? I've always wanted to know why." Luna says as she gets up from her resting position to come closer to him, her gaze on the aircraft resting in the ballroom not far from her study.

"Most stealth aircraft are. My bird mainly flew at night for missions that meant I needed to get there undetected." He replied quietly, his own gaze falling to his aircraft. "You know...night time here is actually more beautiful than it is on my world. So much more peaceful here. The skies are always so calm, and you can always see the stars clearly." He says, glancing up at the setting sun on the horizon.

Luna blushed at hearing his compliment on her night sky. All her life, all she's ever wanted was somepony to love her, and only her. She smiled inwardly at this, perking up her ears. "If you enjoy the night so much...why do you sleep through it then?" She asks slowly, her gaze now turned to the pilot.

He continues looking at the warbird down below, his gazed fixed there rather than on the alicorn. "It's just the time I usually slept during back on earth. It also has to do with the nights here are always so peaceful and relaxing. Honestly...I love the night more than the day. All the best stuff happens. Writers write novels, painters paint masterpieces, some of the best love songs on earth are sung about the night itself. "

Her heart begins to race in her chest. 'He loves...my night?' She thinks to herself. Her cheeks become flushed and hot. "Not...not many ponys liked my night, long ago...no matter how beautiful I made it for them."

"Then they didn't know what they were missing. And shame on them for ignoring it." He says quietly, still not looking at the alicorn. "Some of my fondest memories of Earth were of events during the night..Getting assigned as a stealth pilot was a bonus for me. I always got to fly under the moonlight. Nothing to worry about, just me the stars and whatever my orders were." He reaches in his flight suit for a cigarette and finds one, lights it and in hails. Ex hailing, he looks back at the horizon. "Back when I was on the Enterprise, one of my favorite things to do was stand out on the flight deck at night. Nothing but open ocean and clear, starlit skies..."

She begins to sniffle, tears welling up within her. He turns to her slowly upon hearing this. "Luna...you ok? Did..Did I say something wrong?" He asks warily.

She shakes her head furiously, tears trickling down her muzzle. The alicorn leaps at him, wrapping him in her fore hooves then in her long elegant wings. Wordlessly she sniffles, happy at hearing all of this. She breathes deep, and after a few moments speaks. "All I've ever wanted..was somepony to love my nights..just one was all I ever wanted!"

He sighs, supporting the alicorns weight on him. She's heavy, causing him to strain somewhat. Though he's exerting himself somewhat, he tries to make no signs of his difficulty with her embracing him like this. He raises an arm and strokes her mane on her neck. "Well..then you have what you wished for. Your night sky is beautiful, princess. And if I had it my way, I'd prefer to always be able to see you make it."

She nods, her muzzle still on his shoulder, embracing him tighter for a moment before she lowers herself back onto all four hooves. She's smiling sweetly to him, gazing through her tear filled eyes. Her wings hang loosely at her sides, her tail swishing slowly and high. Her eyes glisten and shimmer in the fading sunlight, as she leans forward and kisses the pilot deeply and lovingly.

From down below, a Solar guard is watching the events unfold upon the balcony. Shift change has come, his post being replaced by a Lunar Stallion. The two greet one another and change places, the solar guard cantering off out of sight.

Once out of sight and sure no pony is nearby watching, the guard changes with a green magic shimmer, its appearance shifting to a milky blue pegasus stallion. He takes off into the sky, disappearing into the clouds.


The Changeling queen continues sitting upon her throne, making plans and assigning positions to her drones in preparation to the coming invasion. Her attention is caught when a pegasus enters the cavern, then walks to the steps of the throne. Her green eyes flash and her tongue traces her fangs. The changeling queen nods to the newcomer.

The milky blue pegasus stallion bows, then drops the magic. It's one of her drones. The drone begins to chatter and hiss while looking at Chrysalis, motioning with its front legs.

"Is that right...so the dark one has a powerful love you say? And it's the creature that flies the banshee?" She smiles wickedly, descending off of her obsidian throne of skulls and flesh. "Well done...continue to watch them, learn her movements..this we can use." She chuckles darkly, her silken dual voice echoing inside the cavern room. The drone bows once more and steps off, then puts up the magical glamour once more.

"This is simply too perfect...Not only one, but two alicorns in love now...I can almost taste the energy..the power!" She giggles in her dark silken voice, returning to her position on her throne. "There is nothing more delicious than the heart of an Alicorn in love. Nothing more precious and full of power..Make ready my children! We shall soon have our revenge!" She calls out to the hive.

In the darkness of the cavern, hundreds of pairs of green orbs dance in the shadows, the hive buzzing and chattering with activity. The time will soon come, when they will feed and make their queen proud.

Chrysalis brings her hoof mirror to her face, levitating it within her sickly green magic. Her eyes flash and her spell weaves its tendrils throughout her visage, her glamour taking over. She stares at the refection with wicked glee, laughing evily at the alicorn staring back at her. "Soon...Equestria and the power of the banshee will be mine..all mine! Ha ha ha ha ha!"


On the balcony of Princess Lunas chambers, Talon watches as the alicorn finishes raising the moon. This had been her best time yet, the stars and moon never having been so beautiful as they are this night. The pale moonlight seems to glow with a deep silver-ish hue of red, the stars all a bright beautiful tapestry of glinting jewels and gems, sparkling in blues and whites, silver and sapphires. She glides gently down to her hooves again, and flutters her wings. The night air is blowing a chilly, gentle breeze. The alicorn looks at him, blushing with a soft smile. Even in the darkness and only the pale moonlight illuminating her features, you can see the darkness of the blush coloring her cheeks and muzzle.

"Very well done." The pilot says, clapping. He pulls the cigarette out of his lips and ex hails a stream of smoke, smiling at her. "I think that was your best one yet Luna. Not bad for a space horse." He jokes.

She nickers softly, flicking her tail. "Thank you!" She says, her wings twitching with excitement. "I'm glad you like it."

Talon nods, and takes another pull from the cigarette. "Always, princess. It looks great, just like the mare that made it."

Luna smiles at this, but her attention is pulled away before she could speak; there's a knocking at the door. "Lulu...are you in here?" Celestia says, the door opening slowly. She steps into the room, seeing the pair on the balcony. Celestia smiles, her features ever calm and serene. "Spectacular job tonight sister! You really went all out this evening."

This only causes the alicorn to blush more. "Oh...T'was nothing, Tia." She smiles, basking in the praise. "What brings thee into mine chambers?" She asks quickly, tilting her head as she comes to a rest on her haunches.

Celestia nods. "I have just recently checked the progress of the engineers. They just left recently, returning to their quarters while they stay in the palace. It seems that they believe they will have the new engines ready tomorrow for you to test fly, and wanted to remind you to have the fuel ready for the tests." She said calmly. "I'm looking forward to seeing how Equestrian innovation stacks up against human machinery. This is exciting!" She muses.

Luna smiles and nods, turning her gaze to Talon who takes position next to her. The pilot nods politely to Celestia, who smiles genuinely in return. "I'll make sure it's ready for them. Please have a large drum or container brought to the ballroom, and I'll be sure it's full to the brim for them!" Luna declares hotly.

Celestia nods in understanding and turns, walking out, the doors closing behind her. Luna then looks up at the pilot, who is strapping his boots back on again. "I told you they were fast." Luna says with a smirk and a hint of pride in her voice. Talon grunts in agreement as he's strapping up his other boot.

"Yep...space ponys never cease to amaze me. So what are we waiting for? Lets go." He says standing up. He starts to make way for the door, and stops when he sees Luna walking back to the balcony. "Hey...aren't you coming?"

She smiles to him, alicorn mischief dancing in her eyes. Her wings open and her horn alights, encompassing the unsuspecting pilot in her magic. He's levitated over to her and suspended in the air. "Yes, but I prefer the shortcut."

He hangs lazily in the air, arms folded in annoyance. "What shortcut? I can't fly without my plane, remember?" He says, raising an eyebrow. He swallows hard when he sees the glimmer if mischief in the alicorns eyes, as she walks closer to the balconies edge. "Luna...don't do it.."

She grins wickedly and levitates him onto her back, holding him firmly in place with her magic, then jumps off. She pumps her wings quickly, gaining altitude for a moment while the pilot is being forced for a ride, giggling at hearing him complain about it. She circles the courtyard for a couple of times, laughing at his protests, then finally glides down to the hangar.

Once on the ground, he dismounts and staggers off, annoyed at the alicorn now for the surprised ride. He sighs and shakes his head, not wanting to speak and let her hear the irritation in his voice. This display only causes the alicorn and the nearby Lunar Stallions to snicker. A container is waiting in the corner of the archway, a large drum big enough to hold at least eighty gallons of the liquid moonlight. The princess canters up to it and begins to swish her horn slowly, gathering the moonlight first into a vapor, then into a liquid as it funnels into the drum.

This goes on for a few minutes as the pilot walks over to the warbird, checking it over again. He sees nothing new or out of place. Luna clears her throat and gets his attention, causing him to look up to her. "all done." she says in a sing song voice. He nods and walks back to her side. Looking into the large drum, he can see it's nearly ready to overflow with the moonlight fuel. He smiles at this, surprised at how quickly and effortlessly she was able to create it. He chuckles and pats the alicorn on the back.

"Good work. Very good work." He says, nodding in approval. Luna nickers softly and smiles, turning away from the warbird and exiting the hangar, following the pilot. The two make their way back into the palace, heading back to the night princesses chambers. It's been a very long day, and both her and the pilot are tired. The two walk in silence, enjoying each others company.

The walk is uneventful as they make their way, finally reaching her bedroom. The pilot straight away leaves her side, making way for the wash room for his usual routine before hitting the rack for sleep. The alicorn however; didn't join him this time.

Luna walks to the balcony once more, stepping out into the chilly night air. She looks off into the distance at the horizon, smiling at her beautiful night sky. Her heart beats slow but strong within her barrel, the sound of it in her ears softly ticking away. She can hear the water running in the room behind her. She smiles and draws a breath, her eyes closing. 'I'm..I'm in love. I really am in love, mother..' She thinks, her thoughts echoing in her mind and heart. She can feel the butterflies in her stomach, and her cheeks warming to the thought. It's rare, that one is lucky enough to hear an alicorn sing. For the only time this rare and melodic grace ever touches the wind, it's when one has the heart of an alicorn to call their own. With her eyes closed, she raises her muzzle, tasting the gentle wind with her senses. The alicorn begins to sing a soft lullaby to herself.

While in the washroom, the pilot looks around, realizing his fatal mistake; he's forgotten his towel. 'Shit...it's still hanging on the chair so it could dry..gotta go get it.' he mutters, annoyed. He turns to go walk back into the room, and stops before he pushes the door open. He can hear a soft voice in the other room. He stands and listens to its beautiful melody and tune. 'Singing...?' He thinks to himself, gently pushing open the door to not make a sound. He peers around the corner and looks, seeing something never expected. Standing on the balcony under the stars, Luna is singing. He watches in amazement.

Lunas horn begins to glow, a dim blue light encompassing it. The magic is weaving lazily, seemingly doing nothing. From the ground however, everypony in the world can see what's occurring. Up in the heavenly night sky, an occasional shooting star is glancing the night, and other stars are appearing from nowhere. On this night the world can see...a small heart shaped formation appearing above Canterlot. Her wings open slowly on their own, slowly fluttering and bobbing idly at her sides. She continues to sing. Everypony within range of the hauntingly beautiful melody is placed into a soothing trance, their own hearts warmed by its meaning and softness.

He watches this all unfold quietly enjoying the show from the shadows. Even the pilots eyes begin to become moist upon hearing her song. It's a very soft, sweet melody; not one with words per say..but feeling. He could actually feel and hear the alicorns true emotions, and the deep love within it. He silently watched in wonder as she took each breath and ex hailed each note. For several minutes this occurs, until her song ends. He silently walks up beside her, and rests his hand on her withers.

She looks up to the source of the touch, opening her eyes slowly. Standing next to her is her pilot, a calm serene smile on his features. Her heart skips a beat, knowing full well that he heard every note and melody of her hearts song. She leans up for a kiss under the moonlight, wrapping a wing around him in her embrace under her night sky.

Author's Note:

The theme of this chapter is to help build upon the quickly growing romance between the two, and to shed light on why it is she held him so dear to her heart. I tried not to take it over the top with being overly mushy...so be nice in the reviews. lol. Keep reading my friends, we're just getting warmed up.